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Brunch: Sausage and Egg Casserole Menu

DEAR FRIENDS, Memorial Day is right around the corner and for many of you, this holiday weekend is the beginning of summer and House Party weekends at the beach, in the mountains, or...

Salmon and Green Apple Tartare Recipe

DeeDee Dalrymple, hostess extraordinaire and author of Effortless Entertaining, offers a new appetizer to serve this spring and summer. Last week Gigi Sireyjol-Horsley, the lovely owner of the Paysage interior design and home stores invited...

Sunday Brunch Guide: Let EE make your Easter Effortless

Dear Friends! Easter is right around the corner so hop on over to the EE Blog for this Easter Menu and all the recipes. I must confess that we won’t be spending Easter...

20 Holiday Cookie Recipes including Nut Free and Gluten Free options

They say summer bodies are made in the winter, but you know what's really made in the winter? Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. It's the most wonderful time of the year! So I say, your summer body can wait. There are cookies to be...

Recipes for All Those Apples You Are Going to Be Picking

Brought to you by Puppies & Brunch Even though apple season seems like it's synonymous with Fall, it actually starts well before the first chill of the season. Most orchards open by early August and really get into full swing by the beginning of September. ICYMI, here is our...

Summer Tomatoes. Caprese Toast plus Six Favorite Recipes

Can we all agree that a juicy tomato is summer's gift to us? I think we can. Tomatoes and summer are synonymous in my book, so make sure you get them while they're ripe! Missing tomato season is a tragic mistake I've made in...

Our Favorite Watermelon Recipes: Salsa, Salad, Pizza, Popsicles, Cake & More.

This recipe brought to you by Puppies & Brunch Is there anything worse than being hot in the summer? I am instantly in a bad mood when I'm stuck outside in 95 degree heat with no way of cooling down. The temperature in Charlotte is supposed to be...

It’s S’Mores Season! Here’s a S’Mores Casserole Recipe + 10 Other Ways to Enjoy Everyone’s Favorite Dessert

Nothing says 'summer' like a good s'more. For me, this nostalgic treat brings back memories of summer camp and bonfires in my parents back yard- and you truly can't beat that. The best part about a s'more though is that you can make it...

Spooktacular Recipes for Halloween

Fall has officially arrived and Halloween is just around the corner. Here are 13 spooktacular recipes that you'll want to sink your fangs into.  Nut-Allergy Friendly / School Safe:  Food allergies can be a big struggle during this festive holiday, as it's not easy to tell what's...

Caramel Apple Oatmeal cookies to Autumn Kale Salad, Here are Recipes for All the Apples You Pick This Fall

If you live in Charlotte, you know autumn brings more than Panthers Football, Yiassou! and the Festival in the Park. Fall means fresh apples, and at least one apple pickin' pilgrimage. {our favorite spots to pick here}. However, if you pick more apples than you...

One Pan Sheet Pan Dinners for Busy Summer Weeknights

These ONE-PAN-PLANS are the perfect additions to your weeknight recipe rotations. Easy Peasy, Clean-up is Quick & Breezy. Click on the photos to be taken to the full recipe posts from sliceofjess.com. One Sheet Sausage + Peppers + Onions  Serve over Rice or (low-carb) Zucchini Noodles with a squeeze of Lemon and...

6 Ways to Use Your Instant Pot

Have you heard of the fabulous 7-in-1 appliance called the Instant Pot? I purchased mine a year and a half ago, and it's been a game changer in the kitchen. If you are a busy mom, someone who doesn't like to have tons of...

Healthy Recipe: Cauliflower Crusted Pizza

A lighter, healthier version of what you crave on Friday night. Here's that Cauliflower Pizza Crust everyone's been talking about. I prefer to top mine with a bunch of Roasted Vegetables or whatever else I have in my fridge & pantry. This recipe is a tasty way...

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies with This Mango-Pom Guacamole

THIS GUACAMOLE RECIPE GOES WAY BEYOND THE BASIC GUAC. We like to call this Elevated Guacamole… and it’s {seriously} the BEST Guacamole you’ll ever have. WHAT MAKES THIS GUACAMOLE SO FUN IS THE POMEGRANATE SEEDS.  The little beads pop in your mouth and it’s like a little heavenly surprise that pairs...

What to Make For Dinner: Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls are low carb, jam-packed with vibrant veggies & are the perfect weeknight meal the whole family will enjoy. As a busy working mom, I usually need to get dinner on the table as fast as possible. When I get home after a long day...

Step By Step Recipe for Delicious Chicken Piccata

The Skillet Dinner That Requires No Skills.  A step-by-step guide for an unbelievably tasty, insanely-easy, dinner for two. Ingredients:  2 Chicken Breasts, (the thinner the better) 3 Lemons ¼ cup Capers, drained ½ cup All Purpose Flour 1 tbsp Garlic Powder 1 tbsp Sweet Paprika 1 tbsp Dry English Mustard 2 tbsp unslated Butter 1 tbsp...

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