Advertising & Editorial policy is not a blog.  It is a paid marketing platform for businesses to have their story told to Charlotte’s most discriminating shoppers.
You can be sure these women are currently and frequently purchasing in the Charlotte market, as they have chosen Charlotte’s premier women’s lifestyle website as a primary resource for information. has a precisely targeted audience:   Women in Charlotte with disposable income who love to shop, travel and dine out, who love fashion, beauty, decor, and good health, and who get their information online.    Our job is to source the best stores and businesses in Charlotte, the best “intel” and the best deals for our readers.  We vet our advertisers and clients carefully, and we work hard to communicate the inside shopping scoop each and every week.

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Editorial Policy:

We’re just going to be upfront about this.  People pay us to talk about what they are up to.  We do not charge a subscription fee to our thousands of readers.  We make our money as a marketing and promotional tool for local business to reach and target these readers.

90% of what you see on is paid promotion and “advertorial.”  You can call it paid editorial, advertising, marketing, or barter.   Most publications and blogs have some form of pay for play  – whether it’s loosely held, unspoken or formalized.  We at are putting it right out there.  There is no way for us to do what we do without somebody paying something.  As much as we love to help you shop and communicate to shoppers, we do not have non-profit status.  (Saving the world, one shoe at a time……)

We are still picky about our clients.  We write up businesses we like, and that we think our readers will like.  We charge as little as $300 for this, and we think we provide an excellent service at an excellent price.  We consider ourselves a local resource for information; we are reporting what’s out there each week.  We are not endorsing any particular business or product – we’re just telling you who’s got what going on.