What’s the scoop on scoop?

scoopcharlotte.com and scoopthelake.com are paid advertorial websites devoted to keeping local women up to the minute on their local scene.  We reach over 50,000 upscale local women each month with the latest news in shopping, fashion, dining, decor, fitness, health, parenting & more.

It’s simple. Our tagline says it all.
 We’re here to tell you ~ What A Girl Needs To Know This Week.

If you’re the kind of person who likes shopping in a boutique, with the local, personal touch & the quality you find there, then scoop is for you.  We find the “boutique” style businesses around town, vet them, and present their news to you.

We create articles for local businesses about things we think you’ll want to know about.

We’re just going to be upfront about this.  People pay us to talk about what they do.  We do not charge a subscription fee to our thousands of readers.  We make our money as a marketing and promotional tool for local business to reach these readers.

80% of what you see on scoop is paid promotion and “advertorial.” 

Most publications and blogs have some form of pay for play. We are putting it right out there.  There is no way for us to do what we do without somebody paying something.  As much as we love to help women patronize local business, we do not have non-profit status.  (Saving the world, one shoe at a time……)

We are still picky about our clients.  We only promote businesses we like, and that we think our readers will like.  We consider ourselves a local resource for information; we are reporting what’s out there each week.  We are not endorsing any particular business or product – we’re just telling our local followers who’s got what going on.

With daily updates to the site and social media.

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