Where to Rent or Buy A Tuxedo in Charlotte

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to … where do I get a tux in Charlotte.

Every year, about this time, local men in Charlotte ~ or their moms or dates or wives ~ start worrying about where to get a tuxedo for Prom, Formals, Spring & Summer Weddings and Black Tie Galas and events.

Whether It’s a Prom, Wedding, or Gala, We Know Where to Rent or Buy A Tux in Charlotte

If he doesn’t own his own tuxedo, renting is an easy and affordable option, especially for younger men who likely haven’t finished growing.

For men 25 and older, buying a tuxedo is a wise investment that will take him through years of Weddings and Black Tie Events. If he chooses a classic style and fit, in a good fabric, he can expect his tux to last up to 10 years or more if his body shape doesn’t change.

Tuxedos for Rent in Charlotte

Onward Reserve in Park Road Shopping Center is the QC’s go to for renting a tux, as well as buying that first tux, and we reached out for the scoop on options and advice on acquiring this important piece of menswear.

Onward Reserve has a huge book of styles, swatches, and pictures to see for him to rent or buy his tux. Every element of the formal outfit is available, at varying price points and upgrades; he can rent the most basic tux for $205 without shoes and $235 with shoes ~ this price includes pants, basic shirt, nickel plated studs, basic tie and cummerbund. Upgrades are available at additional prices. And hemming of pants, other alterations and tax are not included.

Tuxedos to Buy in Charlotte

If he’s renting more than once or twice a year, the cost of buying will be actually be more affordable than the time & money involved in renting. Onward has a new for-purchase tuxedo package for $425 this year, which is perfect for his first tux and includes the following:  

  • Tuxedo Coat and Pants are made of super 120s wool which is a nice weight for year-round wear.  It is a slim style with notched lapels, satin lapels on the coat, and satin piping on the legs.  The pants are ordered to fit the customer’s waist and they come in unhemmed so that they may be tailored to fit perfectly.  (Tailoring is not included.)
  • Microfiber tuxedo shirt–this fabric is moisture wicking, and it resists wrinkling.  Onward offers a choice  of tailored or classic fit on the shirt.  
  • Satin cummerbund and tie set.  The bow tie is pre-tied. 
  • Cufflink and studs set–A choice of either gold or silver colored knot style cufflinks or studs.  

Ordering Your Tuxedo for Every Occasion from Onward Reserve

We asked the folks at Onward Reserve Charlotte for tips and suggestions on renting and buying a tuxedo for these most common occasions.


  • Onward Reserve prefers to have 2 weeks for a prom/black tie event.  Rush orders are possible at an additional cost.
  • It’s a good idea to make an appointment for your fitting and selection.
  • All info is taken and tux rental is paid for at the time of your fitting.
  • A slim/modern fit black tuxedo with bow tie and cummerbund is their most popular PROM style.
  • They have many color options if you want to match your date’s dress.
  • The garment will arrive the week of your event.
  • When the tux arrives, you’ll go back in and try on before taking home.
  • Return the tux with 5 days of pick up to avoid a late fee.


  • For weddings, Onward likes to have 4-6 weeks so they can reserve what you want and handle out of town groomsmen.
  • For wedding parties coordinating a specific look, renting is still the way to go.
  • For wedding guests (for formal, after 6 pm weddings) Onward Reserve offers a great tuxedo or suit for purchase, and can outfit everything for around $500 cost for an entry level suit (coat, pants, shirt, shoes, bow tie, cummerbund).
  • Onward also offers a wide range of wedding suits in navy, grey, and tan.  For summer weddings a white/cream dinner jacket is an elegant look for guests or wedding party.
  • Fitting and ordering for renting or buying is the same process as it is for PROM, above. If need be, they can send it early for weddings–and can ship to any groomsmen, wherever they may be.  

Black tie/ Gala 

  • Even if he owns his own tux, a gentleman might want to consider renting a velvet dinner jacket for extra flair or to change things up for a fun event.
  • He can also rent or buy a different pattern or color bow tie/tie/cummerbund to coordinate with his date.
  • Or spice up his look by wearing a dress slipper. All are available through Onward Reserve.

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scoop team
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