Epic Boards Are Hot. Ideas & Pin-spiration to Create Your Own Boards. (Charcuterie & Cheese Are So 2020)

We’ve all seen charcuterie boards. But have you seen these?

Sometimes, right in the middle of a pandemic, 2021 gives you hope in the form of epic eats. We are obsessed. We support all the extra.

Go beyond cheese. Sweets. Savories. Meals. Snacks. We are in to it all:

Taste the rainbow. Colored popcorn, Swedish Fish, candy coated almonds, oh my. This ROYGBIV character is delicious.

Kiddos excited for the Easter Bunny? Hop around and make these happen. Sneak in some cheese with those jelly beans. It’s called balance.

The Nacho Sheet Pan board. Spicy is our love language. Insert Truff hot sauce.

That’s cotton candy in those sugar cones. Here comes a much needed summer board. Packing in our beach bag.

Fajitas all around. Will cause just as many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as a hot sizzling pan on the way to your table.

Feeling lucky? These green waffle hearts and Guinness mini cakes are the EPIC we speak of. Calling all leprechauns…please leave us one of these boards. You had us at those delicate shamrock shaped macarons. Pinch us.

Netflix and snacks. Movie night is never going to be the same. Keep popcorn boxes on hand.

Boards know no age. Get them started early with this adorable snack version. Genius. Where was this idea 10 years ago?

We’d wake up early for this. Bacon and eggs elevated is an understatement. The river of toast leading to the butter is the 2021 cruise we had been waiting for.

Birthday. Numbers. These are pure magic and going to be a celebratory requirement going forward.

Easter will be here in a few weeks. This is the level of bunny we all wish to be. Make it happen. Look at that 3-piece chick on the right. Inspo.

Baked or sweet? Both. Could this be the healthiest trickery we put in front of our families? We think it to be true.

All the bagels and hard boiled eggs. We see you salmon roll-ups.

Who’s gonna leave the dogs out? Not us. Doggie shaped cheese and dog bone shaped cucumbers. Peanut butter dipper. Of course!

Breakfast bacon roses. Can you even? Pass them over this way…

Drop these ‘fondue’ cups for activity/snack time at preschool and become teacher’s pet. Queen Brie suggests Trader Joe’s jarred chocolate sauce for less mess. Room parent goals.

Steak and veggies with a side of pomegranate. It’s what’s for dinner. Invite the pod.

Wait. Is that summer calling? Does this fit in the overhead?

Bridgerton. Oh, Duke. You didn’t.

Chinese inspired boxes for the ultimate minis. Brilliant. Don’t know how much leftovers you’ll have with these unfortunately.

Easter egg hunt? YES. Off to order these pastel kit-kats. Mission accepted.

Champagne tower reinvented. Just pass us the whole tray. And that bottle of champs.

Slumber Party parents of the year 2021. Even if we can’t invite friends, yet — family time it is! Who will win at Beanboozled?

The salad board trend is coming fast and we are ready. Bring us all the blue cheese and pecans. *stomach growling*

Taco bout it. Let’s invite the neighbors and move to the driveway for happy hour. Just add margs.

Just when you think you knew. The Nutella dipper board appears. We threw our hands up and did a little dance.

We love a good sandwhich. But this is really lovers lane. All the cheese and toppings has us a little with the meat sweats and we’re loving every minute of it.

Hummus toast is the new avocado toast. You heard it here first. Make a board and invite the girls over post-workout.

Fondue got cheesy. Now it’s back. We never doubted.

Wine pairing anyone? So smart. Are those number markers shaped out of grape leaves? Smart.

Babe and Butcher has been showing Charlotte a few things about charcuterie. They uniquely combine florals and birthday charcuterie magic for this extravaganza right here. Would be ideal for a baby shower as well. Grazing made gorgeous.

We just might have saved the best for last. The Bloody Mary and Mimosa mini cones. Ready for their dunk and mixer. Oh how we olive this.

So, which one will you craft first?

Go on — be Epic.


Angela Williams
Angela Williamshttp://www.angelaerinwilliams.com
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.