Meet 71 (and counting) Charlotte Moms Doing Big Things

The Future is Female, but these women aren’t waiting for the future ~ they are influencing and advocating for change, taking charge, and Mom bossing all over Charlotte.

Where to even START with this topic!! We couldn’t begin to pick from all the fabulous Moms doing amazing things in the QC, so we reached out for nominations for MOM-PRENEURS on social media and got lots of great suggestions. But please comment below with the Moms we missed, and we’ll update our article periodically. Many thanks to all of you who nominated and suggested the many Moms you are proud to work with and call mentors and friends.


This article is the first of many highlighting the Charlotte women doing great work to make our town the vibrant, growing, exciting place we all call home. While we are focused primarily on Mom-preneurs here, we promise, at scoop we are all about the QC women, so you’ll be hearing a lot more from us on the topic of women who work in CLT over the next months.




The Media Moms

Molly Grantham

via Facebook

Molly is a news anchor for WBTV- Channel 3 News.  Molly focuses on stories that cover social issues such as gangs, terrorism, and the legalization of cannabis oils.  She is also well known for her inspiring stories that focus on local kids battling uphill against medical issues.  She features these fantastic kids on her Facebook page.

Erica Bryant

Erica is an Emmy Award-winning journalist currently co-anchoring for WSOC-TV.  She is passionate about volunteering and serves on the board of Safe Alliance.  She focuses on issues facing disadvantaged women and children.

Morgan Fogarty

via Facebook

Morgan is a news anchor and reporter with WCCB Charlotte.  She conducts in-depth interviews with big players and local celebs like Cam Newton, Dale Earnhardt, and Governor Roy Cooper.  She is an animal rights welfare advocate who works together with local animal groups to raise awareness.

Brie Wright- Carolina STYLE Magazine

via Facebook

You know we can’t get enough of fashion and style ~ one of our go to’s for all things fashion is Carolina STYLE Magazine.  Their mission is to inspire readers to look, feel, and live their best. Founder and Editor in Chief, Brie, writes about parenting, travel, and more. Be social with Brie on Facebook.


Blair Farris

via Instagram

Peachy the Magazine, masterminded and brought to you by Blair Farris,  is a digital magazine that takes you inside cities and gorgeous homes and gardens all around the US. You will also find fun drink concoctions, delicious foods, and the latest style and design trends. Connect more on Instagram.


The Blogger Moms

Mercedes Cotchery

via PHEMOM- Mercedes Cotchery

Mother of 5, this local mom is helping moms all over to discover the “phenomenon within them” Her blog, is dedicated to these “PheMoms”, and focuses on just that, finding and celebrating the gifts within motherhood, marriage, and families growing together in Christ. Discover more with Mercedes, on Instagram.

Sarah Schlichter- Bucket List Tummy

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian, who uses her blog, Bucket List Tummy, to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle.  She loves to talk about running, nutrition, and eating to full your body.  Find her on Facebook.

Jen- Peanut Butter Runner

Photo by Wanda Koch via Facebook

New mom, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and dog lover Jen Eddins is a self-proclaimed peanut butter addict who serves as an inspiration to Charlotte Women. Her blog serves as a balance between work, fitness, and motherhood.  Follow her stories on Facebook.

Roketa L Dumas- Socially Acquainted

via Socially Acquainted

Roketa is the mastermind behind Socially Acquainted a lifestyle blog that focuses on micro travel, delicious food, and thrifty finds. Her blog also follows her personal journey of single motherhood, dating, and the reality of raising two teens. Be sure to get Socially Acquainted with her on Instagram.

Rebecca Plaisance, South Charlotte Macaroni Kid

Never content to just publish a Parenting Blog, Rebecca is always a first adopter of the latest in social media marketing to connect local families and the business which serve them. She’s the host of the QC’s biggest FREE family event every year, October’s BOO BASH, and takes Facebook Live to new heights each Friday. Her latest blog extension? Carpool Confessions. Except for the singing, James Corden better watch out.


Whitley- The Queen City Style 

Whitley reevaluated her professional career after the birth of her second child; she felt drawn to pursue her dreams and follow her passion of style.  Thus The Queen City Style was born.  Find more fun fashion finds on her Instagram.


via Facebook

Jen, like so many mothers, suffered from postpartum depression. She created MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD,  a space where mothers affected by postpartum depression and anxiety could interact, grow, and bond together.  Follow more of her story on instagram.



The Instagram Moms

Josephine Hauser- The Style Hostess

via Facebook

A travel agent, a lung cancer advocate, and mom of three Josephine Hauser is the author of The Style Hostess Blog. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook for stylings, recipes, and all around fun.

Kristina- Dear November Days

via Instagram

Kristina started Dear November as a dedication and remembrance of her baby due in the month of November who was taken to soon.  Connect with her on Facebook and via her blog for lifestyle and fashion inspiration.

Barb- Southern Blonde Chic

via Facebook

Fifty and Fabulous, Barb takes you through her life’s journey on her blog and IG Southern Blonde Chic. Her Instagram is filled with fun, flirty, and flawless Southern fashion.



The Boss Moms

Nesha Pai Singer

via About- Pai CPA, PLLC

Pai CPA, PLLC was launched in 2011 by Nesha to serve the accounting needs of small to medium-sized businesses.  Each client receives close personal and professional attention combined with high work ethic, expertise, and experience.  Find more on Facebook.

Azania Herron

via About Us- Zaja PR

Azania is the principal strategist at Zaja PR with 13 years of experience.  She has created and implemented communication and engagement opportunities for companies, organizations, and government agencies.

Kelly Jo Jefferies

via Team- EnSpire Marketing

Kelly Jo started Enspire Marketing in 2015. Her team works together to understand your company from the inside out building a plan that truly captivates your audience.

Adrienne Wei

via Meet IP Acupuncture Team

Adrienne is the Found and Acupuncture Clinical Director at Inner Peace Acupuncture for Women. She is the Practically FertileTM Methodology and pioneer in the acupuncture field.  Connect more on Facebook.

Katie Garrett Garrett Educational Consulting

via Facebook

Katie is the founder of Garrett Educational Consulting is a full-service, academic and educational consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Katie is dedicated to creating an educational plan tailored to an individual student’s success. Find more on Facebook.

Alisha Pitts

via Ignite Your Passion

Alisha knows a lot about women in business.  She is the owner of Fashion Consultant Business, A+ Styles, and a banking professional.  Alisha believes that all women have a universal instinct and intuition to accomplish their goals in life. Together with, Jennifer Vargas, she ignited this idea to provide a conference that would help women flourish. Ignite Your Passion encourages women to think BIG and reach their full potential. 


Lauren Widrick

via About The Widrick Group

Lauren is the founder and creator of The Widrick Group consisting of professional coaches, consultants, and leaders. Their purpose is to bring empowerment and humanity to business.


Olivia Roehrs

Olivia is the owner of the Olive. You. Nanny. Charlotte. She has over ten years of experience as a nanny. Olive. You. Nanny is a unique nanny service that allows you to connect with the person who cares for your children.

Lashawnda Becoats

via Facebook

Lashawnda is a woman of many talents- she’s inspiring, funny, creative, and a Mom Boss. Editor in Chief of Pride Magazine, a life coach at Run Toward You LIfe with Leshawnda Beacoats, and co-owner of Daling Media Group- there isn’t anything she can’t do. Connect with Lashawnda via Facebook.

Sara Baucom and Carrie Barker | Girl Tribe Co

Designers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Event Planners, Lifters Up Of Women Owned Biz. These two basically do it all and need no introduction. We can’t wait to see what they tackle, master and succeed at next.

Lindsey Regan Thorne

via Facebook

Lindsey is a passionate beauty addict who creates a flawless hair and make up looks for all occasions.  She’s also a wardrobe and fashion stylist and it all started with her blog.  Find more fun beauty facts and finds with Lindsey via her Facebook.

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff are the A and R in AR Workshop.  AR Workshop began as a design company, Anders Ruff. The two ran a blog, “Ruff Draft” as a source for all things DIY.  Now, AR Workshop has franchised dozens of locations around the country to offer a space to grab some gal pals, wine, snacks and design to your heart’s content.  Book your next night out and follow all of their projects on Instagram.


The NonProfit Moms

Kelly Finley

via Facebook

Meet Kelly the Founder and Executive Director of Girls Rock Charlotte, a unique and empowering nonprofit that allows ALL  girls and women to find their voice and confidence through the power of music. Connect more on Facebook


The Writer Moms

Michelle Icard

via Facebook

Author of Middle School Makeover: Improving the Way You and Your Child Experience the Middle School Years a must read for any parent in this stage of life. She also runs Michelle in the Middle providing even more insight into those troubling teen years.

Rosie Molinary

via Facebook

Rosie is a professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a national Dove Self-Esteem Project educator, and author of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self Acceptance and Hijas Americans: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing Up Latina. Connect with her on Facebook.

Kimmery Martin

via Facebook

Author of the newly released, Queen of Hearts, Kimmery combined her medical experience with her passion for writing.

Mary Johnson

via Team Brave New Word

Mary spent 12 years as a journalist and editor before founding a Brave New Word.  Mary and her team help to tell the story of a business in a way that is accessible and inspiring to its clients.



The Photographer Moms

Dani Nicole Photography

via Facebook

Dani Nicole is a mom of two and Charlotte premier wedding and portrait photographer.  She uses her lens to tell others stories with her photos filled with deep passion and boldness just like life itself. Connect with Dani on Instagram.

Alexis Mayfield- Gaskin- Bella Dawn Photography


After the birth of her son and sudden loss of her parents, Alexis decided that life was meant to be lived to the fullest. For her, this included following her passion and creating Bella Dawn Photography. She aims to capture raw moments full of emotions translating a moment in time into a timeless memory. Follow her on Facebook.

Ali Nicole Photography

via Facebook

Finding inspiration and beauty in life that surrounds us, Ali Nicole captures these moments with her lens.  She focuses on wedding and portrait photography.

Char Marie Photography

via About Me

Char Marie stumbled upon photography at a cousin’s wedding; she soon found it was something she found joy in and decided to follow her passion.  She specializes in maternity, newborn, children, and family.  Follow more on Instagram.



The Artist and Gallery Moms

Hannah Blanton

Hannah is the owner of the contemporary art gallery, Sozo Gallery.  Sozo proudly features original artwork from local, national, and international artists.  Having recovered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome (she was once completely paralyzed) Hannah helped start the Uptown Crawl and is the co-founder of About Face Clt, a non-profit dedicated to the cultivation of kindness, compassion, and connection through photography, storytelling, and community engagement. And the Carolina Art Soiree, which raised money for Urban Ministries 945 and GBS-CIDP. Feeling inspired? Follow Sozo Gallery on Facebook.

Windy O’Connor

Inspired by the world around here Windy brings life to life in her abstract paintings.  She uses emotions, experiences, and feelings to evoke life in her work.  Follow her on Instagram.

Anne Neilson

Anne began her artistic career as with a successful pottery business.  In 2003, she started painting with oils and became known nationally for her Angel Series.  She then opened Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery in Southpark featuring more than 40 national and international artists. Follow her on Facebook.

Evelyn Henson

Evelyn believes that “painting is a celebration of life” taking everyday moments and adding a pop of color to them. Her prints are inspired by the color and spirit of the South. Find more color from Evelyn on Facebook.


The Manufacturing Moms

Michelle Buelow

Michelle is founder and creator of Bella Tunno, a baby accessory brand that is made with mother’s and children alike. Her brand is both fashionable, functional, and gives back.  Find more products on Bella Tunno’s Instagram.

April Whitlock

via about fundanoodle

April Whitlock is the CEO and majority owner of the Fundanoodle.  She has a passion for early education, motor development, and letter mastery.  Fundanoodle combines these passions by creating products loved by educators, parents, and kids.

Leigh Goodwyn

Leigh cofounded after her daughter had difficulty finding fashionable bedding for her dorm.  LeighDeux is web-based dorm and home décor company selling beautiful & colorful bedroom furnishings manufactured and designed in the Carolinas. The company funds a scholarship for young women through UNC’s Minor in Entrepreneurship program.   Discover more from LeighDeux on Facebook.

Robin Tonelli

via About Driveway Art Co.

Robin is one of local 3 women to found and create Driveway Art Company, a brand new and fun take on spicing up an area that gets little attention regarding decor – patios, sidewalks and driveways.  All that is needed is one of their custom stencils and pressure washer to create a unique look for your outdoor space.  Find more on Driveway Art Co. on Facebook.

Jody Dyke- Your Perfect Dorm

Jody recognizes the stress of not only moving your child into a dorm but also wanting to create a space that felt like a home away from home. And so, she created Your Perfect Find out more about creating Your Perfect Dorm on Facebook.


The Store Owners

Amanda Tomlinson- Zest Marketplace

via About Us: Zest Marketplace

Amanda began Zest Marketplace as a to bridge the gap between fashionista and everyday life.  Zest combines the idea of a traditional consignment and Rent the Runway.  Instead of selling your accessories, you can rent them and earn a commission each time. Find more styles on Facebook.

Danielle McKim- TUFT

via Meet Danielle- TUFT

Today’s Unique Furniture Trends, or TUFT, is a collection of unique design elements together in one store to curate a home that speaks to your soul and reflects this view towards others. Owner, Danielle wanted to create a  space that fills others with passion through vintage finds, bright colors, and intricate patterns. Discover more on Facebook.


Shelly Domenech- I.C. London

Shelly is the owner of I.C.London.  During her 30 years of experience in the lingerie business, she mission has been to create a store that properly fits women, and she’s certainly succeeded.  I.C.London is known as the CLT bra fitting expert.

Kim Gordon- The Buttercup Gifts and Stationery

via Facebook

The Buttercup Gifts and Stationery owned by Kim Gordon specializes in unique wedding invitations, personal stationery, and home goods. They also offer a wide variety of personalized and unique gift items.  Follow them on Facebook.

Susan Young and Whitney Ferguson- Blis Gift Boutique 

via About Blis Gift Boutique

Blis Gift Boutique was started by the mother-daughter duo in 2004. The shop offers the convenience of location for Uptown shoppers, complimentary gift wrapping, and personalized gift services, along with unique gifts and accessories for the office and home. Blis also offers a custom line of curated boxes for those special occasions for friends, relatives, and clients, wherever they may be. More fun finds on their Insta page.

Falguni Patel- Scout & Molly’s SouthPark

Falguni has been drawn to fashion all of her life.  She decided to invest in Scout & Molly’s to give back to the community by showcasing local vendors and giving back to charities.  She hopes that all of her clients feel beautiful and confident through their experience at Scout & Molly’s.  Find more on Facebook.

Casie Carpenter- The Argyle Alligator

via All about The Alligator- The Argyle Alligator

Casie started The Argyle Alligator because of her love for baby clothing and fashionable accessories.  Her vision was to combine both an upscale consignment shop with a trendy boutique. More finds on Facebook.


The Interior Designers

Emily Knotts- Crisp Interiors

via About Crisp Interiors

Emily loves seeing her client’s design dreams come to fruition.  She believes in creating a space that is a reflection of you.  Creating beautiful spaces should be available to all. Find more on Instagram.

Deena Knight- Deena Knight Design + Style

Via About- Deena Knight Design + Style

Interior design came naturally to Deena; she loved helping her mother complete room “makeovers” as a young girl.  As she grew older, her natural pull to design grew into a successful business, Deena Knight Design. Her projects include custom home design, design consultation, and styling to events or photo shoots. Connect more with what her friends call the “Deena touch” on Instagram.


Barrie Benson

via Facebook

Barrie is best known for balancing modern with traditional in her signature designs.  She creates exciting combinations between periods and moods.  She is also an active board member of the Mint Museum and Charlotte Symphony.  Find more of her work on Instagram.

Quintel Gwin- Quin Gwin Studio

via About- quingwinstudio

Quintel’s designs always stand out because of their unique, eclectic style with a dose of minimalism. Guided by her client’s individual needs and taste, she is profoundly committed to personal service and integrity within all of her projects. Find more of her spaces on Facebook.


Katie Emmons- Katie Emmons Design

Using her gift of creativity, Katie creates spaces that flow effortlessly.  Her designs are rooted in the heart and express the client’s soul through creative touch.  Follow more of her designs on Instagram.

Traci Zeller- Traci Zeller Designs


Traci Zeller Designs offers full-service residential design.  The focus is on building a relationship of trust with their clients, so everyone feels comfortable to create a beautiful, individual space that transforms a house into a home.  Find more beauty on Instagram.


The Resturant and Food Biz Owners

Courtney Buckley- Your Mom’s Donuts

via Your Mom’s Donuts

Courtney created Your Mom’s Donuts in 2013 as a home delivery business, opened her Matthews location a year later and has been growing ever since.  Your Mom’s Donuts prides itself on crafting guilt-free treats- no harmful preservatives, artificial ingredients, or fillers.  The ingredients are locally sourced and downright delicious. Follow them on Facebook.

Kat Eckles- Clean Juice

via Our Story | Clean Juice

Kat and her husband Landon dreamed up a career change that turned into a juicing frenzy.  They create healthy blends focus on a healthy, mind, body, and spirit. Juice up some more on Facebook.

Lori Konowalk- Mac Tabby

Cat lover Lori dreamed of creating a space that could help homeless cats find a loving home. Mac Tabby is two separate spaces = one filled with lovable, adoptable cats. The other a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of joe, kombucha, or a sip of wine (coming soon). Find more on Facebook.

The Fitness Moms

Brit Turner- Fit Atelier 

via Meet the Fit Atelier team

Brit and her husband dreamed of bringing some NYC fitness to the Carolina’s.  Hence they created Fit Atelier, a multifaceted studio and fitness shop. Find more on Facebook.

Autumn Frk- The Bar Method

The Bar Method uses body weight and ballet barre as a complete full body workout.  Autumn owns both the South Park and Waverly location. Find more on Facebook.

Jen Dufresne- Cross Conditioning

via Facebook

Jen is an AFFA Certified Personal Trainer, Flywheel Instructor, and Spartan SGX Coach.  Her cross conditioning program helps to take your training to the next level.  Find more on Facebook.

Emily Breeze

Emily is a is a two time CrossFit games athlete, bootcamp, personal, and group trainer, all while being a badass momma.  Her programs encompass the belief that the “Gym is where you are.”. Get fit and be social with Emily on Facebook.

The Jewelry Moms

Lee Addison Lesley and Katherine Weeks Mulford- Addison Weeks

via Addison Weeks

Gemstone and statement jewelry lovers, Lee and Katherine, launched a high-quality fashion jewelry business: Addison Weeks.  In 2016, Oprah took note of these luxurious, handcrafted jewels adding them to her Favorite Things. Connect with more beautiful finds more on Instagram.

Erin McDermott- Erin McDermott Jewelry

via Facebook

Erin believes jewelry can make a person look more put together and feel more confident.  She loves handcrafting unique pieces that speak to the individual.  Find more on Facebook.

Ginger Wagoner and Zoe Macomber, Justice Seeders

Zoe, only 13, and her mother Ginger created JusticeSeeders to support the idea that no one should be excluded for any reason.  The idea behind JusticeSeeders is to spread Dignity, Love, and Freedom through wearable and shareable art. Find more on Facebook.

Noelle Munoz- Noelle Munoz Jewelry

via Facebook

Noelle comes from a long line of artist and designers.  Her dream has always been to bring her vision to life; she has done this with Noelle Munoz Jewelry.  Her pieces celebrate and commemorate those memories and milestones that carry us through life.  Find more on Facebook.

Kristin Hayes Jewelry

via Facebook

Kristin Hayes Jewelry was founded in 2005, bringing a lifelong dream to fruition. She now creates beautiful custom pieces for all occasions.  More finds on Facebook.



scoop team
scoop team
This article was written by one of the many QC women who contribute to our website. They are out and about and around Charlotte digging up the latest & best scoop :)