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Charlotte Meditation
Charlotte Meditation

At some point in 2015 my mind turned on me. I had no clarity. I became forgetful. I lost my keys.

Yet, I continued to spin my plates on sticks:  work, kids, exercise, laundry, grocery shopping, book writing, do-gooding….did I mention grocery shopping? Heading into the holidays with the task of magic-making positioned squarely on my shoulders, I put on my Wonder Woman costume (no seriously, I was Wonder Woman for Halloween) and pushed valiantly forth. As I took down the Christmas tree on Christmas evening (call me Grinch, but I was done), I felt a sense of accomplishment at having survived it all, but also knew something had to change….for the sake of my health.

Charlotte Mediatation
Guru Ranjit Deora


Then I got the assignment to interview Ranjit at CHARLOTTE MEDITATION. A gift dressed as an assignment. I arrived, open and ready.

Before I continue with my experience, let me tell you about Ranjit.

A native of India, Ranjit is a student of the great Indian Guru Dhirendra Bhramchari whose students included Indira Gandhi. His approach is the discovery of the true self through meditation which builds confidence, self-esteem and good decision-making skills. He has been helping people experience emotional freedom, physical healing and increased spiritual consciousness for over 21 years. He is equally committed to improving the quality of life of children and teens through improving focus, reducing stress, increasing self-esteem and academic engagement through his non-profit Youth Meditation.

When I entered Charlotte Meditation, cloaked in a mixture of apprehension and excitement, clutching my well thought out questions, I was greeted by Ranjit and Angela Gala. Angela is also a teacher of meditation.The impact meditation has had on her work and family life inspired her to share this practice with others, so she partnered with Ranjit. She radiates beauty and warmth.

Angela and Ranjit were serene and smiling. Ranjit said, “Welcome! I’m happy you are here”.

Charlotte Meditation
Ranjit Deora and Angela Gala


An intimate and comfortable room with cushions and pillows invited me to sit. After a few moments of chatting, Ranjit asked, “Why do you want to learn to meditate”? Without hesitation, I responded, “Peace. I want peace and clarity”. To myself  I said, give it your best shot….cause peace has eluded you for years. I’ve got a peaceful exterior but inside, I’m a big mess. Ranjit assured me peace was possible…..even for me. 

I completed a simple questionnaire called a Dosha Test based on the Ayurvedic philosophy. The questions are used to determine what type of meditation I need as well as nutrition and sleep suggestions. The questions helped me to thoughtfully focus on my daily routine.


So, what is meditation? According to Ranjit, mediation is relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. It is a technique used to connect with yourself, to reduce stress, anxiety, fear and to improve sleep quality. When you are connected to yourself and unburdened by stress, you are free.

At Charlotte Meditation the classes are designed to give the students tools to use for life. A skill, once learned, that can be used at anytime to empower and bring peace. Of course, it takes some practice. The class packages are 8 weeks. Every student is different, but the goal is to teach you how, then set you free. My Type A, list-making personality likes the idea of graduating with knowledge I can use for a lifetime. AND I can tell you it’s going to take at least 3 weeks before the chatter of my inner critic grows quiet.

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION  and MANTRA MEDITATION are the two types of meditation offered. The teachers will guide you into the one best suited for you. Read about the classes HERE.

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Meditation is not a religion nor is it a philosophy or lifestyle. It is easy to learn and accessible to people of all ages, cultures and religions. Ranjit does refer to Buddha frequently, but merely as a teacher and enlightened master. There is no religious affiliation at Charlotte Meditation.


  • Empower you to take a proactive approach to stress management
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Help you reach your full potential
  • Enable you to find more focus and creativity
  • Improve your sleep
  • Boost your immune system
  • Achieve a more positive state of mind
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Increase your productivity


I flat out told Ranjit and Angela I was afraid. Not of them or the quiet, but that it wouldn’t work for me. That I was somehow uniquely flawed. That I would try—try hard—and fail. My inner critic was working overtime.

They showed me a breathing technique that I did with them and then alone. My body relaxed, my breathing slowed, my mind hushed. I meditated. In the quiet, safe place where I could NOT be interrupted, my focus became my breath. Ranjit says the mind follows the body. If I calm the body, the mind will in turn rest.

That afternoon at Charlotte Meditation I learned:

  1. Meditation and sleep are sisters. If you meditate you will sleep better and wake less.
  2. Meditation promotes clarity of mind. A clear mind makes good decisions and is creative.
  3. A rested and clear mind is a peaceful mind.


If you are interested in a healthy, peaceful 2016, please contact Ranjit or Angela at Charlotte Mediation for a consultation. The CODE to take advantage of the EXCLUSIVE 10% discount for Scoop readers is SCOOP.



Charlotte Meditation

 725 Providence Road, Suite 300 (Third Floor) Charlotte, NC 28207


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