Capizzi MD Is Offering Virtual Consultations While You Stay at Home

Have you alphabetized your spice rack and purged every closet in your house? Streamed countless hours on Amazon Prime and virtually redecorated your entire home in your mind? Yes, us too.

This is going to go on for a while ladies. Weeks. We will get through our Need To Do lists and be well into our Nice To Do lists before it ends.

If you were or are thinking of having a little something done, there may be no time like the present to do your research. CAPIZZI MD is offering virtual consultations for any surgery, for non-surgical treatments like Profound and CoolSculpting, for injectables, and even for skincare.

Normally consultations have a fee charged, and are done in person of course, but during the coronavirus shelter-in-place recommendation, CAPIZZI MD is both waiving the fee and setting up consults via FaceTime and Skype.

You will need to link here to fill out a Virtual Consultation Request form. The practice has been doing these for their out-of-town clientele for years, so they have the system set up.

A Patient Care Coordinator will respond to you within a day to schedule your consult. to let you know what photos you’ll need to take to facilitate the virtual consult, and how to securely transfer your photos. The Care Coordinator will also help you figure out how to use FaceTime or Skype if you need help.

Once your consult is set up and photos are received, the practice will match you with the appropriate provider for your consult, depending on the request. All surgical consultations are with Dr. Capizzi; non-surgical and injectables are with Grace; skincare consults are with Wendy.

Dr. Capizzi is certainly one of Charlotte’s go-to guys for Breast Augmentation and Procedures, if you’re thinking in that direction. However, this full service practice in Dilworth can cover just about any thing you, or your man, would like to consider.

Since you’re basically stuck staring at each other for like 28 days, maybe start imagining what you’d both look like if you did a little improving of your own? Get out your camera and give CAPIZZI MD a shout.

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