Breast Implant Sizing: Dr. Capizzi Gives Us the Boob Scoop

Feeling bashful? Timid, shy? Nervous? Just unsure? Capizzi Plastic Surgery gets it — breast augmentation has us all curious.

So we did what we do. We got you the Boob Scoop — all the things you need to know about breast implant sizing just for us Scoop girls.

We thank Dr. Capizzi for the inside information. He really is the man. (He did bring the gummy bear implant to Charlotte, after all) And we thank him for that.

Dr. Capizzi gives us the implant facts. Scoop asked. Dr. Capizzi answered:

What categories of implants are there?

Dr. Capizzi:

  1. Brand
    • We offer Mentor and Sientra implants. Both are great choices. We encourage our patients to use Sientra as they have a lifetime rupture warranty (no other brand has that) and are the best, most researched implants. Made in the US. All the good stuff.
  2. Fill
    • Saline or silicone gummy bear. We encourage our patients to use silicone gummy bear. Better results for longer. They don’t feel as heavy as saline. If they rupture, there is no risk of the implant “leaking out” into your body like with saline. Also, Sientra makes the best gummy bear implants on the market.
  3. Shaped or round (silicone only)
    • Round gives the appearance of volume but when a patient has a low percentage of body fat they might opt for shaped in order to preserve a natural appearance. We use round implants most often. There is no risk for them rotating, and they perform very well.

What’s the difference in implant material?

Dr. Capizzi:

  • Saline: We use Mentor Saline implants. 10 year warranty for rupture. They are heavier than silicone gummy bear implants. They also have a higher rupture risk. Long-term they are not good for patients who are seeking upper pole volume (to provide cleavage)
  • Silicone Gummy Bear: This is not a silicone gel. This is a viscous silicone that in the event it ruptures, it stays in place (think like when you rip a gummy bear in half). They feel very soft and natural. We use Sientra Gummy Bear implants with a lifetime rupture warranty and very low rupture risk. Great at providing upper pole volume for cleavage. Also come in shaped and round (see above for info on that).

How do we choose which implant?

Dr. Capizzi:

Our patients do not usually choose an implant. The reason for that is because we are the ones who KNOW implants the best! We interview patients to find out their goals with a breast augmentation and then recommend several implants based on their goals.


  • We use sizers (implants that you place into a bra) to give our patients the idea of what a certain size would look on their body. A 330cc implant on me is not going to be the same as a 330cc implant on you because we are different shapes.
  • We also use Crisalix 3D to create a virtual avatar of our patients’ torsos. Then we can use the software to give patients another idea of what different implants might look like on their body.

Does age play a factor?

Dr. Capizzi:

Not usually. Size plays a factor. For someone with a small frame, a smaller implant might be used. The goal is trying to create the most natural symmetry and proportions for each patient.

The only way that age might place a factor is that sometimes with older patients, the skin is less elastic than younger patients. Meaning that placing a larger implant is more difficult, or might require a lift, or surgical scaffolding (Galaflex) to keep the implant in place.

Tell us really…are you ever too old or too young?

Dr. Capizzi:

We will see patients as young as 16 for breast augmentations. We encourage patients to at least be 18 years old before considering breast augmentation (unless there are physical abnormalities such as underdevelopment or severe asymmetry).

We have never seen someone too old haha! 

*Scoop women everywhere cheering*

Best choice post-babies?

Sientra Gummy Bears to provide volume after a pregnancy.

FACT: You can still breastfeed just fine with implants

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What are the best options for ladies in their 50s? 60s?

Dr. Capizzi:

Sientra Gummy Bears provide great results for 20-30 years. We provide implant surveillance in accordance with the FDA so that we can monitor implant health for years to come. If your implants are healthy, you can keep them in forever.

There is a common misconception that implants need to be replaced every ten years, that is not true.

Who needs a lift? What is a lift?

Dr. Capizzi:

Anyone experiencing nipple ptosis! This is when the nipple does not point straight ahead any longer.

We offer 3 levels of breast lift:

  • Mini lift: Tightens the skin around the breast (great for women who might just have a little ptosis)
  • Modified lift: Decreases the size of the areola and lifts the breast. Scar around the areola and at the breast crease.
  • Full lift: Decreases the size of the areola and lifts the breast considerably. Often needed for patients with really lax skin or excess skin.

Is there a fat injection option instead of an implant? When is that recommended?

Dr. Capizzi:

There certainly is! It is called fat grafting. We can either do a hybrid augmentation which involves a small breast implant and fat grafting to add more volume or fat grafting alone.

This is a good option for patients who maybe aren’t interested in adding a TON of volume or for patients who do not want an implant in their body. There is limitations to the volume that can be added with this technique. It is not as significant as with an implant — delivers a very natural result.

Scoop bottomline: How do we make a confident decision? 

With the guidance of a double-board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Capizzi has been involved in the FDA approval process for the implants he uses and contributes to ongoing research.

He has also placed over 10,000 implants. Dr. Capizzi doesn’t expect women to know everything about breast implants, he considers it his job to educate and walk through the decision process.


Boob Scoop has a nice ring to it.

I have had breast implants, but it’s so funny ’cause it’s not a secret; I could care less. Kourtney Kardashian

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