Ever have a moment? Charlotte had some pretty great ones last year. 2019 may be over but we wouldn’t be able to move into 2020 without reviewing how we got here. 2019 was fantastic in so many ways.

Our city is booming and we have one of the greatest digital scrapbooks at our Charlotteon fingertips. Charlotte’s Instagram game is strong. Local consumers of all things Charlotte have been scooping all the moments — documenting our shiny things.

Let’s review:

January 2019 saw Uptown grin with activity. @clt.motion made us smile with this one. Uptown Girls Guide for more.

The season of love is Charlotte’s strongest. February felt the ‘heart wall’ burst on to the scene. Charlotte really does get what she wants — and Molly always knows how to capture. She’s sweet. And we love that.

March is Women’s History Month and The Mint Museum highlighted women artists. This incredible work by Sheila Hicks hung in the Atrium at the Mint Museum Uptown – this image highlighted its grandeur.

Center City Partners used this simple historical image for their 2019 Vision Awards in April. They celebrated businesses and organizations that are making Charlotte more vibrant. Image is truly everything. Charlotte gets it.

Charlotte can shout it all. And did at its 1st Annual Shout Festival in May. The bunnies, the art – Charlotte expressed it all. Openly.

June brought change. This chef left her kitchen. And Jonathan Cooper captured the heartbreaking moment in a way that made us wonder — where will Charlotte see her next?

July brought Charlotte the Half Blood Thunder Moon and Cody Hughes brought us closer. The devil is in the details and we can see them all here.

We watched Charlotte’s walls go creative this past year and @cltgraffiti kept up. The talented Matt Moore: @puckmcgruff and other artists like the insane Bella Phame duo painted our town. These moments felt real and raw. Very 2019.

Fan Fest moments were at an all time high this year. @CLTGuide was there for it all.

August held a life-saving moment. Lauren Palmer was nominated to run for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s 2020 Woman of the Year. She made Charlotte proud as she turned her family’s pain into positive action when she went after it and shared this image.

Scallion Pancake knows good food; we’ve been following their culinary adventures for a while. They are the must-know foodie friends here in Charlotte and this September moment was spot on. Yafo put Israeli Hot Chicken on the menu and Scallion Pancake showcased every delicious bite.

Charlotte invented the podcast, didn’t it? Sure feels like it. Renn, owner of @radioclt brings us @QCConfessional and this 2019 mid-season shot. In 2020 we will #keeppounding

The Move for Jenn Foundation had a huge moment in November at their 1st fundraising race. A huge turnout in jammies for sarcoma awareness — some Charlotteans make their own moments.

Queen Brie showed Charlotte who was boss. I mean, this is a moment if there ever was one — cheese is here to stay and we are here for it.

Best overall moment collection:

What does a retired NATCA Air Traffic Controller do these days, among other things? @mattshdr seems to get it all in. We appreciate his efforts:

Teen activist Greta Thunberg brought the climate change strike to Charlotte and made us proud.

The 2nd annual NASCAR rappel for a cause was Over The Edge. Literally.

We all remember the delicious Christian McCaffrey fever. Still happening.

2019 pink skies showed out. Look at those Carolina blues blush.

The 9/11 celebration on Romare Bearden Park was a moment to take in the brave and those who lost their lives on a day we will never forget.

Eye on Tryon Ferris wheel made us more Euro-fun. We need to lobby for year-round presence.

Some cities have a moment. Charlotte had many. We’ve been watching, have you?

2020s moments leaked

Some moments are utter heartbreakers. 2020 already has us holding our breath to see what’s next.

We love you Luuuuuuke.