Uptown Girls.
How to Do a Girls Night Out Uptown This Month.

This Uptown Guide sponsored by Charlotte Center City.

Some girls have it all. Charlotte girls have it all and Uptown.

If you aren’t willing to drive into Uptown for your girls — you are doing it all wrong. Uptown is it. It’s where you go to do all the things. Especially girls’ night. 

Nothing compares. Here’s how to make a day and night… and morning out of it. Uptown Girl style.

If Boston was more than a feeling, and the apple of her eye is a trip to NYC, Charlotte is her refuge. Her reason to stay. Let’s do this:

Head in early. A morning of relaxation at the Ritz Spa. Pamper. Reset. Sit and take in the views.

Gossip about it all. Order a cocktail.

Since you’re in the building… a little treat from Bar Cocoa. Ya know, for energy.

Beauty is in the details. So appointments must be made. Daily Details for a blowout after that spa treatment. Feel fabulous. Look even better.

Check in time. The Iveys Hotel is a choice. Alone at last. Or share a room. Decisions are hard. Luxury isn’t.

Imagine getting ready here. The Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel is another option. Gorgeous marble bathrooms all around.

Get it all together. Primp. Pout. Book Blakeley Shea and have her get those brows under control. Line up.

First comes friends. Then comes a cocktail. Uptown drinks are serious at 5Church. Start the night right. Be angels.

Private room for your babes at Angelines. Dinner uninterrupted. We deserve it, right? Post a ‘No Dates Allowed’ sign on the door. Use those wings.

Is there such a thing as a quick after-dinner drink? Sophia’s Lounge lures you in with its dark vibe. Stay and play or venture back out. We like to have our options open. Wide open.

Feeling full-sexy? We don’t need Mr. Big sitting next to us. We’ll order our own drinks, thank you. At the new Middle C Jazz adulting is fun. Listen to it girls.

Extra-late night activities don’t have to include the boys. We know how to swing. Head to TopGolf Swing Suites – grab a club.

Back to the room for cookie delivery. Can you even? Yes – until 3am. Order them all from Insomnia Cookies. Sample everything.

Good morning. Bring yourselves back to life. Green Brothers Juice will make those hazy night before memories taste a little sweeter.

Or maybe you need the full refresh. IV bar to the rescue. Probably a good idea to have your Elevate U appointment ready.

Rooftop Yoga, Mimosas and Chill event at The Harvey B. Gantt Center? Reconnect everything that makes your friendships what they are.

Coffee might be Uptown’s crowning jewel. Lots of options including Waterbean. Classic is nice. Roasted is best.

via Iveys

After checkout check out Ivey’s Boutique Shop. Bring them a little something back to the ‘burbs.

And that my friends, is how you do Girls’ Night.

In Uptown.


Angela Williamshttp://www.angelaerinwilliams.com
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.