Have You Kept Up:
Your 30 Musts by 35 in Charlotte

Our city has grown. She’s learned some things. 10 years ago she was pumped about the Epicenter. Now? She knows better.

Charlotte has become the girl that stays up late but never sleeps in. She is southern-sassy. Sexy. Lean and mean when necessary. And she certainly doesn’t stand in her preppy, older brother, Raleigh’s, shadow.

She has become her own. And she looks damn good.

The Queen City craves attention — and she gets it every time. In fact, she always gets what she wants.

She is built for only the best. But have you grown with her? Have you kept up? Have you followed her lead? These are some of the places that have defined her growth, made her more — summoned the best out of her.

You’ve watched her take shape. She’s edited and confident. Poised yet unstyled. Our Charlotte Ballet has even embraced hilarity. See the way she moves at an upcoming show.

Photo Credit: The Crunkleton

You came to Charlotte and drove along Queens Road, amiright? Do it again — this time with a left and a right and a shortcut on Dotger. Stop at The Crunkleton. You’re a member.

Photo Credit: Merchant and Trade

Her vocabulary has finally begun to display more proudly on the growing number of buildings in uptown. You’ve admired her work from Merchant and Trade’s rooftop bar. Picturesque views — without having to spell it out.

You’ve walked the walk. And you’ve witnessed the best of them at Lights, Camera, Fashion!… October’s event for those who know a good belted trench.

Photo Credit: Sloane Siobhan

The roots of our city have climbed her walls like English ivy — have you admired Sloane Siobhan‘s Fly Girl mural off Tryon? Go find her. Make her yours.

You clicked your heels and fell in love with the idea of picking your own apples at a local farm. With so many spots to go around Charlotte – we truly are golden.

Photo Credit: La Belle Helene

And then one day La Belle Helene came and changed everything. She reminded us how much we love uptown’s clean lines. She’s delicious and romantic. You know you love her.

Photo Credit: SaltShaker Marine

You’ve gotten underway on Lake Norman with your core crew. Red-right-return with SaltShaker Marine. The Lake always gets ’em coming and goin’.

Photo Credit: Mint Museum

Charlotte’s arts are poised at Derby Days each spring at the Mint Museum. It’s where you can wear your very own crown for the day. Have you been crowned?

Image: Instagram

All roads lead to good places here in Charlotte and we’ve ridden a few on our bikes. Gotta keep up.

Photo Credit: Front Porch Sundays

Charlotte can be difficult. Tempermental. Down right judgey. But really she’s just a softy. And most importantly she supports all the girls on her porch. Front Porch Sundays was made for her. And her shopping habit.

Photo Credit: Art Walk

Experience Charlotte’s passionate side. Her music and art are on display each May. Join her movement.

Photo Credit: Renaissance Festival

Meat on a bone? Don’t have to ask us twice. You’ve taken the corset out for a joust at the annual Renaissance Festival. It’s Charlotte’s medieval side. Tasty.

Photo: Pump House

South Charlotte is as sweet as her peach stands along the Catawba River. You’ve embraced Rock Hill and its Pump House. History runs deep.

You’ve talked the talk and yet you know when to listen. Queens University has sat you down for a lecture. We love to be in-the-know.

Photo courtesy of The Duke Mansion

We have pulled around the circle of The Duke Mansion with our overnighter bag. Cocktails on the lawn. Staycation with whomever we choose. Nightcap in the library.

Photo via @queen_zuukes

Backed up against any wall Charlotte’s got the right angle. Pull off confident the same way and Instagram it all.

Photo courtesy of RomanticAsheville.com

She’s learned to protect the important things. Especially her alone time. But every once in a while she knows where to chase a few nearby waterfalls.

Photo credit: Lime

A scooter finally became a necessity with those pointy-toe heels. Lime helped with the entire .06 blocks for ice-cream after dinner in South End. She’s always solving problems.

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

You have experienced a NASCAR race. The unexpected fashion, the heat from the track, the feel of the engines’ power deep in your chest — winners know.

Photo Credit: The Local Scoop

With 70-plus choices for scoops around town, The Local Scoop takes number #1 for sweetness. Taste what she has to offer.

Image: Skillpop

We’ve got mad skills. How many classes have you taken via Skillpop? Master it all.

Photo Credit: The Haymaker

The Haymaker is Charlotte’s new bodyguard. He stands at attention as you make your way into uptown from 77. He gives you the nod — you are always allowed in.

Photo Credit: Runway 5k

It’s always a race to the cockpit around this town and we’ve run them all. This fall we’ve added another to our list with the Runway 5K. Make racing to your jet legitimate.

You’ve networked with Charlotte’s entruepreners at Pitch Breakfast and promised yourself to come back next time prepared to pitch yourself. Formally or just for coffee.

You’ve been to the usual suspects but have you chilled at Resident Culture Brewing Company? Slip on those vans you got at the Nordstrom sale and head to Central Avenue.

Photo Credit: The Biltmore

You’ve Biltmored and returned to Charlotte refreshed and only a bit disappointed in your current home’s square footage.

Photo Credit: The Queen’s Cup

You’ve packed a cooler of make-there libations and balanced in wedges on damp grass at The Queen’s Cup. We never back down from a good bet.

Photo Credit: Raffaldini Vineyards

Raffaldini Vineyards sees you every fall for their Four Seasons Fall Dinner. A meal fit for a Queen.

Natural surroundings or uptown views — you’ve yoga’ed your way around, down, and back to center. Awareness is key.


So. How did you do? How many have you conquered? Did we miss something? Give us the scoop.


Angela Williamshttp://www.angelaerinwilliams.com
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.