Now that’s a headline. Especially since you know what went down last time Brett left town. I’m still not over the embarrassment of the toilet paper incident.

This time around I knew I had 7 days to do my thing — to loosen the schedule and let some things slide. Skip gymnastics and throw bagel bites at the kids on the way to the park for a sunset picnic.

But let’s start from the top:

This time, Brett was flying to London. For work. On a Friday night. Smart of him to get over the pond to adjust? Absolutely. But don’t let the door hit ya — if I’m gonna stay behind with the kiddos, I’m gonna numb the pain — that first night is the loneliest.

Dressed and ready.

Brett called from the airport before his flight. I miss him when he’s gone. Especially when I need to know if my glasses go with my outfit. I can’t do contacts so it’s a major decision.

He was busy with boarding and couldn’t entertain my conundrum. I had a moment and decided — not tonight Tom Ford. Not tonight.

That lasted until I couldn’t read the menu at Superica. Seeing spots or just me?

If you don’t take a picture, in the bathroom mirror, at the place — did it even happen?

This beautiful platter of bubbly was sent over to us girls from somewhere over the Atlantic. Not really — but how slick would that have been? Hint-hint.

We always do a little dance in Uptown Saturday mornings. After Elle’s class at Charlotte Ballet, we grab a little nosh at Queen City Grounds. Greek yogurt parfait always gets the crown.

Catching up on unfinished lego creations and making homemade slime will wear your mom-brain out. Down to a nub. Chopt is my go-to during these trying times.

Let all the toppings save you — I believe goat cheese to be some sort of healing substance.

Monday. I am free — free to volunteer. Always go on the field trip. Especially to Discovery Place. It means the world to your kids and the teachers. Appreciate.

Just plan a Titos on the rocks later to untwist your nerves. Balance.

Faux spring came and we went to the golf course. Our kinda game is a little less competitive.

Bahn Thai for the delicious mid-week pick-me-up. Go big and go home with all the noodles and soups — don’t judge. Mom-of-the-year card.

Lunch meeting and a new-old blazer. Positive vibes and shoulder pads are back.

Most important rule when the husband leaves for a minute? Share a meal with that forever-friend at an amazing spot. Mimosa Grill. Classy and distinctive — just what this week needed to offset the other shenaigans.

Therapy and friendship all wrapped up into one — some conversations are to be finished. Like dessert.

You know what sometimes begins on Thursday mornings? Estate sales. I grabbed my most shrewd design-obsessed friend Meggie and we snooped and peeked and bought all the things chinoiserie. Who doesn’t love a good stalking session?

One last hurrah? One of us almost getting thrown off the back of a golf cart at midnight?

I had her. I refuse to say more than that.

You ever miss someone so bad it hurts? Me either. But I have come close — my girl, Val. She brought me back to blonde on Friday before the big return. She gets it.

Friday night and Brett’s back on Charlotte soil…so how long do I wait to tell him about my bumper and side light-thingy — or the bruise it left on the garage?

Wish me luck. He may even end up canceling his next trip at this rate … I’ll let you know how he plays it.

For now we cuddle.