Hi guys. Angela here to share a highlight reel from one of my most fun recent weekends – 36 hours in Charlotte without my husband.

I mean that in the best way, I promise. You see, Brett doesn’t travel a whole lot. Lucky, yes. But do I like to eat cheese and crackers, feed the kids Target pizza and not have to make a full-blown family dinner every once in a while? Abso-stinkin’-lootly.

Besides, it’s my chance to try the new hotspot he hasn’t been as stoked to get to — with just my friends. Or spoil the kids with an expensive-ish lunch followed by a trip to the actual movie theater — something Brett only does under threat of bodily harm.

So how did his latest trip — a guys’ excursion where he played 36 holes a day, by the ocean I’ll add, translate to this gal: 36 HOURS to myself. Plus two kids.

That Friday morning, I packed the guys travel van (full of knuckleheads) a small cooler of snacks and waved goodbye with a beaming wife-of-the-year smile.

36 hours without the husband. What to do first? I learned a few tricks and ways to maximize the time. Here’s how it went:

As soon as the men-people were around the bend I was in full execution mode. It was Friday 10am. I had places to be. There was lots of texting — babysitter contact information was flying over the radio-waves, bouncing from house to house as fast as autocorrect could keep up. I wonder if AT&T tracks my surges? Ah, I digress. The crew was on point to find a sitter for Saturday evening.

I threw (gracefully yanked) on my Spanx Moto leggings and headed directly to my detox facial appointment at the Ballantyne Resort. Hello glow.

I needed to eat. Craving healthy-in-a-hurry, I darted to the other side of Ballantyne for an acai bowl at Rico’s. There is something distinctively self-care-esque about their rainbow bowls. Extra granola.

Who needs a new outfit? The Pink Hanger probably heard my car squealing into their parking lot. Hey, no time to waste. And there was a girls’ night a brewin’ for Saturday. Must look cute.


But first, kids off the bus and pizza at our favorite place to eat when daddy is away: Inizio Pizza. He doesn’t get the hype but we are here for every delicious bite. Put the pears on my pizza.


I slept in my favorite oversized t-shirt, didn’t use that annoying overhead fan and cuddled with the kiddos. I slept 10 hours. 10. Thank goodness for iPads and kids who can get cereal for themselves at 6am.


While Cooper was at a birthday party, Elle and I fueled up at Holler and Dash. Goat cheese on a chicken biscuit is everything.


Okay, so I can’t drive by Sleepy Poet without stopping. Checked for blue and white vases. I have a problem. It is what it is.

Back home to prep: Pre-gaming at my house in a bit. Why not break out the silver?

The cocktail helped with the pre-babysitter chaos part of the evening. Kids = fed. Kids = Netflix. Mama = dressed.

Zeppelin happened. And it was delicious. I mean… look how cute we are. Not bad for a bunch of moms. There was lots of gossip. There was a bathroom toilet-paper-hanging-out-of-my-dress situation. There were cocktails.

And celebratory shots of tequila.


Morning coffee needed…trust.


Who doesn’t care for crepes? Brett. Who is gonna stuff their face with them at Hazelnuts Creperie while he’s on his way back in the dude van? ME.


Called and ordered pickup for dinner. Midwood Smokehouse is family pleasing with all the sides. But they had me at all the sauces. The compromising doesn’t have to start up again quite yet.

Brandy Cardarelli Photography

Look who’s home. We missed you.

What kind of shenanigans will I get into when Brett goes to Europe for work? Stay tuned…