Turn your patio party or outdoor space into the talk of the neighborhood with this fun and easy project. Driveway Art® lets you transform your driveway, sidewalks and concrete patio into a pretty, patterned visual, dressing things up and creating a festive look that goes with any style decor ~ or needs no extra decor at all!

Driveway Art® brings artwork to your feet using dirt, water and a stencil. You just pressure wash on top of the stencil on anything concrete around your home and watch the magic happen. You can choose from seven unique stencil designs, including some that would be particularly fun for kids.

This newly launched company is the brainchild of three local Charlotte women, Torrie Savage, Paula Bartlett and Robin Tonelli. This DIY project is awesome – and it’s so simple – and to top it off, they’re proudly made in the USA.

This is our kind of yard work –> why clean when you can turn dirt into a work of art! Driveway Art® is great for any style of home; whether you have a traditional, a modern or a mid-century style home, you can create a unique design in your driveway or patio. You can add flowers, palm leaves, cobblestone or even T-Rex feet for your kid’s birthday party. 

WHAT YOU NEED (or what your landscaper or yard guy needs):

  1. Dirty Concrete
  2. Your pick of the Driveway Art Stencils
  3. Pressure Washer

That’s it.  Check out how easy it is and ENTER TO WIN one of three $45 Driveway Art Stencils we’re giving away below:




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