Flywheel’s new FLYFIT (Functional Intense Training) launches this week on August 1st to complement their Stadium cycling and FlyBarre programs. FlyFIT is Flywheel’s version of High Intensity Interval Training, and includes heavier weights and a circuit style class. If you’ve been looking to add an effective strength training program to your cycling cardio, and barre class is not for you, then FlyFIT is it.

There is NO END to the research that tells us that strength training is absolutely key to our long term health, fitness and weight management at any age. FlyFIT offers this balance with the quality instruction, latest learning and innovation you’ve come to expect from Flywheel. Wanna give it a try?

Scoop followers get their first FlyFIT class FREE.

Now through 9/30/18 just email [email protected] and mention FITSCOOPCLT to book your first FIT class for free.

FlyFIT will be held in the FlyBarre room and classes include a 60 minute Total Body class as well as a 60 Upper Body + Core focused class. Classes are being taught by some of scoop’s favorite trainers, like Master Instructors Carrie Kaschak and Brie Hollingsworth 🙂 





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