In case you missed it, Front Door Fabrics has moved and their new location is full of inspiration, color and skilled professionals to help make your home the perfect space. Front Door Fabrics is now located at 5341 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, suite #350 in the Promenade on Providence.

Their new space is just a glimpse at what they can do for your home. Each “room” of the shop is color coordinated and decorated to perfection. They are making all of our blue and white dreams come true with the living space shown below. In addition to a wide selection of fabrics, Front Door offers home decor pieces, furniture and finishing touches all the way down to candles and throws. To learn more about the new space, we interviewed Front Door Fabrics owner Karen Dixon to learn what excites her most about re-opening and what her plans are for the future.

SC: Has the new space allowed you to add additional products or services?

KD: We have not added additional products or services, as a matter of fact, we have eliminated several lines in effort to offer ‘just the good stuff’! But, we have changed some of our processes. For example, instead of arranging pick up of your furniture at our store, we are offering service direct from the manufacturer to the customer’s home. We also hope to do more events such at girls’ night out events and demonstrations.

SC: What excites you most about the new space and reopening?

KD: We absolutely LOVE our new space! It’s such a beautiful shopping center with the park and fountains and great neighbors. It’s a wonderful location and much more convenient for most of our clients. I was able to be much more creative with the design here. Our last space was more of a warehouse feel and this one speaks more to who we are as designers than our last store. We love having new customers come in and discover us and our past and current customers have been so kind to come in and say hello. Overall, the feedback has been so positive. I live right across the street and I find myself wanting to spend much more time here!

SC: What inspires / energizes you to come up with fresh ideas?

KD: Personally, I get inspired by historical architecture and decor, whether it’s from travel or from TV and movies. Everything from “Downton Abbey” to “Madmen”…and my new favorite, “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel”. I love to see how the styles we see today are influenced by history…there is truly “nothing new under the sun”. And of course, going to market and seeing all the new styles is incredibly inspiring. I like looking at blogs, Pinterest, and magazines, but at the end of the day, I want to create something fresh, not just copy someone else’s style.

Front Door Fabrics

SC: What is your vision for Front Door Fabrics? How do you see your business growing over the next few years?

KD:  I truly want the Front Door to be a place where you feel at home. The front door of your home is where you receive guests and make them feel welcome. That’s the idea here…to feel welcome and inspired. We also want to offer a truly unique, curated selection of home decor that you don’t see in every other store. I see our business growing because we offer the kind of customer service and relationships that you don’t get when you purchase online or at big retailers. Our customers end up becoming friends and it’s much more than a business relationship to us. That’s what keeps people coming back through the Front Door again and again.

SC: What home trends do you see being big for Fall?

KD: We are seeing a return to traditionalism. There was a lot of brass and mixed metals at market along with lots of fur. As far as color…I’m seeing shades of lilac and wine shades…dare I say mauve! We are seeing shades of red and mustard and browns coming back. Again, nothing is new under the sun. Of course greys, spa blues, true blues, navy and neutrals are still very hot. Trims such as tassels and ball fringe are also coming back. Wallpaper is also making a huge comeback with such fabulous patterns and textures.

SC: Are there any particular trends Charlotte homeowners are gravitating toward?

KD: The neutral theme is not going away, but I have a lot of customers who went all neutral and now they are bored and want to add color.  We are all about that! I personally love color and I love that a neutral base gives you the freedom to really personalize someone’s home with their favorite colors.  Slim, metal curtain rods have definitely replaced big, chunky hardware. 90% of what I sell is sleek metal hardware. Abstract art is huge right now because it gives you the ability to add color and texture to a room in one big statement piece. I have actually commissioned an artist to do abstract hand painted fabric for us to make into curtains and it is fabulous! You can come by and see it in our display window. We have the ability to take something from someone’s room as an inspiration and have fabric designed around that to use in curtains, pillows or upholstery. And again, wallpaper is making a huge comeback and we have a great selection!

SC: Your website describes your involvement with She is Safe. How has that affected your business?

KD: This is something I am passionate about. When I went into business, I knew it had to be about more than making money (because that is never guaranteed) or I would burn out quickly. When a friend introduced me to Michele Rickett and She is Safe, I knew this was to be our mission. They work with endangered women all over the world to free them from trafficking, slavery and abuse. We support a group in Mali, Africa where they have built a training center to give women an opportunity to build a business for themselves.  They teach them to sew and set up their business and at the end of the training, they provide them with their own pedal sewing machine. We send money each month to purchase those sewing machines. On the days, when I’m exhausted, stressed or burned out, I remember that I’m not walking miles for water or food. I have everything I need and much more. It gives me the energy I need to keep going because I know that our little Front Door is making a huge difference in someone else’s life.


Take a look at some of our favorite spots and items at Front Door in these photos, but definitely stop by the new location to see things for yourself and give Karen and her staff a warm welcome to the ‘hood!

Front Door Fabrics Front Door Fabrics Front Door Fabrics

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Again just a reminder, the “new” Front Door Fabrics is now located at 5341 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, suite #350 in the Promenade. Be sure to stop by for some inspiration, home updates or just to say hello to Karen and her fantastic team.




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