Summer must include a trip to Discovery Place for the Tyrannosaurs exhibition

Summer vacation has just started in Charlotte and after a week of sleeping in and watching all of our “you might like” options on Netflix, it’s time to start our summer staycation bucket list. Like a lot of families, each summer  my daughter and I make a list of fun things to do close to home, stick it on the fridge and see how many we can check off before it’s time to buy back to school supplies. Tyrannosaurs – Meet The Family at DISCOVERY PLACE  secured a top spot on this year’s list.

Tyrannosaurs offers an interactive, multimedia experience to keep the whole family engaged.

Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family is the world’s first exhibition showcasing the newly-revised tyrannosaur family tree. The exhibit features more than 10 life-sized dinosaur specimens and an array of fossils and casts of tyrannosaur specimens, including never-before-seen specimens from China.

Immerse yourself in a giant multimedia experience with dinosaurs running through the streets of Charlotte.

Tyrannosaurs is at Discovery Place now through September 3rd. Here is a list of activities for the exhibit and be sure to save time for the Flying Monsters IMAX experience.

  • Explore the features that define a Tyrannosaur and find out how T. rex evolved as the top-end predator.
  • Meet ancestors of the T. rex and compare and contrast Tyrannosaur relatives.
  • Immerse yourself in a giant multimedia experience with dinosaurs running through the streets of Charlotte.
  • Compare your arm strength to that of a mighty T. rex.
  • Dig to unearth and discover dinosaur fossils in a hands-on Dino Pit.
  • Find out how recent scientific findings confirm the links between dinosaurs and birds.
  • See the enormous scale of geological time in the context of human evolution.

Meet the whole family at Discovery Place Science’s Tyrannosaurs exhibit

Scoop Tip: Don’t miss the chance for a memory making photo at the augmented reality markers. There is one at 6th & Tryon and one inside Discovery Place. Follow the directions, snap a picture of you and a dino and share on social with the hashtag #TRexTakeover!

Make a memory and snap a pic with a dino




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