I attended a K-12 all girls private Catholic convent, and so learned the wicked ways of our private parts early on. I feel a little faint even typing this headline, but the plastic surgeons and med-spa physicians have been raving to us about this topic for months, so impressed with patient results and improvements. We felt it was time for me ~ and you ~ to break out of the shyness and review the latest options and learning on restoring the vim & vigor to your life.

Editor’s Note: If this is not for you, we get it. Cause it’s not for me ~ everyone who’s involved with my bits is perfectly happy with them, thank you very much.  However, do know that this is not about appearance for most patients. It’s about addressing physical discomfort, and apparently, it really works.


What is Feminine Rejuvenation?

This term covers both surgical and non-surgical procedures to improve the improve comfort and/or appearance of the vagina, and alleviate problems caused by tissue laxity, or dryness, such as painful intercourse and stress urinary incontinence. This article will address the non-surgical radiofrequency and laser options. Don’t freak, jedi master, these devices are practically painless. There are no incisions, tissue ablation, or needles are involved, although certain treatments use an instrument that is inserted internally (much like a transvaginal ultrasound). Chances are, you have a girlfriend who has already done this and would literally shout the results from the rooftops if you asked her about it.  Women are that pleased with the results.

“This has been very, very powerful for patients because it helps with intimacy issues, it helps with stress urinary incontinence, and also helps with the actual appearance. …. A lot of my patients have called this a no brainer procedure and is something we are very privileged to offer our patients.”  – Dr. Gaurav Bharti

“So little effort for such a positive patient response.  My menopause patients are so thankful for helping them. One patient said she felt 19 again!” – Dr. Sarah Yousuff

“…OMG—after all three treatments I’ve seen a BIG difference. Less bladder leakage, more moisture and I am able to have sex again after painful experiences due to dryness.  I did it primarily for the vaginal dryness issue but the other benefits I’m experiencing are awesome!  Melissa did a great job always making me feel completely at ease during my visits (which is key since it’s is a personal procedure.) I would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing these symptoms.” – Jan, Actual patient, Graper Cosmetic Surgery 2018


Yes. We’re going there.
We spoke with 3 of our clients, all local practices who are seeing tremendous results, to get the scoop on the treatments available.


Who Should Consider It?

This is really an individual and personal issue, but certainly anyone experiencing dryness, some laxity and looseness after childbirth, painful intercourse, diminished or lack of sensation, and incontinence at any age should seek information from your local plastic surgeon, laser center or med-spa. Certainly, women who have gone through childbirth, menopause or both are often candidates, but also women who have not, but are experiencing the issues mentioned. As well as women who have issues brought on by chemotherapy or radiation to the pelvis. (These may not be an option for severe laxity, you must consult your doctor.)

These treatments are available to women aged 18 and up. You will need to have a recent (last 12 months) pap smear (or present the results) and physical exam to confirm no lesions and no uterine prolapse are present. 

A consultation with one of these practices is the place to start. The consultation fees vary but both Graper ($50) & HKB ($200) will waive this fee for scoop followers ~ and Evolve does not charge a consult fee.

How Long Does It Take?

Femtouch (Evolve) = Internal treatement takes 3-4 minutes, external takes about 3-5 minutes, although your office time will be longer of course.

Core Intima Laser and ThermiTight (HKB) treatments are typically 30 minutes.

ThermiVa (Graper) = Patients are scheduled for an hour, actual treatment time can be anywhere from 40-50 minutes.

“I believe this state of the art, minimally invasive outpatient procedure can be life changing. This is the future of vaginal health.” Dr. Sarah Yousuff


What’s the Recovery Time?

There is no downtime with ThermiVa and ThermiTights’s radiofrequency treatment. Patients can immediately resume exercise regimens, work, have intercourse that day, etc. 

With the CO2 laser treatments, patients needs to abstain from intercourse, tampon insertion, douches and should avoid using hot water on the treated area for 72 hours.


Side Effects?

Very limited. A few patients have had light spotting that resolves within a day or so or some mild itching and discharge that lasted a couple of days.


Who performs procedure? 

Several options for you at HKB centers, depending on whether you prefer a physician or a licensed female technician. They are performed by Dr. Bharti, Dr. Kortesis, Heather Bryant, PA-C, MPAS or Cortney Danner, Nurse Practitioner.

At Evolve, the procedure will be performed by either by Dr. Yousuff or Isabella Ayscue (certified laser technician under physician supervision).

At Graper, a licensed female technician, working under the physician, administers the treatments. Technicians are trained by a Thermi clinical trainer and have a thorough understanding of the female anatomy and treatment parameters.


How Many & How Much?

Graper offers ThermiVa in a series of 3 treatments, scheduled 4 weeks apart. Cost of treatment is $3000.00 for 3 treatments. Single treatments are not suggested, but cost $1100.00.

HKB sees most patients two or 3 times, and package prices are available. Treatments vary patient to patient and some only need 1 treatment but others need more than one. Both the ThermiTight and the Core Intima start at $1200 per, and discounts are available. MAY Thermiva $300 off for example.

Evolve offers both an internal only option for $995, external only for $495, and internal + external $1295. Package of 3 pricing saves 15%. Patients definitely need more than one treatment, unless patient has minimal symptoms. Most people will need 3 treatments.


What’s the Difference Between the Two?

In researching this on the web, it seems that doctors who use RF prefer that and those who use CO2 Lasers prefer that…but Dr Bharti at HKB uses both, so I reached out for his thoughts.

The differences between RF technology and CO2 laser devices relate to the energy source and the depth of tissue that is being treated.  CO2 based lasers like our CORE Intima treat the surface and use laser energy to renovate the superficial mucosal layer similar to skin resurfacing lasers.  Thermiva and other RF devices uses radio frequency energy to treat soft tissue.  The penetration level is variable but can treat the mucosa and submucosal areas.  Sometimes I combine the treatments for patients.  The double treatment seems to provide a synergistic effect. ” 


And finally few more quotes from real patients on their results.

“The procedure itself lasted approximately five minutes and was completely painless. I was astonished to have it done so quickly and without any discomfort. After the first treatment, I noticed a decrease in both urgency and frequency. Now that I have completed my third treatment, my frequency and urgency has been completely eliminated! FemTouch is an incredible laser that has changed my life, because, I no longer need to look for the nearest restroom when I am not at home!”

Dr. Yousuff, I want to Thank you for your incredible care and expertise with the FemTouch laser. I can’t believe how easy, painless, and convenient the procedure was. For a 5 minute office visit, the benefits have been outstanding. No more dryness and a lot more tightness! I am amazed at the external appearance, I look and feel like I am 30! This is such a gift for women! Thank you. – Lori


For more info and to set up your consultation, reach out to any of these local practitioners.

HKB Cosmetic Surgery Centers | 704-659-9000 |

Graper Cosmetic Surgery+Laser | 704.375.7111 |

Evolve Medical Associates | 704.550.4109 |



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