Dr. Bill Kortesis and Dr. Guarav Bharti of Hunstad, Kortesis, and Bharti Cosmetic Surgery want to change the way people perceive cosmetic surgery. They believe it has the power of transformation to allow someone to live their true self. Dr. Bharti takes pride in this saying,”The biggest paradigm shift is that people want to look good and feel good while remaining true to themselves. Their goal is to fly under the radar with beautiful, natural results that leave people second-guessing; “how are they doing that?”.”

At the office of H/K/B, the surgeons and staff strive to achieve better and more natural results and are always advancing their methods to minimize issues, downtime, and complications. “The ability to take someone who is so self-conscious in clothing and out of clothing and make them feel good all of the time is very powerful, and we take great pleasure in doing so,” says Dr. Kortesis. 

We recently interviewed the doctors at H/K/B to learn more about the latest technologies in some of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery. Here’s what we learned:


Getting Your Body Back

The Latest:  Mommy Make-Overs

A woman’s body is a beautiful, powerful force.  The ability to bear and nurture children is no easy feat, and the body goes through vast changes during and after pregnancy.  While these moments are beautiful and monumental in a women’s life, it is important for a woman to feel comfortable in her own skin. H/K/B offers mommy makeover that encompasses anything from breast lifts, tummy tucks, to vaginal reconstruction.

After children, many women suffer from urinary incontinence, decreased sexual function, and/or increased number of UTIs.  It is estimated that over 15 million women suffer from urinary incontinence. These women suffer in silence because they don’t realize these issues are correctable. “Vaginal reconstruction helps improve internal health with laser devices. The procedure takes about 20 minutes with little to no pain involved,” explains Dr. Bharti. “Women are unaware that such a simple procedure can improve physical function, essential function, and aesthetics. It is the marriage of all things in plastic surgery. Our patients are truly happy with their results.”


Let’s Talk Breast Augmentation

The Latest: Vectra 3D Imaging and Gummy Bear Implants

One of the highest requested changes among women is breast augmentation.  There are many reasons women seek breast augmentation: to achieve pre-pregnancy look and feel, to address recent weight loss, or breast cancer, or being born with breasts that they just don’t feel good about.

“No two patients are the same,” comments Dr. Kortesis, “Therefore we strongly believe in customizing enhancements to the individual. We work closely with our patients to identify the area of concern and formulate a plan. Using Vectra 3D Imaging we can visualize what one would like with different breast sizes and shapes.” This technology not only gives you a visual picture of the possibility but it allows for better communication between you and your surgeon to ensure you get exactly what you want.

H/K/B also offers the latest in implants themselves. Gummy Bear Implants are state of the art implants. These implants are filled with a silicone substance that is more like a solid gelatin than a liquid thus creating a more natural look that doesn’t wrinkle with a woman’s movements.  They also come in a variety of sizes to fit every body type. 


Focus on whole Body Contouring

The Latest: Vaser Lipo and CoolSculpting

H/K/B offers a variety of ways to contour your body. Vaser Lipo is an advancement that allows for sculpting the body using ultrasound technology for precision while being gentle on the tissues.  Because of this control, the downtime after the surgery is far less intense than other procedures.  Not only does the technology allow for greater precision it also has been shown to have effects on lifting and tightening the skin thus creating a smoother and sleeker look.

If surgery is not for you, CoolSculpting may be something to consider. “It serves as a nice adjunct procedure for isolated pockets of fat removal in areas such as love handles, abdominal fat, or back fat” explains Dr. Bharti.  This procedure is completely non-invasive allowing the patient to return to normal activities immediately.


More Youthful Skin

The Latest: Core CO2 Lasers

Time is our most precious and valued commodity; which is why recovery time is one of the biggest drawbacks to cosmetic surgery.  The doctors at H/K/B understand this problem which is why they have invested in learning the newest advancement in facial makeovers: the CORE Fractional CO2 laser.  “This is a wonderful laser technology we have for a quick office procedure (about 30 minutes). It treats the face to a new fresh layer of smooth skin.” 

Dr. Kortesis and Dr. Bharti believe strongly in good skin care. If you take good care of your skin and keep up this regular maintenance, there may never be a need for surgery. For this reason, they believe strongly in procedures such as CORE CO2 to keep your skin in optimum condition.  The ideal candidate would be someone seeking younger looking skin and dedicated to taking care of themselves to halt the progression of aging.


The goal at H/K/B is so much than instant gratification.  They want you to be your best self now but also in 10, 20 years from now.  They strive to keep learning and keep advancing so that they will always be on top of keeping their patients looking and feeling their best. 


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