Leading a healthy lifestyle involves more than what meets the eye.  You’ve heard the buzz words: nutrients, metabolism, supplements, hormones, etc., but understanding how they relate to your health can be confusing. However, their interdependence is the key to unlocking and leading a truly healthy lifestyle.  If you are struggling with weight loss, lack of energy, or overall well being, then finding a practitioner who understands the relationship between these key players is vital.

At Evolve Medical Associates, the doctors and staff not only understand the importance and interconnectedness of these key players; they also know that every person is unique.  Evolve tailors every wellness program to the individual, and all programs are overseen by a medical professional to safely and effectively guide you to your goal.

Evolve offers programs to address weight loss and weight management, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, influential hormone management, and more. In this article, we explore the impact of supplements and nutrients on your health.

It Starts With Lab Testing

Have you ever wondered why you are so tired? Why you simply can’t lose the weight or build muscle? Maybe why your libido is down? Evolve offers a wide range lab testing with the ability to check everything from hormones to in-depth levels of cholesterol, along with vitamin and minerals, even genetic testings. “Usually the solution is more straightforward than you think,” comments Evolve’s Nutrition and Fitness Coordinator, Aaron Chacon. “We start with lab testing to give us objective data that allows us to come up with specific game plans for each person.”

“The body is series of chemical reactions, and if one ‘player’ is out of balance, it can throw many of your systems and processes off,” says Aaron. “We see so many patients with low testosterone levels for example.” Starting with your testing data gives Aaron and you a better understanding of your specific issues, and what to address in your wellness program. 99% of people get their results back the very next day. After your results are in, Aaron will sit down with you to explain your test results, and discuss next steps. 

It’s definitely not as simple as just taking a multivitamin, Aaron explains. 50% of those taking multivitamins are still nutritionally deficient. In fact, there are several reasons why taking a daily multivitamin in pill form provides limited benefit. Water-soluble vs fat soluble vitamins, those absorbed best when consumed as food vs those than can be easily supplemented, age, gut bacteria, dietary and hormonal impacts, etc. are issues to be considered when devising the best vitamin and micro-nutrient supplement plan for you.


IV Therapy can offer Immediate Improvements 

What is IV Nutrition? 

IV Therapy or Infusion Therapy is a common low-risk treatment used to rehydrate the body via a vein bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. This is the fastest, most efficient way to deliver nutrients and fluids to your body.

“IV Therapy is almost like hacking into the body. When you eat something, or take a vitamin pill, the question of absorption comes into play, says Aaron.  “How well will your body be able to break down the food into the nutrients that you need? By going straight into the source (i.e., the vein), with nutrients, absorption rises from a normal 20-30% to 100%.”  

What can IV Therapy Treat?

The easiest way to understand how IV Hydration can help is to look at several of the Infusions available to you at Evolve. 

Energy Boost: Fatigue? Jet Lag? This infusion combines the energizing effects of B12, B5, B6, Vitamin C, Chromium, Carnitine, Selenium, Zinc, and Taurine.

Hangover Help: Went a little to hard last night; this infusion combines fluids, electrolytes, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, magnesium and if needed up to 3 medications.

Colds/Flu: Give your immune system a boost and help to combat your symptoms with Glutathione, B complex, B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, and up to 3 medications if needed, in this infusion.

Performance: After a hard workout you need: hydration, recovery, and energy, hence the Performance infusion, combining Arginine, Zinc, Magnesium, B12, B Complex, Carnitine.

Glow-tini:  Skin, hair, and hails looking dull? Enhance your overall look by incorporating B complex, Glutathione, Biotin, B12, trace minerals, Vitamin C, Arginine with this infusion.

Myer’s Cocktail: Promote your overall wellness with the Myer’s Cocktail. The infusion key players include Calcium, Magnesium, B complex, B 5, B12, and Vitamin C.


Managing Your Vitamin B-12 and Lipo-B Levels

Why is B12 specifically important? 

Many associate B12 with energy, but the vitamin does so much more than assist in boosting energy. B12 plays a role in everything from brain health to physical health.  B12 deficiency leads to fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, megaloblastic anemia.  B12 also plays a role in balance, depression, confusion, dementia, and memory loss. While most people under 50 test in the “low normal” to normal range on Vitamin B-12 levels, many find an injection or sublingual supplement boosts feelings of well-being, energy and stamina. In addition, adults over 50 are more likely to be deficient, and should be tested and supplement. 

And What About Lipo-B?

It’s common wisdom that fat loss is all about diet and exercise. Which is true on face value.  “However, about half of the cases out also have a micronutrient deficiency that is hindering their weight loss,” explains Aaron.  “Lipo-B is an effective tool to add all the good micronutrients back in.”

Lipo-B is a combination of amino acids and vitamin B12  combined to intensify the effects of one another. The specific amino acids, methionine, inositol, and choline (“MIC”) aid in the liver breakdown of fat. Vitamin B12 speeds up overall metabolic processes and boosts energy. In short, when combined these two intensify each other’s effect.  Evolve suggests using their Lipo-B injection in combination with a healthy diet and exercise plan for best results.

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In addition to helping patients manage their micronutrient, hormonal and vitamin levels to achieve better health, Aaron and the team at Evolve offer medically managed weight-loss and the popular HCG Diet Done Right programs for supervised weight-loss.

Interested in these or any of the services you see above? Contact Evolve for a complimentary consultation today.

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