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Let’s Have Lunch … at the Lake! Our Lake Norman Lunch Picks

Lunch at the Lake is delightful. With many choices it’s more than worth the drive for a quick bite, a little day drinking, and award-winning experiences by the water.

Where to Have Lunch in South South Charlotte

Ever feel like you're stuck in a lunch rut, defaulting to the same places to meet girlfriends or co-workers over and over? We think that lunch should be an occasion worth looking forward to, which is why we're on the hunt for...

Lunch by the Hood: Elizabeth Plaza Midwood and NoDa

You know how it goes: you agreed to meet for lunch, but choosing a spot within Charlotte's booming food scene seems almost impossible. We're helping out by calling out some of our favorite lunch spots by neighborhood, and have 20 picks for...

Let’s Do Lunch! Best Places to Have Lunch Uptown

We’ve all been there: it’s lunch time, you’ve got a break in your hectic day and you could use a good mid-day meal. Uptown, the options are just about endless, from leisurely sit-down options to grab-and-go daily specials. To make your decision...

The Best Places for LUNCH in Dilworth & South End

This summer, scoop is covering off your lunch dates by the ‘hood so bookmark this list. We started in SouthPark. This time, we're heading to Dilworth and South End. We'll start with a few new(ish) spots to add to your list, cover...

The Best Places for LUNCH in SouthPark

It goes something like this: Let's go to lunch next week... Yes! Where should we go? Is there anywhere new you've been wanting to try? Wait are they even open for lunch? Let me google them. What's closest...