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Restaurants Where Charlotte Natives and Long-Time Locals Eat

Lately it seems like there's always some trendy restaurant opening up in Charlotte, and while there's nothing wrong with having a lot of choices and new places to go, we wanted to find out where true Charlotte locals go to eat.  What restaurants do...

Try July for Charlotte’s Toughest Tables

Milk Bread from Kindred
It's summertime, it's hot, and you wish you were on away on vacation, relaxing on a beach while sipping your favorite beverage. But alas, you're spending the month of July at home, tending to the kids or covering co-workers' business while they're out of...

CLTBests Sunset Dinner for Two at Fahrenheit

We all know that the short winter days can be brutal.  You go to work and it’s dark. You come home from work and it’s dark.  Ho hum. But it’s finally that time of year again when we can break out of our winter slump. ...

CLTBests: Angeline’s Lunch Debut

Whipped Ricotta with Sourdough, Lavender Honey + Pistachios
If you're like us, lunch time is the shining beacon of light in your work day, the mid-day relief you're counting down to from the moment you fire up your laptop in the morning. Those of you who work uptown have undoubtedly walked by the...

Charlotte Instagrams to Follow for Desserts to Drool Over.

Let's get down to the real decision maker (or breaker) when it comes to choosing your next dining experience: What do they have for dessert?  As if we need a reason to dig into that irresistibly sweet indulgence, here are 13 Charlotte Instagram accounts that we drool over daily at...

Where to Eat for Cinco de Mayo this Friday

The stars have finally aligned and given us Cinco de Mayo on a Friday. With no school or work the next day, there's no excuse not to celebrate. Plan ahead with our picks for places to raise a taco (and a margarita) this Cinco de...

Yafo Kitchen: Bringing a Healthy Twist of the Mediterranean to Southpark

Yafo - Slice of Jess
Motto: Eat Honest ~ Eat Authentic ~ Eat Yafo Here's what to expect at Yafo Kitchen. Tucked away in Morison Shopping Center is a new(ish) fast/casual restaurant that offers more than your traditional Mediterranean fare. People hear Mediterranean and automatically think gyros & pita bread ~ this eatery serves neither. Yafo Kitchen...

#scoopEATS – Best Desserts to Indulge in this Season

It is the time of year where goodies are all around and it's acceptable to overindulge a bit. If you are going to enjoy the desserts why not make sure they are the most delicious desserts you can find in Charlotte? We have a very sweet...

What is Corkage and Why Do You Even Care?

I have one word for you: Wine. Ok, now that I have your attention, let's talk corkage. While it may seem silly to bring your own entree to a restaurant, selecting the perfect bottle of wine and bringing that along is downright genius. Not only...

Your Complete Guide to Pizza in Charlotte, 2016

Whether you're an Uptown lunch-breaker clutching a slice on your way back to the office, or a Ballantyne mama grabbing dinner for little ones on-the-go, there's a pizza place for every taste and need in the Queen City. No matter what you are looking for, when you...

Where the Fitness Folk Eat Healthy in Charlotte.

#truth. No matter how hard you work out, it's basically calories in, calories out.  At least for those of us who make our living at something other than working out. And that's just for the weight part.  To be healthy as well as fit, it's definitely...

Your Guide to an Autumn Inspired Meal in Charlotte

We were thinking, what if we asked guest blogger CharlotteLately to pick a favorite fall dish at some of her current favorite restaurants, what would that "progressive dinner" look like?  Here's her ideal 4 course autumn meal in photos, featuring seasonal bounty in Charlotte:     The Tin Kitchen Appetizer...

Real Food in Charlotte. Where to find the Farm to Fork options.

Do yourself a favor and become familiar with some amazing farm to fork options right here in the Queen City If you pride yourself on being a local foodie, then you will want to keep reading. It’s one thing to know about the new chain down the...

Drink Up Ladies. Where to find Charlotte’s Best Cocktails.

Beer isn't the only thing being "crafted" around the QC these days.  Check out Charlotte's full-blown craft cocktail scene with our picks for places to grab a sip. Since this summer's been a scorcher, there's a section just for those who would prefer their...

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