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Some tips on listing your event on scoop:

  • You are required to pay for your listing upon submission and prior to publication. No unpaid listings will be considered.
  • Our site targets upscale women in Charlotte and the Lake Norman areas. We will approve your listing prior to publication, and you will be notified if your submission is not approved. If we reject your event or sale as inappropriate for our site and readership, your payment will be refunded.
  • You must submit your event in complete form one time. Once you submit, you cannot go back and edit your event. Please make sure you have all info ready for a complete submission. If you do need to add or edit info, you will have to complete an entirely new submission.
  • We recommend you submit at least 7-10 days prior to kick-off or start.
  • The submission program will not accept photos larger than 750 kb. You may receive a rejection message about your events if you try to load in photos larger than 750 kb. or your listing may “time out” while trying to load several large photos.
  • Ongoing events and activities may be listed one time each month. We will not repeat an ongoing activity ~ your submission, even if you are willing to pay weekly, will not be accepted repeatedly.

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