AlwaysTheHost Creates Valentine’s Dinner Tables for Family Celebrations & Date Night

Love is in the air and all around. No matter your outlook on Valentine’s or Galentine’s holidays, the feeling of loving others and being loved is like no other. Charlotteans are lucky to have a booming community of restaurants perfect for any kind of date night. If you’re in a season of life where you prefer to stay in, want to celebrate as a family and shower your kids with fun candies, or just prefer a more intimate home setting with your significant other, we got you. We’ve put together two Valentine’s Day tablescapes to help you celebrate with your family or set up a romantic night with your significant other. The best part: they are easy to pull off. A few clicks online or a trip to a local craft supply store will have you decked out and ready for all the feelings.

Valentine’s Day Table for the Kids

When it comes to kid tables, we know to keep it fun and easy to clean up. Use disposable or highly durable materials like melamine that can withstand the fun like these melamine heart plates ~ a fantastic find and dishwasher safe.

Candy + balloons are always go-to decor items for kid celebrations. Hot chocolate marshmallow hearts, conversational hearts, Hershey kisses, and heart doilies are other easy items to add to a kid-friendly table. Want to surprise them with a fun gift? These mini faux gumball machines have a removable top and can be filled with candy, toys, trinkets, or other giftables – available in pink or white.

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Date Night Valentine’s Day Table

The “grown up table” is great because it is often in close proximity to the kids, allowing parents to keep a watchful eye over the candy consumption but separate enough to have alone-time and some adult conversation. It allows a family to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Separate decor and more sophisticated place settings set the stage for cocktails, dessert, and romance once the children are in bed.

If there are no children in the house, fast forward to the romance with your significant other and enjoy a soft, romantic table for two. Soft tones of gold, white, and pastel pink combined with the warmth of rattan accents make this table feel sweet and gentle. Chic, striped tapered candles are fun and give off that perfect glow. Never skip the quality details and opportunity to add layers. If there is ever a time to go the extra mile, it is when you’re showing your significant other how much they mean to you.

Details matter and shouldn’t be overlooked. An easy way to add luxury and style to a tablescape is by using nice cloth napkins. There are so many styles, colors and patterns on the market at all price points.

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Taylor Reese
Taylor Reese
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