Try a BUTTERBOARD | Hummus Board | Nutella Board | Frosting Board on Your Holiday Spread This Season.

Have you seen them? #Butterboards are everywhere, along with their cousins Hummus Boards, Cream Cheese Boards, Nutella Boards, NutButter Boards, Frosting Boards, Pimento Cheese Boards …. and whatever else can be smeared on a flat surface and scooped up by all manner of things.

BUTTERBOARD Photo via @kristyhoffa on instagram

No longer happy with just cheese and charcuterie, we’re all taking our boards to a new level and the possibilities are endless. Just search your insta or Tik Tok for #__??__boards for inspiration, or hit up google. Why is the trend never-ending and ever-expanding? Well, they look great and they taste good. And they’re more affordable than cheese & charc. What’s not to like?

FROSTING BOARD Photo via @hereforthesweettreats on Instagram
HUMMUS BOARD via @barrettsridge on Instagram
SALMON BOARD via @graze.gastronomy on Instagram
NUT BUTTER BOARD via @smirly.official on Instagram

A few tips:

Let your butter, frosting, cream cheese etc. soften before you start spreading. Use the best quality you can find. Salted butter is best. Margarine is a no.

You can place parchment or wax paper down to make clean up easier if you want. Cut to shape of your “spread” area for better appearance. Or just live dangerously and put the spread right on the board.

Mix in what you want to give a bit more flavor if it’s butter or cream cheese ~ roasted garlic and herbs, honey, chilis. So many ideas on the web – here are several faves.

Use a frosting knife or offset spatula to apply the spread like you would cake frosting, then go over it if you want to smooth things out. Lots of folks like to leave the texture in though.

Sprinkle the top of your spread with sea salt or honey or herbs or sprinkles or whatever normally complements the item. Dollop with jam, chocolate, chili sauce, etc. for color and extra flavor.

Add breads, crackers, cookies, fruits, veggies etc to scoop up the goodness on the board.

Garnish with colorful flowers, herbs. If you’re garnishing with items to be scooped up along with the spread, be sure they are cut to small, mouthful, easy to scoop size, and are strewn across the spread.

Be the first on your block or in your fam to jump on this trend and tag us at @scoopcharlotte on instagram or @scoopCLT on Tik Tok with your creations so we can share!