What to Wear to the College Football Games

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or you just like to tailgate and cheer on your school, EVERY fan needs a little something to help them show school pride.

Here are just a few of the colors to look out for when representing college teams in both North Carolina and South Carolina:

  • NC State – Black & Red
  • UNCC – White & Green
  • Clemson University – Purple & Orange
  • UNC – Carolina Blue & White
  • USC – Burgundy & Black
  • Duke – White & Navy
  • Wake Forest & App State – Black & Yellow

If you’re anything like us, you prefer to have a few outfits picked out for the season. Lucky for you, we searched our favorite local boutiques for everything you need to cheer on your team this year. As you can see, we’re more than ready for college football season to begin, and not just because we found the cutest clothing to wear. Here’s what we found to create the perfect outfit on game day:

NC State

KK BLOOM Chill out vest – Sunset Red by Sanctuary Clothing, $74 BUY HERE
KK BLOOM Highlights Sweater – Persimmon by Edit, $68 BUY HERE
KK BLOOM Philly Check Ponti Trousers by greylin, $108 BUY HERE
IVY & LEO Peyton Faux Leather Shorts by Buddy Love, $79.99 BUY HERE
IVY & LEO Here For The Tailgate Earrings, $42 BUY HERE
ONWARD RESERVE Triple Stripe NC State Performance Polo, $115.95 BUY HERE
ONWARD RESERVE Solid NC State Performance Polo, $115.95 BUY HERE


KK BLOOM Highlights Sweater – Green, $68 BUY HERE
KK BLOOM Spina Checked Shacket, $152 BUY HERE
IVY & LEO Color Me Happy Cropped Sweater, $49.99 BUY HERE

Clemson University

VESTIQUE Tamed Tiger Top, $38 BUY HERE
JULIE’S BOUTIQUE Into The Pumpkin Patch Striped Sweater, $49.99 BUY HERE
KK BLOOM Flutter Away Top-Clay by MOODIE, $58 BUY HERE
KK BLOOM Checkmate Sweater by THML, $88 BUY HERE
ONWARD RESERVE Clemson Needlepoint Can Cooler, $32.50 BUY HERE
KK BLOOM Sailor Polarized Sunglasses – Rose Gold/Purple by Isea, on sale for $10 BUY HERE
IVY & LEO Tailgate to Touchdown Clear Purse in Purple, $42 BUY HERE


ONWARD RESERVE Vintage Repp Stripe Polo, $95 BUY HERE
ONWARD RESERVE Flex Five Pocket Stretch Pant English Manor, $145 BUY HERE
ONWARD RESERVE UNC Needlepoint Can Cooler, $32.50 BUY HERE
IVY & LEO Gameday in the Carolinas Earrings, $42 BUY HERE
JULIE’S BOUTIQUE Plan On It Striped Sweater, $49.99 BUY HERE
VESTIQUE No More Blues Sweater Vest, $42 BUY HERE
VESTIQUE Carolina Girls Top, $44 BUY HERE
VESTIQUE Marcella Top, $44 BUY HERE


JULIE’S BOUTIQUE Best For Last Plaid Skirt in Red, $44.99 BUY HERE
JULIE’S BOUTIQUE Back In Black Crop Top, $44.99 BUY HERE
IVY & LEO Can’t Pass These By Black Skinny Jeans, $69.99 BUY HERE

Wake Forest & App State

VESTIQUE Hail Mary Gameday Purse, $42 BUY HERE
KK BLOOM Rowan Pullover by BB Dakota, $89 BUY HERE


VESTIQUE Felicity Top, $32 BUY HERE
JULIE’S BOUTIQUE Never Doubted It Babydoll Dress, $69.99 BUY HERE
VESTIQUE Great Barrier Reef Top, $46 BUY HERE

ALLLL The School Colors

VESTIQUE Touchdown Skort, $42 BUY HERE
VESTIQUE Candy Dots Hoops, $16 BUY HERE