Here’s Our Dorm Room Checklist and Dorm Decor Plan

The school year is just around the corner and she knows where she’s headed…at least to college this fall 🙂 and maybe even with whom she’s rooming. Whew, right?

Not so fast though. Critical stress is yet to come. There are still very important decisions in the mind of a college-bound girl, and it’s not fall course selection. It is the Dorm Room Decorating.

This is her first “home of her own” and she wants the look to be perfect. You want her to feel happy and comfortable, to be able to study, but also to be able to kick back and enjoy the fun. A dorm room provides her first real independence, albeit within the confines of college. A layover on the way to adulthood. A tiny piece of her own real estate (operative word tiny) to study, rest, and grapple with becoming a grown up.

Help her create her home away from home with these DORM ROOM DECORATING tips, checklists, and ideas from, our favorite online resource for quality American-made bedding and accessories. Comfort and convenience and space-saving genius do not have to be boring if you shop LeighDeux ~ the mix and match potential is perfect for the dorm rooms it was originally conceived for, but also perfect for her many apartments to follow.

Dorm Room Checklists

Headboard Pillow® ~ The calling card of a LeighDeux bed, (it’s even copyrighted) their headboard pillow offers immeasurable comfort and style to any spartan dorm bed. If we picked ONE thing, the headboard pillow would be it. You can build your entire room around it, or just pick out a neutral for now.

The Headboard Pillow® comes in 29 SOLIDS | 28 TONAL STRIPES | 49 PATTERNS to choose from : SHOP HERE

Stacking two headboards is definitely a thing, as is creating a pillow stack with euro’s and standard shams and throw pillows.

LeighDeux also sells lightweight, easy to hang canvas headboards and wall tapestries to up the design quotient for the bed area of the dorm room, which let’s face it, is most of the area.

Almost 80 throw pillows in a multitude of patterns : SHOP HERE
Dozens of Shams to Plump Up the Bed : SHOP HERE

Mattress Pad ~ Another absolute must for stiff dorm beds. Whether you go with a memory foam topper, a quilted down pad or a hypo-allergenic version, pick Twin Extra Long.

The Bedding is next ~ you can select matching duvet, blankets, throws, and more from one of LeighDeux’s many design collections, or you can combine looks you love for an eclectic mix.

Lighting ~ Dorm room lights can be a bit dull. Grab a small lamp to put by her bed for lighting when her roommate is trying to sleep. Like a little light when sleeping? Night lights are great too.  Like it pitch black dark? Bring an eye mask.  Anything by Bucky is a good choice.

Command Hooks ~ These are a life saver for dorms where hammers and nails are a ‘no no.’ Hang up artwork, towels, necklaces or just about anything.

Plates/Bowels/Drinkware/Utensils ~ Find cute and affordable kitchen goods at Target – their melamine plates come in many styles. Eating in the cafeteria for every meal gets old quickly. Stick to disposable items if washing dishes in a bathroom sink isn’t her thing.

Water Pitcher ~ For cold, clean water that tastes much better than straight from your bathroom sink. Brita filtered pitchers work great. Just make sure it fits in your mini-fridge!

Decorating a dorm room with the perfect touches takes a little work and maybe even a knick-knack that you wouldn’t have thought of originally. Look around the house (not just her room) for some little things that will remind her of home. Be sure to pack favorite photos, some affordable art and smalls, a small rug, pouf or cube, and floor pillow from LeighDeux to comfy things up.

PS ~The choices are somewhat limited for your college bound guy, although there are solids in several important items like cubes and headboard pillows that definitely work. But seriously, we both know he is going to deck his bed out in piles of dirty and clean laundry anyway.

Here’s hoping her dorm room decorating and her freshman year go swimmingly, that she survives her roommate and the cafeteria, and that you all find your way through this first big transition. Been there, done that. Happy Trails!


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