Best Halloween Costume for the Native Charlottean Woman

Guest post contribution by Alexandria Cruz

Who is the Native Charlottean woman? Where does she shop and what music does she listen to? More importantly, what is she wearing for halloween?

As a Native Charlottean woman myself, I may have a few answers for you. You’ve probably heard people from Charlotte, NC, called unicorns because they are so rare. Charlotte is a transient city, with a vast amount of the population coming from other counties in the Carolinas. It’s not very often that you will bump into a Native Charlottean. That’s right, it’s as rare as a unicorn sighting!

I was born in Charlotte and spent most of my life growing up in the QC (minus a few years in Puerto Rico and D.C). As such, I wanted to create a clever costume that represented my unicorn status as a Native Charlottean.

How to Make a Unicorn Costume for Halloween

The dress I used for the unicorn costume is an Asos Edition Puff Sleeve Sequin Dress. This dress sparkles as you move, like a unicorn- fairy garden :). How could you not have fun wearing this dress?!

Next, the unicorn hair! I brought my Lux hair extensions out from the back of my closet, dusted them off and pinned a few in my hair. You only need a few on the bottom of your scalp and top to create the long ponytail. Start by pulling your hair half up half down and secure it with a clear ponytail holder or whatever you have around. Repeat this process as you move down your hair.

Lastly, decorate your unicorn ponytail. I used flower hair pins leftover from a previous project. Colorful scrunchies would also work well for a unicorn costume. I acquired the unicorn headband as an impulse purchase standing in line at Michael’s. Ha! The unicorn costume idea was born.

I used a hot glue gun to adhere flowers to the unicorn headband to spice it up a bit. You could also use colorful yarn, confetti or pom poms. Have fun with it!

The Native Charlottean Woman: AKA Unicorn

The Native Charlottean woman probably grew up shopping at Southpark Mall for special occasion dresses and holiday gifts. She may have gone to the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center every Christmas to see the Nutcracker and definitely ate at the Spaghetti Factory before it became South End.

She has been to the Renaissance festival at least once and ice skated at Eastland Mall on the regular.

This unicorn woman knows Charlotte as pastures and good people. She made her best friends in grade school and knew all the families on her block.

While Queen City unicorns are rare, you may spot them at a Charlotte Brewery or venturing out to the suburbs for a change of pace. If you are lucky enough to spot one, be sure to say hello!

Happy creating and Happy Halloween!



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