The Best Ways to Update Your Kitchen and Baths Right Now

Kitchen and Bath updates are often two of the best investments you can make. It is no wonder why, as these rooms offer us so much. Kitchens are where we congregate, and are often center stage in our homes, allowing us to entertain, feed our family, and make memories. Conversely our bathrooms often serve as private retreats, allowing us to escape the days and carve out a place just for ourselves.


Thoughtfully Planned

Kitchens must withstand heavy foot traffic. The team at Andrew Roby suggests, “When renovating or building, thoughtful planning goes into the floor plan of the kitchen, how the cook works and moves around the space.  Sinks, refrigerators, appliances, etc. are thoughtfully positioned so that the cook has easy access to all, making food prep and cleanup easier.”


Opening up your kitchen to create a more inviting space has been a big trend for awhile. This creates a fluid space that can be intermixed with other aspects of your home. “People are expanding their kitchens into the unused spaces, such as formal dining rooms in the home”, says the experts at Andrew Roby. Doing so creates a space that improves functionality, flow, and enhances the modern aesthetics of your home.

Family Affair

Prepping a meal can be just as much fun as enjoying one together. “Open concept floor plans remain popular,” comments the pros at Andrew Roby. “People love kitchens that adjoin and blend with family rooms and outdoor spaces so that cooking is a family affair and way to spend time together vs. the cook being isolated and tucked away.  These floor plans make entertaining easier as well.”

Countertop Splashes

A backsplash is a vertical extension of a counter. The team at Andrew Roby comments on one of today’s hot trends is, “In place of traditional tile backsplashes, we’re seeing more countertop splashes – meaning the material used for the countertop “rolls” up the wall.”

Creative Solutions

David Ramsey Photography for Andrew Roby

One difficulty that people often face in kitchen is making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. “People are always looking for creative storage solutions,” comments the pros at Andrew Roby. “These include ways to keep their counters clutter and appliance free.  One way to do this is microwaves built into islands.”

Refresh Your Look

If you want to change the look of your kitchen without overhauling it, check out these easy fixes suggested by the pros at Blackhawk Hardware. “The two easiest ways to refresh a kitchen or bath area are with cabinets and hardware. Painting your cabinets and adding new knobs or pulls completely changes the feel of the room for much less money than a full remodel. This is a great option when your home has a good flowing layout and quality cabinetry that wouldn’t make sense to gut.”

Looking for suggestions on what color to paint? Here is what the team at Blackhawk Hardware has to say, “In the cabinet world, white is still the most popular choice. If options feel overwhelming, there is nothing wrong with going with a bright clean white, like Benjamin Moore Simply White. On the color side, we are seeing many shades of blues, greens, grays, and blacks.”

Blackhawk Hardware

Selecting the final touches for hardware is a small decision with a big impact. “Knobs and pulls are like the jewelry of the kitchen and bath,” says the pros at Blackhawk Hardware. “They pull everything together and despite being so small, can really change the mood of a room. Brass and matte black are very on-trend right now and look great with every style. There are thousands of options to choose from, so we always recommend not shopping online for hardware. Go in person to feel the different textures, shapes and finishes to find what speaks to you.”


“Level entry showers are very popular,” says the team at Andrew Roby. These showers have no barrier to step over when getting in or out. These showers are popular for many reasons. One is simply that they are safer ~ they do not pose a tripping hazard. Another is the flexibility in design and tile used that allows for a more customized look.

David Ramsey Photography for Andrew Roby

Outside the Box

David Ramsey Photography for Andrew Roby

Crafting a place that serves as a personal retreat allows for a lot of thinking outside of the box. If this space is to truly serve as your own refuge, then it should be exactly as you envision. The team at Andrew Roby just a did a fun install including “Refrigeration in bathrooms for medicines, skincare products, and beverages.”  

Spa Style

David Ramsey Photography for Andrew Roby

The Andrew Roby team has a seen a rise in steam showers because they are ultimate way to achieve the spa experience at home. Steam showers use warm vaporous steam for the ultimate getaway. The steam shower has many benefits for you skin, stress, and even pesky allergies.

Marbled Everywhere

Sferra Pietra Collection from Bedside Manor

Marble provides a crisp, clean, natural look to our homes. The delicate pattern allows both luxury and minimalism. The pieces complement most any design scheme as well. Marble can be used pretty much in any way you can imagine. Think big statement places that walls to small useful pieces that those from the Sferra Pietra Collection at Bedside Manor.

Final Touches

Spa Towel Collection from Bedside Manor

Your bathroom sanctuary is all about you. “Pamper yourself with our luxurious Spa Towel Collection,” comments the pros at Bedside Manor. “This double face towel is both modern in style and practical. With a simple flat weave on one side, the reverse boasts a zero-twist terry that allows this beauty to dry quickly.

Taping into all the senses is an excellent way to achieve the ultimate relaxation experience. The team at Bedside Manor suggest, “Experience the next-generation of fragrance technology with the Smart Diffuser powered by Pura. This customizable fragrance experience puts you in complete control with Pura’s easy to use app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet.”

Pura Smart Diffuser Set from Bedside Manor

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