Top Projects to Get Ready for Summer Outside

Outdoor living is expected to keep booming not just because of our year in quarantine, but also because we are seeking a more sustainable & healthy lifestyle. Finding places within our homes to stay fit both mentally and physically is vital. Now more than ever it is important to create a beautiful yet functional space inside and out that maximizes your square footage.

Create Seamless Transitions

Staging outdoor rooms to look as though they are inside creates seamless transitions. This allows you to treat the space as one, and ultimately make both in & out feel more spacious. The pros at Andrew Roby say, “People want easy access to their outdoor living spaces so they can move seamlessly from indoor to outdoor.” To do this try to using the same fabrics, colors, and accents in both spaces.

Indoor / outdoor rugs are perfect for these transitions, and Dash & Albert offer some of the most stylish. Available in Charlotte at Bedside Manor, shop online here.

Upgrading Outdoor Furniture

The matchy-matchy “rooms in a box” trends are out. 2021 is exploding with new furniture options. Treating your outdoor space with just as much care as indoors will really bring it into a new light. Using neutral tones helps things flow from the inside out. Find your fun by using pops of color with throws, pillows, and accent pieces. To create an inviting atmosphere try adding in warm and earthy hues colors such as taupe, golden yellows, dusty red, and olive greens.

Alfresco Appearance

Jim Schmid Photography for Anne Buresh Design

The focus of outdoor spaces is to create a relaxing and serene escape. “After 2021,” mentions Anne Buresh of Anne Buresh Design, “People are wanting their homes to feel like a “retreat”. We have begun to incorporate the amenities of resort, while maximizing the outdoor space through multipurpose areas. Outdoor fire pits, pools, TVs, kitchens, additional seating areas, etc. have all become a top priority for home owners.”

Jim Schmid Photography for Anne Buresh Design

One way to do this is by using cozy upholstered seating and channeling 70s vibes through rattan, cane, and wicker will also be big this year; however, these pieces are more luxurious than the past. Try creating a true alfresco appearance through swinging day beds, gorgeous fabrics, and colorful outdoor rugs.

Natural Shift

In 2021, you will see a shift away from metals and woven plastics to more natural materials, largely because of increase in environmental awareness. Using natural materials such as organic cotton, wicker, and wood are important decorating trends this year. The pros at Andrew Roby comment, “The use of natural materials is popular so that outdoor spaces blend nicely with the surrounding landscape.”

Stage Light

Seeking refuge in the outdoors doesn’t have to end at the dusk. Outdoor lighting plays a key role in allowing us to enjoy the great outdoors long after the sun has gone down. Updating your outdoor lighting will do wonders both for the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Think of lighting in two ways. The first is functionality, such as lighting a path. The second is to accent something you love. Try golden light with a dimmer to set the mood as the sun goes down.


“Hopefully in Spring you got your lawn set up for success, now with Summer around the corner, it’s time to bring everything outdoors all together,” comments the pros at Blackhawk Hardware. On the patio, add decorative pots and planters with summer-appropriate flowers or herbs. Don’t forget outdoor accessories like wind chimes and garden decor, like a wind spinner, to create an outdoor retreat. And lastly, lawn maintenance and watering is vital during the hottest months.”


Treating our yards as an extension of homes isn’t solely just for creating beautiful spaces. Functionality is also important. Crafting a space for outdoor fitness has many benefits. There is nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and sunshine to fully enjoy your fitness routine. Creating a calming yoga retreat through trickling fountains and swaying flowers will also uplift.

Chef’s Special

It is almost impossible to gather without food. Creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen will take entertaining to the next level. Outdoor kitchen spaces include sleek design aspects such a backsplash and counters coupled with functional items such as large countertops, cook spaces, and refrigerators. A benefit is, “Outdoor kitchens often include grills, refrigerators, icemakers and sinks so that all can be done outdoors without the hassle of running back and forth to the indoor kitchen,” says the pros at Andrew Roby.

If you have an edible garden within your yard you can really up the farm to table experience at home. The pros at Blackhawk Hardware suggest, “The perfect complement to a new outdoor kitchen is creating a kitchen garden adjacent to your patio. A row of vegetable beds or a vertical planting wall of herbs brings your refrigerator or pantry outside and at your fingertips. Don’t forget to make sure you have the right tools in the kitchen, like herb cutters and herb keepers, to preserve fresh-cut herbs for as long as possible.”

Cookout Season

Blackhawk Hardware suggests getting, “your outdoor kitchen ready with an outfitted Big Green Egg station. The Big Green Egg comes in a variety of sizes from mini to XXL, giving you the flexibility to fit one perfectly for your space. Getting ready for summer means having the right equipment and accessories to go along. The grill table provides a stand for your BGE as well as counter space for prep. Eggcessories range from pizza stones to baskets or multi-level racks and much more.”

Resort Style

 The ultimate outdoor retreat is never complete without water. Gone are the days of drab rectangular pools. In 2021, pools are getting an upgrade. Cocktail pools are a great option for adding in a place to cool off and relax without the commitment of a larger pool. Integrated spas are another relaxing option. The pool and the spa are now one cohesive body, thus upgrading the experience of both. LED lighting also creates an alluring glow that will elevate your pool experience.

Outdoor Work Stations

Just as we have transformed rooms within our homes to enable everyone to work from home, the outside is also a great place for a view change during working hours. Using large outdoor dining tables serve a dual purpose as seating an entire family or a sprawling workstation.

Year Round Experiences

A significant benefit to living in Charlotte is the mild winters. When designing outdoors spaces make sure they are functional all year long. Creating a cozy and inviting space is always in season. “People are also looking for four season solutions so that their outdoor spaces can be enjoyed year round. We’re seeing a lot of fire features, fire pits where people can congregate outside.” states the pros at Andrew Roby. To do this try using infrared heaters, stately fireplaces, and inviting fire pits. Fans are also great options for cooling down in the summer as well circulating warmth in the winter.

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