The Top Remodeling Trends for 2021

The past year has taught us many things, but certainly a big one is that the place we call home is multifaceted. We feel the pull for dedicated workspaces, uniformed organization, and ultimate comforts that allow us to work, play and, live all in one place. We’ve examined the walls where we reside and decided what we love and what must go. Now, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and make it happen. Before you get started with the heavy lifting, check our list of Top Remodeling Trends of 2021. We’ve polled local designers and industry experts to find out what should be at the top of your Reno list this year.

Making Your Space Your Own

The Charlotte real estate conundrum combined with the need to be at home more has sparked many homeowners to finally tackle the changes they’ve always wanted. “With real estate supply in Charlotte being low and borrowing inexpensive, homeowners are opting to fix up their current homes instead of moving, even with headwinds against cost,” explains Brian Storm, Senior Project Manager at Andrew Roby. “We also notice that people are lumping more projects together to make their homes exactly what they want. They have learned over the last year what in their homes is working, what is not, and what they want to do to fix their spaces to make them function better for their families.”

photo of current reno project via @annebureshinteriordesign on instagram

Making the Most with What You’ve Got

Getting creative with the space you’ve got means reimagining what you have to work with. Perhaps your pantry can be recreated to store toys. No gym? No problem. Transform your guest room or garage into the gym you’ve always dreamed. Take inventory of the underutilized spaces within your home, combine with your imagination and reinvent the old into new. If you’re not able to imagine it yourself, hire a pro. Stylish homes can still be functional, all you need is a vision and a plan, whether it’s your own or a local expert.

photo via @annebureshinteriordesign on instagram

Consider Costs & Lead Times

Andrew Roby

One thing Brian Storm with Andrew Roby says to consider is, “cost and lead times of many items is increasing quickly (lumber, appliances, plumbing, lighting, etc),” so creating that perfect space may warrant some patience for the perfect contractor and/or items you have been longing for. However, don’t let that deter you from making your home that of your dreams. Reach out to a contractor, get a timeline, and stay optimistic.

Andrew Roby

Remodeling Hot Spots

“People are fixing up their kitchens, master bathrooms and outdoor living spaces at a much higher rate than in the past,” explains Brian Storm with Andrew Roby.  We’ve also seen an increase in detached garages with heated living spaces above for offices, in-law suites, or guest spaces.  Since people aren’t leaving for work, leaving the house and at least walking to a separate location for an office space feels more “normal” and provides more privacy plus less noise and distractions.”

Brass Is Back and Matte Black Is Hot

Blackhawk Hardware

Kitchens are more than ever, where we come together. They are not only the place we break bread, but as of late the place we home school our children, work, and make memories. Kitchen updates are always on trend, but for 2021, try some tips from Andy Wilkerson, owner of Blackhawk Hardware. “For the kitchen, brass is back, baby! Home remodelers are looking to incorporate rose gold and brushed brass—a more elegant and understated brass—in their cabinet hardware. And LED light kits are incredibly popular, as well, to change out existing kitchen can lighting.”  

Andrew Roby

Black matte hardware is also on trend. Black is showing up throughout the home, however black matte hardware is showing strong in both kitchens and bathrooms. While some use black as a bold statement by painting an entire room or a wall matte black, if you are not ready to take the plunge try updating the hardware in your bathroom or kitchen. The simple touch of black gives an elegant, modern look to any room.

Blogger @jennakateathome switches out her stainless for matte black cabinet hardware here.

Or mix it up for something less staid and predictable!

Mixed finish kitchen from @michellecgage using Emtek hardware (available at Blackhawk).
@undecorated_home mixes in matte black with bright brass perfectly with this Emtek hardware
📸 @Clettis

At-Home Oasis

photo via @annebureshinteriordesign on instagram

Andy Wilkerson, owner of Blackhawk Hardware “It feels like we’ve been hearing ‘spa-like bathroom’ forever, but it’s become more important than ever for people to have a place to relax at home. From the lighting down to the showerheads and faucets, every choice in the bathroom is important to creating that at-home oasis. People are also going bolder, especially in bathrooms, with their selection of cabinet hardware, fixtures and paint.”

Finding a place for peaceful retreat within your home will always been on trend. What are your favorite parts about visiting the spa? The warmth of a hot stone massage? Try adding in heated floors. Freestanding tubs add elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. Finally, adding a steam room to a master bath will provide the ultimate escape.


All images via Pinterest

Many of us do not have empty rooms or the extra square footage to solely dedicate to office space, leaving us clamoring to find a quiet spot to work. Tucking workspace into small unused spaces around your house is an excellent option to create a work oasis that can also be tucked away when it is time to play. “Cloffices”, office nooks and even semi-private work spaces may be just the answer you are looking for. The pros at Closets by Design can work your work into just about any spot, so give them a call.

A Room with A View

Pro-Tint Windows

While the “open concept” floorplan is still hugely popular and high on every home buyer’s list, creating defined spaces became a key priority during a year of staying in the home. Using interior glass walls, glass doors and even interior “windows” achieves both a sense of openness and provides privacy when needed. This also allows for more natural light to reach more rooms.

Pro-Tint Windows

“Transform glass into one of your home’s most defining features with LLumar Decorative Window Films,” comments John Myers from Pro-Tint Windows. Reinventing spaces for more functionality within your home may seem daunting. Where do you start? Using a decorative film can transform a room in a way you haven’t thought of. “With just a little decorative film knowledge, you’ll look at glass surfaces and windows in a completely different light,” says Myers. “Possibilities that were invisible before will be revealed with ways to improve design, privacy, brightness and more.”

Another option with staying power is replacing an entire wall with full length windows and french doors that lead to outdoor spaces.

Photos via @therobyfamilyofcompanies on instagram. Additional credits here

Gathering Again

As more and more restrictions are lifted, families and friends are ready to get together again. Creating spaces that allow us to entertain both inside and out are must. However, not every space needs a dedicated area, crafting entertainment zones within larger areas is a hot trend this year. These may include crafting a cute bar in your kitchen, or putting a flat screen on your porch. Think about how you like to host, where, and why use those to drive you as to what type of entertainment zone you want to create.

Outdoor Oasis

Jim Schmid Photography for Anne Buresh Interior Designs

“Over the past year, our backyards, porches, and patios have served a greater purpose as gyms, offices, safe havens, and a place to kick back during cocktail hour. Creating an outdoor oasis can be a place of relaxation, retreat, and comfort,” explains Anne Buresh of Anne Buresh Interior Designs. Incorporating outdoor living spaces into a design not only expands a home beyond its walls but merges the beautiful environment with our interiors. Integrated entertainment spaces such as outdoor seating, kitchens, firepits, and lounge areas. 

Jim Schmid Photography for Anne Buresh Interior Designs
Jim Schmid Photography for Anne Buresh Interior Designs


Good luck trying to get one in the next year, the waitlists are looong. In ground backyard pools ranging from the simple “cement pond” to the most tricked out and deluxe are cropping up all over the QC. Seems folks took the “staycation” concept seriously during lockdown, and put all their entertainment & travel spending into their own backyard oasis. We’re not complaining.

Home Gyms

Exercise is a great way to release endorphins and decrease stress. However, what happens when the actual going to the gym is more stressful than the workout itself? We’ve forgone the gym for many reasons this past year, but we can revamp our workout and our interior spaces by creating home gyms. Home gyms fit perfectly into small bedrooms, garages, or basements. All you need is a space big enough to fit the whatever workout you fancy.

Basements and Attics

Basements and attics are often large, underutilized spaces within our homes. With our kids home more, the need for spaces to entertain them is a must. Basements provide the perfect for creating rec-rooms where fun items such as pool tables, gaming stations, TVs, & more can be stored out of site. Attics can be converted into another bedroom to provide spaces for guests. They are also the perfect spot for offices, tucked away and quiet. Refurbishing basements and attics allows you to gain more space under the current roof and square footage.

Home Trend Harmony

One final note from Wilkerson and Blackhawk Hardware, “The most important thing when it comes to home trends is to make choices based on what works together. Having a room that works together as a whole is more important than being on trend. It should be more about putting an environment together and making it cohesive visually, rather than staying on trend or throwing a trend in there that may not work with the overall style of your home.”

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