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Manduu Charlotte, the region’s first state-of-the-art EMS training & fitness studio just opened at StoneCrest to provide a new, safe choice for fitness and wellness in South Charlotte. Manduu is the first FDA-approved electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training program in the U.S. – and in Charlotte. A Manduu workout includes a personalized fitness regimen and private/semi-private sessions which take place in a clean and modern studio – all effective alternatives to a crowded gym. Each Manduu workout session is the perfect intersection of fitness, wellness and lifestyle.  

What exactly is an EMS workout and what are the benefits?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) strength training operates on a simple principle: electricity powers the human body. Instead of waiting for your brain to send an electrical signal to a muscle telling it to contract, Manduu uses a specially designed suit fitted with carbon fiber electrodes to generate a low-level electrical impulse for you. The impulse creates resistance, and muscle is built by working against the resistance.

This same principle has been used in the medical field for decades, and you may have experienced a form of it if you have had e-stim as part of a physical therapy treatment. It’s also important to note that the EMS machine runs off of a battery – nothing is plugged in to a wall which also means there isn’t enough electricity in the machine to hurt you.

Bottom line, Manduu’s EMS technology is more effective at penetrating muscle fiber than the brain. When the brain sends a signal to a muscle, only about 65% of muscle fiber is activated. By contrast, the external EMS stimulus penetrates nearly 100% of muscle tissue. This produces a 15-minute (yes, you read that right!) workout that is gentle yet intense and the equivalent to six to eight hours of strength training.

What’s different about the Manduu workout?

The short answer is TIME. However, there are a handful of other distinct differences from a CrossFit, HIIT, Yoga or Spin session.  A Manduu workout is ultra-low impact; there is no jumping or bouncing and nothing will place strain on joints, tendons or ligaments. Recovery, like the workout, takes less time. You won’t sweat as much, so hydration is easier, as it heading out in public after your session.

In addition, each Manduu session you are encouraged to complete a scan on the InBody™ to measure your wellness & fitness progress on a number of key biometrics, including:

  • Total Body Weight
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Visceral Fat
  • Total Body Water
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Other Biometrics

You and your trainer will use your InBody™ results to adjust your workouts and help you reach your fitness goals. You can also track your results on your smartphone through the InBody™ app for Android or iOS.

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What’s Your First Appointment Like?

Visit review provided By Keri Drake Bonfili

When I arrived for my first (FREE) appointment Hannah, one of the awesome Manduu trainers, welcomed me while I finished answering some preliminary health questions and signed a form or two. Marsha Gale, the owner of Manduu Charlotte was also there and everyone (including me) was wearing a mask while another trainer was carefully sanitizing equipment.

Manduu Charlotte Staff – Hannah, MacKenzie and Lynette (left to right)

Hannah led me back to the changing area where I grabbed a set of formfitting black Manduu workout pants and shirt. It’s also pretty cool that you don’t have to worry about wearing or washing your own outfit, am I right?

Once I locked up my stuff in the changing room (they have lockers similar to the ones at the Ballantyne Spa), I met Hannah a few steps away at the InBody™ Machine. I stepped on, and it registered my weight. Then I grabbed the handles, held my arms out and it measured a bunch of other things like muscle mass, hydration, BMI, visceral fat and the list goes on. Hannah then shared that the point of the InBody was to track trends over time because research has shown that people get really motivated when they see progress (you probably knew that already).

Manduu Studio EMS Console

I then followed Hannah into the studio space where she fitted me with an EMS suit, which is a vest and pants with fasteners a lot like a life vest you’d wear on a boat. Once we had the right size, I took it off again while she soaked sections with warm water in order for them to conduct current. Then she sprayed me in certain spots on the front and back for the same reason. I put the suit on and then stepped over to a silver console so she could connect it to my suit.

Hannah was good about letting me (and my husband, Bert) know that we would feel faint pulses when she turned the console on and began slowly adjusting electrical pulse levels based on my feedback. For the next 15 minutes – which goes by really quickly – Hannah led me through a series of super low-impact squats, lunges and stretches all while reminding me to focus on my breathing. 

Bert and Keri Bonfili, Manduu Members

As a busy mom and business owner in my early 50s, there is so much about the Manduu method which intrigued me and, it did not disappoint. I’ve completed seven sessions over the last four weeks, and I am already feeling and seeing results. The pandemic pounds are coming off, my muscle mass is increasing while body fat is decreasing, and I have a TON of energy. Did I mention I dropped a whole size too?

Manduu Membership Giveaway

Marsha Gale, Owner of Manduu Charlotte

Scoop has teamed up owner Marsha Gale and Manduu Charlotte to giveaway a three-month membership ~ valued at $750.

If you’ve been wanting to get toned, increase your fitness level, stamina and reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass – Manduu is a great option. Be sure to tell Marsha that scoop sent you – and let us know in the comments below how it’s working for you!

Manduu Charlotte in Stonecrest

7930 – C, Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

(980) 288-9585

[email protected]



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