Monthsaries. What Are They and Why Are They A Thing? Plus Gifts to Give.

Monthsaries? Monthaversaries. Monthaversary. Monthly anniversaries. It’s a new thing. Young, ok, very young, couples celebrating their relationship months as they go by. Silly, kid stuff, right?

This is the thing though — we celebrate a lot of things. Random holidays. Important milestones. Annual cheesecake day. Sometimes though, it feels as if what matters most becomes insignificant. The first to get cut on the budget spreadsheet.

How about now. What’s most worth your effort? What’s in front of you? Who’s new in your life? ….New neighbor? Bestie have a baby and coming up for air? New favorite employee been killing it? Celebrate that stuff.

Doesn’t sound so silly now, does it?

We have carefully curated an official guide. Scoop’s official Spring 2021 Monthsary Gift Guide has arrived:

1st Monthsary

One month together and the scents are intoxicating. It’s a connection you can’t deny. The candle collections at Blackhawk Hardware, Bedside Manor, Neiman Marcus, Onward Reserve, and Abode are hard to beat. One for your place. One for their place. Two more for you. Light the flames. Start something beautiful.

via Abode

And don’t forget the luxe matches…Abode for these right here.

2nd Monthsary

That moment a friend becomes a bestie. Put one foot in front of the other. Get matching kicks custom painted by SR Customs. No ordinary friend kinda love like sneaker love.

Don’t leave him out. These suede loafers coordinate.

Two months is when you actually help him with his entire situation. Onward Reserve is head-to-toe cute-guy vibe. Go for it. Make him yours.

Or are you thinking dress-him-up? These bowties are perfect level preppy. Laura Park’s selection here.

3rd Monthsary

Margarita? Champagne? Flavored water? Know a mama needing a beverage after the new baby? At about 3 months, enough with the diapers and onesies drop-offs — hand her a new Corkcicle tumbler or mug from Blackhawk Hardware. In fact, she needs one of these SPA-at-home kits from Bedside Manor as well. Save her. And throw these Blessing Beads in for good measure. Bless that new mama.

New frames for new baby is another great option. These above from Laura Park can be found in-store. Bedside Manor for a selection of silver frames that will have you gifting yourself one or three as well.

4th Monthsary

Cereal is having a moment. Just like you two. Breakfast in bed? Just the right utensils. Make it fun and healthy. Magic Spoon then spooning. We love that for you two.

via Abode

This vintage barware for mimosas or freshly squeezed OJ. Abode for this exact morning-after look.

5th Monthsary

Two words: Pillow fight. This headboard pillow is our new obsession. And for love of all things — the more pillows the better, right? LeighDeux for the best 5 months celebrated.

Art is a commitment. But at this price things could always be negotiable. Laura Park x House of Eloise Block Oyster Crosses – 3 sizes available and 5 patterns: $50-$70 at Laura Park.

Someone like no other? The all-knowing Paper Skyscraper has options easily grouped together making shopping for something original… easy. His. Hers. Done. Something for him:

  • Gentleman’s Beard Kit: 3 piece set with beard oil, 1 pear wood comb, & 1 scissor $10.95
  • Pixel Paper Hearts Keychain: $9.95
  • Things I Love About You, By: Me book: $9.95

For Her: 

  • Evil eye purse: $29.95 (several different patterns) 
  • Tie-Dye Swig Cup: 20z cans or bottles and is $26.95
  • Voluspa Candle: $9.95

6th Monthsary

Get your hands dirty. And whatever else. Indoor planting skills? New smoker out back and not sure how to make your way? Blackhawk Hardware has the tools. Indoor plants in all different sizes and smoking gloves. 6 months in and you guys are ready. Learn some things.

via Abode

Or maybe you know exactly. These orchid earrings. Done.

7th Monthsary

7 months and feeling fortunate? Nieman Marcus for the Ram Roberto Coin bracelet. Get branded.

Or these for a casual sentiment. Laura Park’s selection of beaded cuffs for cuffing done right. $55-90

8th Monthsary

New neighbors that you can finally meet? Quarantine was the excuse but now it’s time for that welcome. These serving pieces from Neiman Marcus make up for your belated hello. Without question. Love Plate. Salad Servers. Bowl. All linked.

via Abode

Or these acrylic beauties from Abode. Make an impression.

These are another great option from Laura Park. Your new neighbors won’t have anything quite like these. In store only.

9th Monthsary

That season of the relationship where things can get comfortable. Shake things up while keeping them the same. Fun cereal-flavored coffee. And a great book. Onward Reserve for something to keep him in bed…

Tumblers bedside. Always.

10th Monthsary

What do you know about Karma? It sometimes bites you in the ass. Paid your Karma debt? Karma number 10 means you have paid and are now free. Love karma debt free while wearing these. Good luck.

11th Monthsary

Approaching the one year mark and it’s time to observe full compatibility mode. Official road trip time. These Laura Park cosmetic bags ($28 & $37) are a must-have travel accessory. Fill his weekender with new shave and beard-prep supplies from BlackHawk Hardware & Onward Reserve. He secretly likes a lot of product.

12 Monthsary

A year makes it sound so regular. TWELVE months sounds deserving. We think a collaboration like that should be celebrated with a trip and a gift. Gift these vintage repurposed earrings to yourself or send a hint. Full beach trip with this cooler and matching shades. Full celebrate mode.

13th Monthsary

Leave a little something on their bedside table. Unlucky 13? Not with us helping. Leave a love note or a sweet sentiment from Bedside Manor. He gets a decanter from Neiman Marcus. It’s practical. He’ll love it.

These are cool. For his side. And that’s okay. Onward Reserve for these.

18th Monthsary

You’ve made it this far. Take notes. A love note even. $275

24 Monthsary

These love rings and Gucci watch from Neiman Marcus are our top picks for Monthsary opulence. Links in pictures.

24 carat baby. You’ve arrived. Make a statement.


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