FLOWERS IN CHARLOTTE. Where to Order them, How to Pick Them, Where to Shop for the QC’s Prettiest Blooms.

Spring is here and we are finally looking down the pike at freedom. First up? Cocktails on patios and all the pretty things. Specifically? Blooms.

All the flowers. All the pretties. All the blooms. We need them desperately.

Luckily, Scoop’s ultimate flower picking, ordering, and gathering guide has bloomed:

Pick Your Own / Farms

Head to the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market for the famous Herr Fresh Flower selection of bouquets ready to grab. Top quality and family owned. Always gorgeous and beautifully wrapped — we suggest a bouquet for yourself. As we do.

Self-serve flower cart in Rowan County? Let’s go. Gold Hill Flower Company is the perfect little 1-hour drive away. We’re thinking photo-op location as well. Coordinate.

Buckets of blooms in bulk? Perfect for that backyard wedding or baby shower. Hand us all the gorgeous blooms. Renfrow Farms is your place for all things blooming.

OPEN NOW – tulips ready to be picked. Howard Family Farm is open for the season in, where else – Harmony, NC.

  • Hours:
  • M-F: 10-5
  • S: 10-4
  • Sunday: 1-5

With their 3rd season approaching we are eager to grab a picking appointment at McLawland Family Farm (appointments opening soon for Mother’s Day – keep checking). The owners are passionate about creating important local agri-tourism and bringing chemical free blooms and fruits to the North Charlotte community. We dig that.

Thousands of tulips for the picking and the most perfect outdoor wedding venue. Rehearsal dinner? Surround your love with pretty blooms. Or just pick a few and go home without the commitment.

via The Hunter Farm

Who doesn’t love an actual Garden Shop? Wandering open air aisles picking trays of goodies is one of those little zen experiences you can’t get at a big box store. The Hunter Farm even has start-your-own-garden kits. That sounds our speed.

Floral Pickups/Deliveries

We love Ashley Manning’s take on post it/pickup option. Follow her stories on Instagram and when you see the blooms for you — message her for pickup. Easy. She does custom as well.

Have a baby shower or bat mitzvah coming up? The Rooted Nest makes these gifts — worthy of all their glory.


We love the look of Tayflower’s creations. Natural doesn’t mean simple – there’s an exotic vibe we can’t quite put our finger on here. They call this one pineapple. Delicious.

We all know and love The Blossom Shop for that special delivery. But did you know if you go in person — you can craft your own bouquet at 25% off? This rainbow of blooms has us swarming.

Georgette’s Flowers specializes in custom orders as in this gorgeous boxed moment right here. Isn’t she lovely?

Are these real live blooms or a Renaissance painting? Holy smokes. The colors have us. Nectar clearly knows museum-ready.

Do we have City Stems already sitting on our coffee table? Why, yes we do. And we need more. Always luxe. Always unexpected. Specifically designed for your space. Provide your own vessel or she will curate.

Heart. Stops. Are these for real? Order and send. Boukai Flowers gets it. Go for it. Listen to what we want — these. There are flowers and then there are these gorgeous blooms. Who has a birthday coming up? Sending to all our girls. (FREE next day delivery)

via Marigold Floral Design

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Marigold Floral Design’s monthly subscription service is blooming. TWO delivery times is added beauty. Mother’s Day orders happening now.

Simple is always gorgeous. Preserved and ready for the taking at Charlotte’s one and only Botanica. Moss. Gotta love her.

Custom palates brought to life for your next event by Bookout Blooms. Elegance fit for a queen. City.

Table for one? Or a dozen? In Bloom LTD is known for bigger-is-better. And we find that to always be true.

Have flowers, will travel. The Bloom Room is next-level styled-event-status. Based in Asheville and Charlotte they specialize in weddings. Plan accordingly. They book out.

Soft and feminine. We love the mix of plant and roses. Unexpected is always beautiful. Charlotte’s Garden gets it.

Put Easter eggs in anything and we celebrate. This basket-esque bouquet from Elizabeth House Flowers is fabulous. Just fabulous.

Feeling graceful? Head to Flowers Plus, Uptown’s only full-service florist for gorgeous gems like these. Pop.

Refresh it all. Have Flowers at the Front Door spruce yours up. Make the neighbors wonder what’s going on.

There comes a time in every Charlotte girl’s life in which she must take matters into her own hands. Today we order ourselves one of these flower boxes from LiviLove Flowers. And?


Looking for anything and everything? Charlotte Flower Market is one of the only NC flower wholesalers open to the public. Roam or plan your next backyard event yourself. They will special order large quantities or fill your car to the brim from the ocean of their almost 400 different varietals.

Wholesale in-person shopping meets boxed deliveries — Mayesh is a national company with a local presence curating whatever your bloomed-starved heart desires. *sends link to significant other*

Extra fun

It’s not every day we learn how to get our very own edible flowers delivered. Mouna Bowa Farms operates in #Uptown and sells high-quality microgreens as well. Gonna need these edible pansies for our next Sunday Funday salads in the backyard. FREE delivery makes it easy.

Pop-up flower cart? Stop. Serendipity Flowers will come to any event with this adorable situation right here. They recently started selling Mother’s Day bouquets to order. Easy breezy.

How many flowers are too many to have at one time? Over here plotting and scheduling.


Angela Williams
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.