Best Take Out Sushi In Charlotte

Sushi nights are the best nights – even at home. Cozy up on the couch with sashimi, nigiri, Crazy Tuna rolls or the classic California roll from one of these popular spots.

South End

2000 South Blvd., Suite 510

Why O-Ku? Get fresh sushi presented beautifully every time at this popular sushi spot in South End. Favorites include the Salmon Uzuzukiri appetizer (truffle ponzu, pickled wasabi, black volcano salt, chive) paired with the Mermaid Roll (scallop, salmon, avocado, tempura fried, eel sauce, spicy aioli) and Green Eggs & Hamachi Hako (box-style sushi with spicy tuna, asparagus, wasabi tobiko, cilantro aioli.)

How to Order: Online or call 704-594-1922.


yama asian fusion
Photo credit: Yama Asian Fusion Facebook

Yama Asian Fusion
720 Governor Morrison St., #130

Why Yama? Fill your table with hand rolls and various specialty rolls from Yama Asian Fusion. We recommend Paul’s roll (spicy tuna wrapped in soy paper with avocado, unagi sauce, spring onion, masago) and the Snow roll (yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado.) Be sure to check out their sister restaurants, too: YAMA at Waverly, BAKU in SouthPark, and a new Yama Izakaya location coming soon.

How to order: Online ordering will be available soon. For now, call 704-295-0905.


ru san's
Photo credit: @rusanssushirestaurant on Instagram

Ru San’s
2440 Park Road

Why Ru San’s? Missing their lunchtime sushi buffet? Re-create it at home with the endless options at Ru San’s. Here are a few suggestions to get ya started: Tootsie roll (crab salad mix, avocado, tempura crunchy, baked scallop, tuna, eel), Rising Sun roll (tuna, smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, rolled with wonton skin) and the Girlfriend roll (bluefin tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, eel, eel sauce.)

How to Order: Order online, call 704-374-0008, or find them on delivery apps.

Sardis Woods

new zealand cafe
Photo credit: @newzealandcafeclt on Instagram

New Zealand Cafe
1717 Sardis Road North, Suite 6A

Why New Zealand Cafe? If you aren’t walking away with a tin tray full of sushi, you’re doing it wrong. Pretend you’re grabbing sushi from their fun wooden sushi boats when you enjoy New Zealand Cafe at home. Go big with the Super Spicy roll (spicy yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado, smelt roe, scallions) and the Lobster roll (lobster salad, crispy crunch, avocado, scallions, smelt roe) or stock up on Maki rolls (California, vegetable, salmon, tuna, spicy tuna and so on.)

How to Order: Call 704-708-9888.

Matthews, Prosperity Village, Monroe & Pineville

mr. tokyo
Photo credit: @td2timemvp on Instagram

Mr. Tokyo Japanese
See locations here.

Why Mr. Tokyo? Frequent guests of Mr. Tokyo Japanese often go by for one thing and one thing only: unlimited sushi and hibachi. But if you’re sticking to takeout, have no fear. The delicious nigiri, sashimi, hand rolls and chef special rolls are available to-go. Check out the Mr. Tokyo roll (tempura eel, mango, avocado, spicy salmon, black tobiko), Spider roll (deep fried soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumber, eel sauce) or White Tiger roll (crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, avocado, steamed shrimp.)

How to Order: Online or call your nearest location.

Madison Park & Waverly

Photo credit: @caitlinmnowak on Instagram

4201 Park Road, Suite D
7416 Waverly Walk Ave., Suite H-4

Why Co? This sushi-fan favorite has us dreaming about their Lemon roll (salmon, lemon, surimi salad, avocado, lemon aioli) constantly. If you’re looking for something a little different, try the Pressed Sushi options: Spicy Tuna (with garlic aioli and serrano pepper) or Salmon and Avocado (with that same fabulous lemon aioli.)

How to Order: Online or call your nearest location.


Photo credit: @hungryhoooligan on Instagram

120 N. Sharon Amity Road

Why Koishi? Ever wonder why the Koishi building looks like an old Pizza Hut? Well…because it is! Don’t worry; there’s nothin’ but tasty sushi, fried rice, noodles and other entrees coming out of this joint. Get your chopsticks around the Cherry Blossom roll (tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado, special sauce in soy paper) or the Rainbow roll (crab, cucumber, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado) next time you need a sushi fix.

How to Order: Call 704-442-9886.


pisces sushi
Photo credit: Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge Facebook

Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge
1100 E. Metropolitan Ave., Suite 120

Why Pisces? It’s certainly hard to decide on a roll at this longtime Charlotte favorite at the Metropolitan. Start with the Screaming O roll (spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, seared tuna, jalapeno, spicy sauce) or Ninety-Five roll (crispy tempura chicken, cream cheese, crab salad, crunchy flakes, spicy mayo, eel sauce.) Dining with another? Try the Love Boat (two pieces each of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp and escolar nigiri with a Crispy Philly roll, Spicy Tuna roll and Rainbow roll.) We think you’ll fall in love…

How to Order: Online or call 704-334-0009.

Wilmore/Gold District

yume sushi
Photo credit: YUME Ramen & Sushi Bar Facebook

1508 S. Mint St., Suite A

Why YUME? Known for fresh, vibrant sushi, this spot has something for everyone. We recommend the Sakura roll (flower-shaped roll with tuna, crab salad, cucumber, tobiko), Kani Island roll (asparagus, cucumber, avocado, tempura crunches, kani crab, torched spicy mayo, red tobiko) or the elegant Truffle Lobster (lobster, barbecue eel, masago, shiso leaf, truffle teriyaki uni sauce.) And, yes, we know this is a list of great takeout spots. But if you ARE dining in, consider going during Happy Hour for incredible deals on appetizers, yakitori and sushi (Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 4-6:30 p.m.)

How to Order: Online or call 980-858-5678.


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