Charlotte Car Dates by the Decade

Feeling frigid? Time for some heat.

Let’s talk the Car Date. When you really shouldn’t go anywhere with all the people — go on a drive and do something fun with that one person.

Crank the heat, bring a blanket and make a plan for a drive somewhere new. Or revisit somewhere cool. Here in Charlotte or nearby. What haven’t you done in a while that you miss?

Maybe even take someone new? Sometimes it’s simple. Good music. Easy plans. And a date done safely.

Now, that’s hot.

in your twenties

Feeling sweet? Ocha Time has these gorgeous soft Taiyaki waffle cones topped with mochi. Favorite flavor? We like them all.

Uptown. Do you miss her like we do? We might not be able to strut around her streets as freely as before, but we should take a ride and visit. She’s still there. Waiting. Don’t leave her like that.

Kick start your hearts with this guy right here. The breakfast date. To-go eggs from Roots Cafe. Be sunny side up just like that. We add two dashes of hot sauce.

Is there anything better than reaching over and holding hands with your person? Get extra time and drive north to the tunnel of love — on The Skyline Drive in Virginia. Here’s the how-to’s.

in your thirties

Dreaming of a trip together? We get it, it’s brutal. The airport overlook doesn’t make you feel better. At all. But what it does do is make you appreciate what may be ahead. Great adventures?

You know who has the best pretzels? Anyone in Philadelphia selling them in the median of that major intersection between Roosevelt and Center City. But here in Charlotte? Philly Pretzel Factory. They come in to-go caddies meant to nestle between you on a drive to maybe *just get out of the house*. And there’s mustard. What’s more romantic than that?

Charlotte has a beach? Yes. Kinda. Jetton Park with a book and a couple chairs is one of our favorite ways to Scoop the Lake. Make the drive to Lake Norman. He’s a keeper.

Drive and park to walk the walk. The Rail Trail in South End brings back the I Heart Rail Trail Art installment this February 19th – March 7th. 6 local artists will be featured. Charlotte is already looking brighter.

in your forties

We haven’t seen a movie in a minute. Channel old-school love and catch a feature at the drive-in. Camp North End tix here. We are thinking cardigans and bomber jackets. They are back. Bring the kiddos. Show them a love story.

One for you. One for them. These hand-painted chocolates from Sugar Donuts are limited-time only. Don’t put off the drive. Grab these and be sweet.

We know a thing about glamping. Cruise to Asheville for the night and make it all about the views. The Blue Ridge Mountains. And each other.

Need some heat? Devil’s Logic Brewing’s sheet pan nachos, on the tailgate, watching the sunset over the Queen City, is the car date for you. The devil definitely went down to Charlotte.

Need to do some convincing? Recreate Say Anything with a boombox playing In Your Eyes, a blanket in the backseat, and maybe not even leave your driveway. Diane Court knows.

in your fifties

Doesn’t everyone chopstick and drive? Just kidding it’s against the law for sure without checking. But we like the messy vibe of a takeout date (parked). Messy can be fun. Or just use the fork. We crush steadily on MaMa Wok.

Swing by dotdotdot and grab this drink kit. Mix it up.

in your sixties and +

Chateau Morrisette Winery is a hidden gem right over the border into Virginia. The views are incredible. The wine has a sentimental story and the Blue Ridge Mountains surround you on all sides. Explore together.

Be cute again and chase down these coffee pouches from Coordinated Coffee, a traveling espresso bar. These are everything you need to be hyped-up on each other again. Coffee should always come like this.

Love is all around. Maybe you just need a nudge to get out there and drive. See who’s around.

Even if it’s only Charlotte at the moment.

She’s pretty great.


Angela Williams
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.