Valentines 2021 ~ Love at Home with Over 40 Ways to Celebrate It


It can transform and change all the pieces of you. And we’re not just talking about the romantic kind. Love for yourself. Our rule? Others are just a fantastic bonus.

Is love different these days? Not entirely — but in some ways it will never feel the same. Let’s learn how to celebrate the newness. Maybe not better love. Or different love. Maybe we learn how to better love ourselves.

However love looks for you right now — we have rounded up all the Scoop-loved suggestions to celebrate Valentine’s Day — and, because true love comes from within, keep it safe — at home:

Hearts Eve

Valentine’s Eve is Saturday. Pour a glass. These stems should have their own holiday. Hand blown. We’ll say.

Kisses. If we can’t wear lipgloss we shall have cute masks. It’s how it works. Buy them for your girls.

via Target

A family who bakes together loves hard. Stamp your feelings out in sugar cookie dough. Target has the entire collection of all things love.

Make these valentines with the kiddos. Drop to the neighbors and friends. Or full send. Go for it. Target even has this hearts and arts collection for all things littles and messy.

The beautiful mess we call love. Or cookies. Baked and ready to decorate might just save our sanity. Order a kit from Pink Turtle Cookies pronto.

Now craft yourself the perfect cocktail. Depending on the vibe…. Lady? Hearts on Fire? Or Bloody Valentine? We get it — it’s complicated.

Lock it down or move on. It’s that simple. They will either make you theirs with one of these or be gone with them. Harsh? Nah. Never settle.

Sweet treats hit different this time of year. Pour some sugar on… whomever. Dylan’s Candy Bar, SAS Cupcakes, iheartdessertsCLT, Sweet Girl Cookies, and Sunflour Bakery for all the sweets to their sass.

For deets on how to order local Hot Chocolate Bombs, Cupcakes, Cakepops, PopBars, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Cookies & Much More, check out our post here on Tempting Treats to Order for Valentine’s 2021.

via Amazon

No ordinary love — the balloon arch and inflator kit for full effect and indoor fun. We tested and approve.

The Buttercup Shop has ruffled paper plates and hand lettered napkins and cups. Seems like we’ve found Cupid’s arrow. Peep the poppers. $8-$16.

via Blackhawk Hardware

And then Blackhawk Hardware with the adorable cards. We can’t take the cuteness. *Butter Half* Oh, and we are using these heart-shaped napkins year-round.

Love yourself enough to gift yourself something without any red flags — pastel art. Represent you. No one else needed.

Light that fire. Bundle it up and head out back. Make your own heat — ’cause here’s the trick to long-lasting love: it takes work. Get building.

Feeling fresh? Always. This Blü Nail Art Polish in ‘Almost Naked’ can be found here. Don’t forget the toes…

Don’t have the right words to say what’s on your mind? Put these delicious teasers on display. Wonder how many words Mona Lisa Macarons could fit on one of these?

Maybe slide this across the coffee table. Romance will get you everywhere.

Pretty blooms that didn’t arrive under an arm but by a personal delivery is the new move. Drop hints about all the Pretty Things.

Or give us the kind of roses we both can enjoy. Hanky Panky is all we wear.

Secrets? OH well, Snap Seafood, Charlotte’s new secret seafood delivery plays into those undeniable desires. Postmates makes it happen. Shhhhh…. pop-up only.

Family meal ordered in from Porcupine Provisions should be on the docket. Additionally, here’s Scoop’s list of all things family meals for the love of it all easy.

These drink cubes. Transform your love? Can’t hurt to try. Love Potion or the hard kind of love? Decisions are sometimes very heartbreaking.

Sexy and comfy at home. Best part of 2021 so far. She is serious goals. And her whole vibe from Bandier has just been ordered. All Valentine’s weekend girls. Fall in love with fashion — if nothing else.

Pheromones are great and all but a few spritzes of this and you’ll be in business. One way or the other.

Don’t be shy. No one has time for that. You look fabulous. Flaunt it. For them. And you.


Day of Love

Pop some love for breakfast. Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be right to the point. Popbar has two locations. As needed ladies.

More Sweet SCOOP Picks HERE

Need to feed a crew? Sunday morning Valentine’s brunch with these cuties. Throw this blanket down for your loves. We burn for you.

via Amazon

Waffles are our jam. Spread the love with these funny little fellas right here.

via Target

Waffles deserve the love. Pour some syrup on these. And they are melamine so they won’t break when you frisbee them into the sink and collapse on the couch.

All the needed puppy love can be found here by ordering one of these throws for a good cause. Just like that — ultimate feel goods.

ZOOM your love all around the world. Tell everyone. Tell your parents. Tell your friends. Tell your faraway love. Tell Aunt Jenny. Use one of these ZOOM backgrounds. And always remember… set to 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels.

Games are for kids. Most of the time. Wanna play?

Who do you love? Find out with a paper heart scavenger hunt. We think we might raise the stakes and tape candy surprises to each. Up the sweetness.

Kids love the hardest. Have them color these impressive table covers. Save for a photo back drop for family photos after. Be their hero.

Just in it for the girls? Great choice. These smell like a girls’ beach escape to Tahiti after quarantine is over. Just go with it.

Rebel against the whole institution? We get that. At least throw that pout with some soft lips.

Wellness gummies. These CBD gems could not be more needed. Martha. Legend.

Get deep with a little award winning bedtime game. Ask away.

Oh, but never wait for sparks. Make your own. Girl, you are too pretty for that.

Okay, go. Make love. One choice after another.

But remember — love yourself first.


Angela Williams
Angela Williams
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.