What Can A Full Service Real Estate Firm Do Besides Sell Your Home?

When you hear “real estate firm” you obviously think of buying and selling homes and property. But a full-service real estate firm does so much more than just buy and sell. We talked to the professionals at Henderson Properties to find out what else a full-service real estate firm can offer — and why they should be our first call when we need something done.

“The beautiful part of ‘full service’ is everything is in-house: accounting, maintenance, everything. If you have a question, we can answer it immediately without having to call another office in another state,” says Shelly Henderson, who opened the office with her husband Phil more than 20 years ago.

Phil and Shelly Henderson

What began as a side project in the late 1990s has now evolved into a successful small business employing 75 staff members, with offices in Indian Trail, Rock Hill, Davidson, Charlotte and soon in Boone.

So what can Henderson Properties do for you?

Full-time rental property management

If you’ve decided to rent out your home or condo, the process can be overwhelming. From screening tenants to maintaining the property, the work involved can pile up quickly (and so can the stress).

Henderson Properties can handle it all — advertising, maintenance, the accounting, the rent collection, even the legal work if something goes awry and the tenant has to be evicted.

“Some people want to play landlord and do it themselves, but today during the pandemic and with all the legalities involved, we don’t advise it unless you have a real estate license and know what you’re doing,” Shelly says.

And the demand for property managers is growing as people hang on to their houses as rental properties rather than selling.

“Let’s face it, there’s a lot of uncertainty right now. But when the economy ebbs and flows, there’s always a good opportunity to capitalize on that,” Shelly says. “Real estate investment is a pretty steady investment with about an 8-percent annual return. A savings account is far less. Why put $10,000 in the bank when you could invest in a real estate property?”

For those who do decide to invest in rental properties, Henderson Properties can take the headache out by helping with the process from start to finish, starting with advertising the property and screening tenants, and going on to provide maintenance services for when the inevitable happens.

Which brings us to:


If something goes wrong at your house, Shelly should be your first call (even if Henderson Properties isn’t managing your property).

“You can avoid the hassle of looking at the reviews on Google and know that we’ll be among the best not only for price, but for dependability and reputation,” Shelly says. “We’ve been around for 20-plus years and are accredited by the BBB. And our maintenance staff is trained in COVID-safety protocols.”

Henderson Properties’ maintenance services include basic plumbing services like fixing a stopped-up toilet, malfunctioning garbage disposal and leaky sink. Their maintenance staff can also help with handyman services like hanging a mirror, installing a ceiling fan, repairing your deck and more.

And if they can’t fix it, they have a list of dependable subcontractors who can.

HOA Management

If your Homeowners’ Association needs help enforcing architectural guidelines and other covenants, Henderson Properties can help.

Phil says Henderson Properties provides technology that will give your HOA boardmembers 24/7 access to the materials they need to make decisions. And all their community association managers are certified by the Community Associations Institute, an international organization that provides continuing education and other resources to members.

Henderson Properties also offers a dedicated staff to answer questions from homeowners, leaving the community manager free to do the HOA board’s business, like securing bids for a new landscape contractor or dealing with a municipality on a paving issue.

And if your HOA needs maintenance staff for amenities like a pool or tennis courts, you’d have access to Henderson Properties’ dedicated maintenance staff we mentioned earlier.


Of course, Henderson Properties does offer the typical buying and selling services you’d expect from a real estate firm.

“While we can manage your home and take care of it, we can also sell it for you and help you re-invest in something else,” Shelly says. “That’s the beauty of full-service. You can acquire it and let it go, all with our help.”

What else can Henderson Properties do for you? Call the office to find out.

You can also listen to Shelly’s podcast, “Starting from Scratch” on Apple, Spotify and Google to hear tips on real estate, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Shelly L. Henderson, is a wife, mother and business owner of Henderson Properties in Charlotte. Along with her husband Phil, Shelly has owned and operated Henderson Properties since 1998. Her recent book Starting From Scratch tells a tale of her journey from launching a hobby to a career all the while raising two kids. You can find it on Amazon at the link.