Celebrating New Year’s Eve This Year: How to Drop the Ball in Your Own Home

So. That was a year.

2020 is finally coming to an end and yet it seems impossible to pull together the will to celebrate in any capacity. Will 2021 be full of positive changes? We hope so.

So let’s celebrate that. Hope. Hope for that hug again. Hope for those kisses that never happened. Will they in the new year? We believe it to be true.

So let’s gather with those we’ve been quarantining with and at least bring some light to the night. We have carefully selected all the best ways to safely host an intimate gathering on New Year’s Eve.

First things first: order champagne gifts hand-painted for those closest to your heart from Morgan Werner Design. Always stun. Who is closest to your heart?

Decor that your can drink is absolutely 2020. Champagne wall from Gossip Party Boutique makes it happen. How many flutes per person is allowed?

Why stop there? Ice out 2020 with this chill situation right here. These Ice Bowls will sit all day cradling your libations. Ordering. Drink suggestions below…

Make these by the batch for your Ice Bowl. Or individually. Either way they are the gorgeousness you need to be around. Liberate Your Palate knows.

Pomegranate Bramble

  • 1.5 oz Gin
  • .75oz Lemon Juice
  • .5oz Blackberry Reduction (or muddle)
  • .75oz  Pama Pomegranate Liquor (available at ABC stores)
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Add gin, lemon juice, & .25oz blackberry reduction to shaker. Fill rocks glass with crushed ice. Strainshaker contenders over ice. (Fill with more crushed ice if necessary). Top with .25oz blackberryreduction, & pomegranate liqueur. Garnish with pomegranate seeds.

Edible gold shimmer dust is the magic we need for 2021 vibes, we are certain of it. Here’s how to best summon its powers via Crowded Kitchen:

Gold Shimmer Champagne Cocktail

2 oz vodka
4 oz pineapple juice
1 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
1/2 tsp edible gold shimmer dust
4-6 oz champagne
Fill a shaker halfway with ice. Add vodka, pineapple juice, and lemon juice. Shake well, then strain half of mixture into each glass. Mix simple syrup with shimmer dust, stir well, and add 1/2 oz of simple syrup/shimmer mixture to each glass. Top with 2-3 oz of champagne per glass. makes 2 magic potions

Or sign up for a virtual cocktail class with Sur La Table. Going fast but we found these NYE options still available.

Shop here

Deep breaths filled with the most calming scents are a must for any night in. This local candle round up has the most lit options for NYE. Glow up.

via Amazon

Hang this and tell 2020 where to go. Um. Bye. Not gonna miss ya.

Get ready for a new sky. Hang these things celestial near your heart. Bad 2020 omens be gone. Only shiny new things.

2021 will be the new chic. Cheers to those who will have never had a doubt. These pretties might be all we need to wear if it’s just us two. Wink.

via Paul Simon Co and via LoveShackFancy

Not gonna let 2020 hurt you anymore? Dresses give you power. Dresses erase the mess. Dresses are your superpower. These right here are your cape. They scream ‘not looking back’ and we are here for it.

via Paul Simon Co and via KK Bloom

One 2020 trend we are wearing into 2021 is the jogger set. These are next level comfy chic. Perfect for toasting the new year comfortably.

Tips for your lips: keep it simple but always be pout ready. Throw shade to 2020 so kisses at midnight are all that they should be.

Set the tone. Relax and enjoy what little warmth we can get our hands on these days. Throw these guys around. All your people will welcome a cuddle.

via Amazon

How do you handle bad vibes? Sometimes it’s okay to throw some shade. Everyone put these on and block it all out. 2020 is so over.

No one is doing dishes. Target makes it easy. Right? Order up.

Need to host on a patio? Don’t fret. With this, the vibe carries right out back. Hang it and voila!

Small bites. That’s all we’ve been able to handle lately so stay en theme and share these delicious minis on a platter to keep hands from mingling. ’til later anyways.

If there’s ever a time to bring it — might be the night. Order OM Caviar for delivery. Why not at this point? I mean…

Dreaming of that postponed beach vacation you hopefully will get to take in 2021? Talking to you, Bahamas. Oysters and tuna from Carolina Meat & Fish might *will* it to happen — keep it raw. Like our feelings.

Holy champs. Champagne in the cake and in the icing. Yes, we know, we know. Don’t thank us — just make, post, enjoy, and tag us later.

Just want to chill? Bite for bite these should do the trick. Mitty’s CBD brownies to help leave 2020 anxiety behind. Please and thank you.

Kids around ’til the ball drops? Everyone outside for these…no glitter or confetti in the house no matter the year. ‘Cause sanity.

It only takes 2. For pong. Beer for adults is the traditional choice but we feel like champagne would work just as well. Kool-aid for the kids? Are we wrong?

via Amazon

Trying to get a sneak peak into what your 2021 is gonna look like? Deal these Love Tarot Cards out and get a feeling. You gonna play that hand?

via Amazon

Midnight toasts are different going forward. They just are. Champbongs are what 2020 has done. It’s best if we just embrace. Starting with these. Who knew it would come to this. But here we are.

via Free People

Keep the kisses going and things flowing past midnight with one of these little surprises. Good things are right around the corner. We feel it.

Join In.

This is the kind of night we are here for: The Avett Brothers virtual concert? All the yes. TIX here.

Get Out.

Need a full on getaway? These NC Vacation rentals are available for the holiday. Going fast. Who will you bring?

Get the take out.

So, here’s the thing. Sometimes take-out saves everything. Fran’s Filling Station has been a staple all year, so why not on NYE. Meatballs and crab cakes. It’s a mouthful and we love it.

Small – 6-8 + 1 bottle of cava – $280
Large – 8-10 + 2 bottles of cava – $340

Order by – 704.372.2009 or [email protected]
Prices exclude tax

300 East is offering their take out menu for $40 a person/vegetarian option for $30. Meyer. Lemon. Tres. Leches. Cake. Read that again. 2021 will wait ’til we finish every bite.

Fin & Fino is offering a Fin & Festivus menu for two, to-go. Choice of: 

  • 2 Maine Lobsters with drawn butter $95
  • 16 oz Prime Bone-In Strip with black garlic herb butter $60
  • Stuffed Bronzino with lemon, asparagus, and basil $65

Each dinner for 2 is served with house arugula salad, wagyu confit fingerling potatoes, Boy & Girl Farm baby carrots with sunchokes, and cheesecake. 

**Guests who order this dinner to-go will receive 20% off.

However you say goodbye to 2020 – do it safely. Time for the new. What do you hope for?

Kisses and hugs are at the top of our list. We miss you.


Angela Williamshttp://www.angelaerinwilliams.com
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.