Here Are Over 30 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Safely This Year.

BOO. It’s 2020 and what is more on-brand than Halloween? Things are scarier than ever. Let’s step to and embrace the full fright of it. Join in socially distanced full-on stay-at-home scary. Besides, what could really be more frightening than what’s already been thrown at us this year?

Scoop conjured its magic. Don’t worry, we only do good – Scoop witches, we are. We go full scary and are here with the stuff to turn Charlotte Halloween into some frightful fun.

Little Boos and Gurls

Handing out candy from a distance? Set the spooky front yard vibe and use these for the hand-off. Queen Brie does it again and makes Halloween charcuterie and treats happen though the pandemic. These fellas are completely bone crushing.

It’s all about the Homefront this year. Win scariest decorations this side of Gotham. Order all the big spiders and webs. Batman and Spider Man will be over in no time. Now you know.

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Maybe take a step back from all the madness and sit and carve pumpkins with the family. Keep it simple. Keep it beautiful. Find hand painted and ceramic options at the local shops to go with your carved and whole.

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Candy Hedge? Seriously smart. A candy hunt is an easy backyard treat. Be sure to hide a few tricks.

A few of our favorite tricks. Share a board like this with your creepy crew. Those cheese broomsticks have us. We see you grapes.

Test out that neighborly spirit and order this outdoor projector and screen. Halloween or The Addams Family in the driveway?

We might just wear these masks from Paper Skyscraper year round if things continue the wicked ways they’ve been coming.

Keep the vibe flowing — it’s how we make it though. Make yourselves these love potion cocktails for a little adult treating.

We can’t with these. Of course the ghosts are wearing masks. Ordering by the dozen? Yes, us too.

Going to have a few costumed little ones running around? Serious scare factor matched with these kid-friendly concoctions.

Candy, chocolate, and sprinkles on donuts. Suarez Bakery just gets our need for sweets that cover multiple genres of sugar. These couldn’t be spooky if they tried. Drop boxes at the neighbors’.

Distanced learning and hurt about sports. Embrace the history of it all and have fun with the play on 2020.

These are the kind of ghosts we have room for at our house. Adorable and yet just a little worried. We get that.

Keep the kids entertained with these Quarantine Kits. Nice little surprise for kids missing the usual door-to-door fun. Poor kiddos.

Almost too scary to eat. SAS Cupcakes claim to have more treats than tricks. Sold.

Non-candy treat options that won’t disappoint? Check out the Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ at Target for the win. But Hurry, online items selling fast.

Scary Monsters Only

Adults only wicked eve planned? This Mobile Bar will book up. Who do you call for haunted libations? Easy.

Babe and Butcher’s individual boxes of cheese make trick or treating an adult activity again. Pick one. Enjoy.

Hands on kinda night? Always our favorite. Freeze water in gloves. We all have those around the house these days.

Making it a ghouls night out? Paper Skyscraper has all the things you need to host a few of your best witches. Just add favorite witches’ brew.

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A fog machine. Now we’re talking. 3 Stage LED Lights with 12 Colors & Strobe Effect. Where are the extension cords…

Kids get candy. We get witchy good gluten free cookies from Blaire diPretoro. Her fall vibes with this beauty right here elevate Halloween.

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Costumes? Get serious.

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Playing games is always scary. Ask away.

Sweet baby cakes. One for all of your boos. Takes the Cake does it frightfully delicious.

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Save it for your nails. OPIs classic dark hues pull off the witchy vibe perfectly.

In fact, never forget your witchy side.

It comes in handy.

Scary Safe Events around CLT

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially took a stance on trick-or-treating this year. The government health agency is discouraging it, as well as other activities, due to high risk of spreading disease. The high-risk activity list includes:

  • Door-to-door trick-or-treating
  • Trunk-or-treat events with treats handed out to large groups from trunks of cars inparking lots
  • Attending indoor costume parties
  • Going to an indoor haunted house where people may be screaming
  • Participating in hayrides/tractor rides with people who are not in your household
  • Traveling to a fall festival outside your community if you live in an area with community spread of COVID-19.

Escape the neighborhood and head to Patterson Farm for a little Hocus Pocus. Drive in? Classic 2020.

Tunnel of Terror is here and already has huge buzz. Every Thursday – Sunday: it’s kid-friendly, you stay in your car, and get a to-do checked off your list. Wash and scream.

NASCAR Hall of Fame Halloween weekend. Free for all the monsters who dare. Costumes encouraged. Safe candy handout with a craft. Done.


Angela Williams
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.