Your Lashes & Brows are Key These Days. Here’s How to Make the Most of Them with an Exclusive Discount Deal.

Do you even wear lipstick anymore? Or Blush? Never has the lower half of my face received so little attention. If I even go out, I dash on some mascara and concealer and call it yet another masked day. Let us not despair though, as our eyes really do deserve all the attention, and we can now concentrate on bringing out their best.

Beautiful, face flattering lashes and brows are the forte of The Lash Lounge in SouthPark in Piedmont Row. It’s the 2nd Charlotte location for these lash gurus, and while lash extensions are what they are known for, The Lash Lounge has several lash & brow services that will really enhance your eyes.

The expert technicians at The Lash Lounge pride themselves on being the most experienced high-end lash artists in the industry, and work with each client to provide safe & beautiful results while keeping your natural lashes and brows healthy. This is key to their brand & service, as each person’s lashes, brows, and needs are different, and using the wrong type of lash or treatment can cause fallout and/or damage.

The Lash Lounge also makes it easy and affordable to keep your both your extensions and your natural lashes in their best & healthiest shape with their MEMBERSHIP program. Replacing your extensions at the right time in re-growth is critical so that they don’t weigh down, damage or pull out your natural lashes. Membership allows you timely upkeep with the natural cycle of your eye lash shedding. The average person sheds 20% of their natural lashes every 2 weeks, so your membership includes 2 refills per month to replace those extensions on lashes that are growing out or have fallen out. Membership also includes 10% off all other services and products.

Right now, as we’re all about the eyes these days, The Lash Lounge is offering you a fantastic price on memberships and trial.

Save on their most popular lashes, Volume and Mega Volume!


You can literally transform your look with lash extensions. I’ve had these done, and it’s one of the most immediate beauty results I’ve ever seen. Not only do you never have to wear mascara with extensions, your eyes appear bigger, brighter, more alert and younger. It’s just astonishing.

The Lash Lounge uses lashes made of premium synthetic material that undergo a special process to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful curl. Working with your stylist, you will pick your lashes based on curl (how much), type (silk or mink), level (number of lashes added to your own lashes), and application method (classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume). You can read all about the options in their handy Lash Catalog here.

Your stylist will also make personalized recommendations that complement your face shape and eye profile. We all have a unique eye and face shape. The Lash Lounge personalizes your lashes based on your own, individual eye shape. For example, they will design differently for a round eye than for a hooded eye.

Right now, The Lash Lounge SouthPark is offering scoop followers this limited time introductory offer:

Volume Natural Fullset of Extensions for $179 or
Mega Volume Fullset of Extensions for $199

Just be sure to use the promo code ScoopCharlotte to receive this price discount. Scoop has a Membership discount for you as well:

Volume Membership for $159 a month or
Mega Volume Membership for $199 a month

The “volume” and “mega” volume levels refer to how many lash extensions are applied to your eyes, so think of it as the “thickness” or “fullness” you will see.

Once you are at The Lash Lounge, I highly encourage you to try out their other brow and lash services at our 10% Off Discount. I promise this will be the least expensive “eye-job” you will ever have and you’ll be thrilled with the results.


Darker, fuller brows work wonders to make you look younger. I don’t know why, but it’s a thing. We women do begin to lose brow and lash regrowth as we age, but even those who just have lighter hair will love the enhancement of a tint. Tinting at The Lash Lounge is 100% safe with brow dyes created specifically for use on eyelashes and eyebrows. The tints last about 4 weeks, and lash tinting is both a wonderful complement to your extensions or an alternative to them if you don’t think they are for you. Yet.


If you’re looking for a quick, easy and safe way to curl your lashes, especially if you have long and full natural lashes already, then the lash lift is perfect boost. It takes just about an hour. and lash lifts are a fantastic option if you are interested in low-maintenance, dark, luscious and beautifully curled lashes to give your eyes that extra wow factor.


Microblading is a semi-permanent form of brow tattooing, often called Permanent Makeup, because that’s what it basically is. Microblading allows the technician to create thin, precise, hairlike strokes with a semi-permanent pigment that your body eventually ends up metabolizing it so it fades away after a few years. If you are using an eye brow pencil to darken, shape and fill out your brows, microblading may be for you. The Lash Lounge specialists are trained to evaluate and identify the best style and color brows for your face and eye shape, so you can wake up with perfect brows every day.


Pluck and wax no more. Let The Lash Lounge define and contour your looks with precision eyebrow threading. This is the kind of service you can combine with others at The Lash Lounge periodically to keep your eyes looking A+ every single day, from the minute they open til you close them at night, mask or no mask.

Don’t Forget These Limited Time Deals at The Lash Lounge SouthPark…

Read about their current safety protocols here.


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  1. Pluck and wax no more. Let The Lash Lounge define and contour your looks with precision eyebrow threading. This is the kind of service you can combine with others at The Lash Lounge periodically to keep your eyes looking A+ every single day, from the minute they open til you close them at night, mask or no mask.

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