Who Writes a Book During a Quarantine? Molly Grantham of course.

Book Cover shot “on the fly” the day before our Stay at Home order
Photo Credit Emby Taylor Photography

Molly Grantham, of course. The wife, mom of two with a third soon on the way, full time TV news anchor for WBTV, habitual non-profit emcee and charity champion used her shelter in place time to write and self-publish her second book; The Juggle is Real. If you read her first book, Small Victories, she does close with the words “To be continued…”, we should have known to take that phrase literally. (Both books are available as autographed copies at www.mollygrantham.com)

If you do not “know” Molly and I use those quotes because if you watch her on TV, follow her Facebook page or have heard her speak at a local event, you feel like you know her and actually, you do. She is one of us. She is holding it all together with a safety pin and will share with you the good, bad, ugly and ridiculousness of her day.

Molly with her children, Parker and Hutch | Photo Credit Molly Grantham Facebook page

We had a chance to catch up on with Molly on the how and the why for Book number two. “I wrote, edited, rewrote, pulled-my-hair-out, doubted myself, then pushed forward with the writing during homeschool with my kids, and odd hours at night after the 11pm show was over.” Molly said. “So many things these past many weeks felt aimless with different standards and routines; this became a mission. “

That sense of everyone going through the same thing, is how people make me feel when I write about real life and raising kids. People sometimes agree with something I did, and other times wholly disagree. Either way, there’s comfort in reading their words. Readers and followers provide a relatability between our lives. Maybe in some small way, the stories and comments in this book can act as a reminder: we all have similarities, as we juggle different details.

Molly Grantham
Molly in her new at home TV studio for WBTV

The worst time to promote a book?

“It is nerve-wracking to put your passion into something – anything you love – and then announce it in an unprecedented time when it can’t be celebrated or launched in traditional ways. Some friends have suggested waiting a few months to gain traction with actual signings and big, fun events. I get why they say that. And, I might be nuts for not listening. But something about right now also, oddly, seems right. This pandemic – that we wish wasn’t happening – is, surprisingly, bringing people together. We are being quarantined in our own homes and looking out for each other by trying to keep apart. It’s no mistake the hashtag trending nationally almost every day is: #AloneTogether.”

We think the timing of the book release amidst our current chaos is so fitting for the way Molly lives her life; “On the fly while letting everyone know that The Juggle is Real” Order a copy and see for yourself.

Books are available at www.mollygrantham.com and will be signed by Molly.