14 Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until Quarantine

This might be hard to believe, but I’m not a big online shopper, actually I’m not a big shopper at all. BUT being at home for weeks without being able to wander the aisles of Target for a mental break has lead me to the virtual aisles of Amazon.

I’ve also realized that sheltering in place has made me have a “need” for new items for my home. From making my new work from home space more fun, to cooking more meals, and of course trying to add in some creative downtime with my daughter ~ I’ve got new list of things that needed to be ordered. What have you added to your cart to make your shelter in place home life more manageable?

For my work from home space

Drinking a lot more coffee at home and I got tired of reheating the same cup over and over again – needed a coffee mug warmer for my work table.

Skin care experts should be thrilled with the rise of the Zoom call. Do I really look like that? Added in some selfie lighting to make my zoom square more attractive.

I’m Fine, Everything is Fine. New response to friends texting to check in. Please don’t say how is your New Normal going? Needed this notepad so I write down what I really wanted to comment on your Facebook post.

I’ve worked from home for a few years now, but I haven’t worked from home with a home schooled child and a work from home husband too. I did remind myself that these stress balls are meant to be squeezed, not thrown.

For spending so much time in the kitchen

I always wanted one of these fun slicers for the kitchen, but now it seemed more of a necessity. Trying to not gain the quarantine 15 requires lots of veggies and salads and this is helping to make them more fun.

Pizza night with a movie is now a weekly date in my home. Broke out the old bread machine and attempted to make our own dough. This pizza stone kit makes pizza at home feel more official.

Trying to only go to the grocery store every ten days to two weeks was leaving little space in the fridge. These flat reusable food storage containers are just the trick to save the leftovers and make you look more organized too.

If I’m going to do all these dishes, at least I can use something fun and eco-friendly. These Llama dishclothes are cute and reusable.

For spending lots more time outside

Nightly walks with my dog Roscoe have been my “me time”. I’m also using that time to make my wellness check calls with friends and family. Trying to juggle him, the leash, the clean up bag and my phone was surprisingly challenging, so a hands free dog leash it is.

The positive sidewalk chalk drawings and messages are happening in my neighborhood. We needed to up our game so we ordered the Mandala stencil set with holders for the chalk.

More of my picks specifically for backyard fun here

For some at home pampering

Facials are my thing, I do not miss my appointments. Lisa knows when I haven’t been drinking enough water, knows when I’m tired and knows that I carry my stress in shoulders; I can’t wait to see her again. Until then, I ordered the jade roller to use before I do my nightly serum and cream.

Perfect for at home pedicures and also some stress relief. I don’t know why I needed the foot bath with the waterfall feature and the spa lights, I just did.

I’m sorry, what did you say? I can’t hear you over the soothing sound of ocean waves crashing on the shoreline. Taking a #virtualvacation to the beach for a few moments of peace.

Do you really need an explanation for this one? It turns your bottle of wine into a serving size for one – enjoy!

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