What Happens When You Need to See Your Doctor During Social Distancing.

This series on Women’s Health is brought to you by Tryon Medical Partners, an independent practice of nearly 90 physicians who joined forces because they share the core belief that the patient-doctor connection is the foundation for better health.

Take a look at Charlotte’s neighborhood streets and sidewalks and you’ll see that wellness is on top of all our minds. We see new faces out our windows running, biking and walking as we all try to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

Staying well and out of the emergency room not only reduces your chance of exposure to COVID-19, but it prevents the overburdening of our healthcare resources. Beyond exercise, staying on top of your regular preventative care and managing ongoing medical conditions are key. 

So what happens when you need to see a doctor but are also practicing social distancing? 

“The same technology we’re using to FaceTime far-off family or keep up with book club has been being put to use in healthcare for years,” says Tryon Medical Partners’ Dr. Jennifer Womack. “Now is the time to take advantage, not only for illnesses like COVID-19, but for regular health needs, too.” 

From scheduled virtual visits to Virtual Urgent Care, there are options to stay home and stay well. 

Take It Virtual With Your Own Doctor

Non-urgent concerns (think a rash or difficulty sleeping) are perfect for virtual visits, as are follow-up appointments for ongoing issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, emphysema or rheumatoid arthritis. Tryon Medical is offering Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, for those 65 and older, either virtually or over the telephone. Any existing appointments can also be changed to a virtual visit, if preferred.

When scheduling a virtual visit, you can still book an appointment with your regular provider.

No Primary Care Doctor? No Problem.

In our ongoing efforts to keep this community healthy, Tryon has expanded our virtual visit offerings to accept new patients,” Dr. Womack says.  

Don’t have a primary care doctor? Developing that relationship now assures that when something does come up, you’ll have a trusted doctor on your side who knows and understands your needs.

Stress, Anxiety and Specialists Visits Are Just a Video Chat Away

“Taking care of your mental and emotional health is paramount to your overall wellness, and our doctors are here to help you as we all learn to navigate this new normal,” Dr. Womack says.

A primary care provider can address all these needs via virtual visit. Tryon also has eight specialties so from endocrinology to sleep medicine, their board certified specialists can follow up on all your needs virtually.

No Sitting in an Urgent Care Waiting Room

Tryon’s Virtual Urgent Care allows patients to see a doctor on-demand for immediate medical needs such as sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing, allergy symptoms (think sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose, headache) or nasal/sinus congestion. You can turn to Tryon Medical’s Virtual Urgent Care Monday-Friday 8AM-9PM and Saturdays and Sundays 9AM-2PM.

Insurance Covers Virtual (And in Some Cases It’s Cheaper)

Unlike traditional urgent care visits, Tryon’s Virtual Urgent Care costs the same as any other appointment. Whether you have a scheduled virtual visit or choose Virtual Urgent Care, major insurance treats ALL virtual visits as “in-office,” with the same coverage as a normal office visit.

Offices Are Still an Option

All eight Tryon Medical Partners locations are open and safe for in-person visits. Pre-screening protocols ensure no sick patients (or staff) are allowed in the office, all team partners are wearing masks and the offices are continuously sanitized. With two designated satellite COVID-19 testing locations, those medical issues are kept separate from regular offices.

New 30-Hour Turnaround Tests for COVID-19

If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, you may have coronavirus. 

“The best thing to do is schedule an appointment with Virtual Urgent Care, so we can evaluate symptoms and triage to a higher level of care for further testing or evaluation,” Dr. Womack says. “Our dedicated satellite locations now exclusively use a COVID-19 test that returns results in 30 hours.” 


Having any medical concerns during this time, coronavirus related or not, can be stressful, but by having a dedicated group of expert physicians on your side, you’re never alone.

“Stay strong,” Dr. Womack says. “We’re here to help you replace fear and uncertainty with knowledge and empowerment. We’ll get through this together.”


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