Lantern & Scroll is one of our favorite Charlotte entrepreneurial success stories. At its core, it is a Southern family business that has adapted, changed and prospered because it produces a beautiful, American made product at a great price with wonderful service.

If you’ve been spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME wandering around your house and yard looking for fix-up projects, then working virtually with the team at L&S to spruce up your exterior lights, or add something fabulous over your kitchen island is just what you need now.

Lantern & Scroll designs and handcrafts exceptional exterior and interior light fixtures, many of which are historical reproductions of lights that grace Charleston’s historic homes. and many of which are modern, custom interpretations of those. Lantern & Scroll makes all of its gas and electric copper lighting from design through production in Cayce, South Carolina. The company is the brainchild of Karen Good and her husband, and is an offshoot of Karen’s parents’ wholesale Copper Lighting Company, which itself is a pivot from their now defunct textile mill business. You can read their story here ~ it is great inspiration on adapting to changing times.

via Lantern & Scroll

Lantern & Scroll EXTERIOR LANTERNS grace many, many of the beautiful homes we admire on our never-ending walks these days. They offer both electric and gas lanterns for your home, in lamp post, wall mount and hanging styles. They have over 200 lights and most can be made to work in either electric or gas lantern installations.

And moving these beautiful lights indoors works perfectly with so many decorative styles. Including the bedrooms and baths.

How To Design Your New Lighting Virtually with Lantern & Scroll

Since you’re stuck, you may as well enjoy the time and space. Here’s how to design your new lighting:

  1. Email Lantern & Scroll at [email protected] to let them know you are going to be sending them your project.
  2. Take several photos of the area / space for your new light(s) or lanterns. Email (or text) these to your contact at L&S.
  3. Measure the space ~ overall height, width of room or wall, etc. The folks at L&S can give you more specific measurement needs once they see your space photos.
  4. Look over their selection online and tell them the general styles you like / are thinking about. They’ll give you feedback and recommendations about scale and proportion.
  5. Schedule your virtual visit to their temporary offices to look at your selections up close via facetime. Once you have finalized your selections…
  6. You can tell them exactly what style and size you want, or you can ask for their expertise and recommendations for the correct style and size. Scale is very important when it comes to lighting, and the L&S team is always happy to make recommendations.
  7. Once you’ve picked your lighting, their in-house designer will use your photos and measurements to create a to-scale rendering of your space with the light. This way, you know the scale and general look of the fixture in your own home.
  8. Finally, you’ll order your lights for delivery or pick up if the quarantine is over. Most lights ship in 4 to 6 weeks. Custom lights usually ship in 2 months. So fingers crossed you will be free.

Samples of Actual Ordering Process


Easy and actually fun. And the pricing is way less than you’d expect for the level of quality and craftsmanship. These classic fixtures will last and last, and transition over time with you and your tastes and style, and even your home address changes.


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Just mention us when you call if you are working via the phone or email 🙂