What is Telemedicine?

Per OrthoCarolina, where telemedicine is now available, it is pretty much just what it sounds like ~ the remote delivery of healthcare services using live video visits.

Using video conferencing and smartphones, medical providers can evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans with patients without the need for an in-person visit.

While OrthoCarolina is an essential business, and will remain open for your appointments and visits during the Stay-at-Home order in place, some patients might want to avoid the trip to the office if possible. Telemedicine visits allow your provider to interview and complete a limited exam to identify what are the accessible care options for you.

If You Want To Consider a Telemedicine “Visit”

Call to schedule your appointment with your provider or physical therapist. On that call, your provider or physical therapy team will determine if you are eligible for and interested in a video visit.  

Please note: You still have to call your doctor or the appropriate OC office to: 

  1. determine if a video visit will meet your needs
  2. schedule your telemedicine appointment

How The Telemedicine Appointment Will Work

If you are able and willing to have a video visit, you’ll be connecting via ZOOM.COM.

The OC team will contact you to join your video visit at the appointed time through Zoom.com and will provide you with the meeting ID and password.

You’ll wait for your provider to appear on the call and go from there. You will definitely want to start and take the call in a quiet place with strong wifi. 

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