Our Picks on Shows to Stream Now
So Much To Stream & So Much Time to Do It.

Shows To Stream Now

Are things getting desperate around your house yet? Run out of ideas on what tv shows to stream now along with ideas to entertain your kids? Scoop girls to the rescue!

We polled the scoopcharlotte family to see what our writers and their families are streaming right now, and came up with lots of ideas to add to your list, categorized by age range and lifestyle. We’d love to hear from you if your favorites aren’t on the list…what are you and yours enjoying right now? Comment and share below!

Here are the scoop girls’ picks on Shows To Stream Now:

Shows To Stream Now
Schitt’s Creek shows up on multiple lists
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Ashley M., late 20s, no kids

Streaming for leisure: West Wing on Netflix with my boyfriend. We’re currently on season one of seven, which we began last weekend. It’s a good show to have on while you build a puzzle or snuggle on the couch.

Streaming for fitness: Corepower Yoga opened up their Yoga on Demand online classes for free during COVID-19, rather than a typically required subscription. I started practicing yoga several times a week when my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. It taught me to manage unimaginable stress during her treatment and eventual death. While a pandemic is an entirely different experience, yoga is a tool that continues to keep me grounded amid global uncertainty.

Allison H., late 20s, no kids

My husband and I loved binging Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. We have also been sucked into The Circle and Love is Blind, both on Netflix, as guilty pleasures but light enough for us to get some laughs in during this crazy time. We’re currently in the midst of moving (hectic on its own) and we’ve been known to take more than a few 30-minute breaks from packing for tried-and-true episodes of The Office.

Sex and The City is perfect for virtual girl time
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Nicole, 30s, single

I’m going back to some old favorites: Sex and the City on HBO Go and New Girl, The Office, Gossip Girl, and Arrested Development on Netflix. It’s kind of comforting to have something familiar right now!

Newer shows and documentaries I love are Schitt’s Creek, The Good Place, Friends from College, Queen of the South, Sleeping with Other People, The Dawn Wall, Icarus (CRAZY, unexpected documentary), About Time (my all-time favorite), and Always Be My Maybe. I also try not to binge too much of one thing at a time- then it’s kind of like waiting for the next new episode to come out… whatever it takes to stay entertained and have some level of normalcy, I suppose!

Taylor, 30s, married with young children

We are streaming movies including; Jumanji- The Next Level, Little Women, Knives Out, Troop Zero and To All the Boys.

Bingeing on the following shows; The Windsors: Inside the Royal Family, Stranger Things, Making the Cut, Good Girls, Cheer and Schitt’s Creek.

Home with Kids? Star Wars might be on your list for family movie night
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Heather, 30s, married with a 3 year old daughter

Heather is on Netflix with Self Made, The Goop Lab, Love is Blind, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before & To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You and Sabrina.

Her husband is into Ugly Delicious, The Witcher and Story of God.

As a couple they’ve got Jack Ryan (Amazon), The Outsider (HBO), Mind Hunter, The Pharmacist and Tiger King on their list.

Their 3 year old daughter is into Ask the Storybots, Booba, Farmegeddon and the Disney Classics Cinderella and Peter Pan.

Family movie night includes The Spiderwick Chronicles, Spider-Man into the Spider Verse, Kung Fu Panda Movies, Pets2 and Avengers and Star Wars movies.

Ashley W., 30s, married with 3 children ages 8, 4 and 6 months

Ashley is catching up on her normal shows: Gray’s Anatomy, A Million Little Things, New Amsterdam, Will and Grace. Handmaids Tale, Call the Midwife, What If, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. “After I had each of my babies I watched a random (slightly embarrassing teenage) show so Reign, Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill.”

My husband and I are streaming Westworld and Watchman. In the past, we’ve enjoyed Ozark, Friday Night Lights, Mrs. Maisel, Game of Thrones.

My kids like Puffin Rock, The Investigators, Spy Kids 4D, Boss Baby, Ben 10, Sonic, Pokemon, Star Wars, Glitter Force, Free Reign, Raven’s Home, No Good Nick, Zombies 2 (which they both really love!), Liv and Maddie, Frozen 2. Ultimate Beast Master, Sugar Rush, Nailed It,

Angela, 40s, married with 2 elementary school age children

I started both Tiger King and Love is Blind and quickly determined – I can’t. I just can’t. So I have added The Banker on Apple TV my to-watch list. Ozark Season 3 on Netflix starts on Friday. Very excited. And there’s always Mad Men on repeat while I’m reorganizing the fridge for the 14th time. Best show ever.

My husband, Brett, newly in his 40s, watches about 3 minutes of whatever I put on before passing out from sheer mental stress.

Elle, 7, has BRAVE on repeat on Disney+. The story of a mother and daughters relationship — appropriate for these days sheltering together. Maybe we learn something? She is my hero after all.

Cooper, 9, shared that Boss Baby has new episodes on Netflix. I caught him and Elle watching together and getting along. Thank you, Boss Baby

My face when I see people are still buying toilet paper
Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm – Photo Credit | Imdb.com

Jen, 40s, married with a 12 year old daughter

I need anything to make me laugh! Curb Your Enthusiasm is my go to when my child is not in the room. The Office, Parks & Rec, Comedians in Cars getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

My husband is working on Jack Ryan, Narcos and waiting for Ozark season 3.

My daughter is an old soul, her favorites right now are The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Flintstones, I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island, Brady Bunch and is trying to find a way to watch Laverne & Shirley but also into Bunk’d and Shark Tank.

Lesley, 50s, married with kids in their 20s and teens

Lesley and her husband are bingeing Succession and both loving it.  Also watching Killing Eve which was amazing.  I have loved Fleabag though I don’t feel like that’s one to watch in mixed company. 

For a less depressing watch and appropriate for everyone—Babies the documentary on Netflix and Great British Baking Show

My kids have all suddenly become interested in watching Breaking Bad which is a classic and worth a rewatch—you forget so much of the story.  Little Fires Everywhere is new this week and definitely on the watch list for me and my girls. My kids are all older—college and high school.

On the docket with my teenage son is to rewatch all the Star Wars movies and/or Harry Potters.  Her freshman son is watching Parks and Rec and The Office.

Shows To Stream Now
Ozark season 3 is highly anticipated in multiple households
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Susu, ageless, married with son home from college

We are waiting for the 3rd Season of Ozark to drop on this Friday March 27th and started Season 3 of Babylon Berlin but find the dubbing much harder to watch than German with subtitles.
Next up after Ozark is The Pharmacist (Netflix) or maybe The Outsider (HBO) or Watchmen since we have a college boy now spending the semester studying out of home.

We have watched almost everything out there, so I will give you some of our favorites. Yes, we watch a LOT of TV. And we have together for the last 33 years, so there’s that.

Babylon Berlin
MI 5
Secret City
Grace & Frankie
The Crown
The Pharmacist (on our list)

The Man In High Castle
Berlin Station
Mrs Maisel
Killing Eve
Fleabag (just Susu)
Modern Love (just Susu)
Jack Ryan
The Night Manager

HBO (great ranking/synopsis here of all HBO series)
The Wire
Silicon Valley
The Newsroom
Sharp Objects
True Detective
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Years and Years
Gentleman Jack

SHOWTIME (ranking here)
The Loudest Voice
Escape at Dannemora
The Affair (husband hates this)

The Office
Parks & Rec

Reader Suggestions:

From Molly S long time scoop fan and one of the QC’s most fashionable ladies, though it’s hard to understand how she has time to shop given her obsession with British drama!! Susu seconds all of these picks.

Unforgotten, Grantchester, Inspector Lewis, Endeavor, Foyle’s War, Broadchurch (Olivia Colman is one of the detectives), Happy Valley (rather grim, and be sure to watch Granchester first as the main actor becomes rather evil in Happy Valley). Hinterland, Shetland (LOVE the rugged setting of Scotland), Jack Taylor, The Fall (really really dark and what a thriller), Paranoid, Father Brown, River, Collateral. And the Australian shows:  My Life is Murder, Brokenwood, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries.