Every four years the universe slides open and gifts us an extra day through some sort of earth-rotation math. They call it Leap Year. We see an opportunity.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all took a leap of faith on that day and made something happen? Used the time in the most efficient way possible? That would be truly cosmic, right?

What opportunity will you make of it? Will you try something new? Maybe just resolve to. Make a strategic choice? Align to a goal? Lean in at least a little? Get a bit wild and learn a new skill. You could trust your gut and make that grand gesture.

Okay maybe not that far. But small leaps can be good. Let’s just start with a day and see how the rest of the year plays out.

Go on, have faith and check out these 29 Leap Day suggestions for cosmic inspiration:

Krispy Kreme’s first day of delivery service starts on Leap Day. Coolness coincidence? We think not.

These prints are a must for any soulful girl. Inslee’s calendars have been our guide for years. Leap year we order ourselves an original.

Cosmic winemaking is the philosophy that is directly connected to the winemakers’ feeling for the process. Identify your own wine feelings at Cicchetti.

Blast off to the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill for some lessons in your very own universe. We’ve been there — surprisingly romantic.

Journey to the Fairy Festival at Latta Plantation with your kiddos for extra fun. Woodland creatures and fantasy for the Leap Day win.

Change your point of view. Go up. Jump back to earth and appreciate your landing spot. Charlotte is where it’s at.

Mix up something available only certain times of the year. Blood oranges peak in the winter — make them salty with this margarita.

Channel a southern women’s power move and add some Tang to your next drink. Southern Tang Spiced Tea is Reese Witherspoon’s out-of-this-world recipe.

Big Air’s Cosmic Night is the after-dark adventure us girls need.

Plant some roots at this Growing Rose Class at Pikes Nursery in Ballantyne. Gain tips on care and proper pruning. Sounds like relationship therapy.

Look for a sign in the stars at The Pumphouse. The views are amazing. Wish upon them all.

If you aren’t willing to fight gravity at Inner Peaks then what are you even doing with your Leap Day?

via Schiele

Do other planets have Leap Years? Find out all of your planetary answers one day only at Schiele’s Museum History in Gastonia. Be smart.

In the 1940s women arrested single men in protest of unfair Leap Day traditions. I say we find our handcuffs.

Show the day what’s up with a new workout at TITLE Boxing. Kick Leap Year into gear. (Spring Break is in forty-some days)

via Pinkys

How many moons is too many? Rotate and pass us the fried pickles at Pinky West Side Grill on 29 in West Charlotte. Double (onion) rings.

Book a private dance lesson at Midtown Ballroom. Maybe even learn the moonwalk. Impress.

Admire those celebrating their art. Support Downtop Abby & The Echoes with their single release. Music is the best thing going on in this galaxy.

Bachelor’s Day, as they call it in tradition, is a lady’s chance to propose to her gent. Now there’s a leap you can take.

Be the light. In the light. One small step … on the rail trail. Last day to get interactive is the 29th.

Try this experiment: sugaring. Here’s our Scoop Guide to the entire process. 5 stars.

Guac is so extra. Taco Mama in Dilworth is worth the hype. Calories never count on any day related to physics. Trust.

Earth might not have any rings but us girls can have them all. A right-hand ring for extra bling. Sounds like an every year kinda goal.

Show some new lip in Fiery Red. Intergalactic shade just for you.

via Uncommon Goods

Who’s all out of wack this month? Let’s end the week with a new candle and a stiff drink. New beginnings welcome. Let it burn.

via The Stanley

These oyster sliders at The Stanley are truly out of this world. Strap yourself in at the bar for the secret menu. Be transported.

via Blis

Last day of the month gift shopping at Blis in Uptown. This guy could have potential. Kiss him and find out.

via Mother Denim

Shine bright at any angle with Mother Denim. It’s all about the pockets and peripheral vision. Catch them looking.

Leap back in time at the Mint Museum Gift Shop. Take her home. She’s Charlotte, after all. No one else like her in the universe.

Make the 29th Epic. Jump to all the conclusions. Take a leap of faith. Go cosmic.

Own your extra day.