Our Panthers might not be fighting the great fight this Super Bowl LIV but we’ve thrown a Super Bowl party before.

Until our next blue & black themed soirée (next year, boys) let’s gather around and watch for the actual sport of it. But mostly the halftime show.

As we see it — more time to focus on the themed food and coordinated decor.

We love a good party.


Look at these goal posts from Gossip Party Boutique. Pop goes one of these teams. No missed field goals this year.

Yes, we may get in trouble once in a while — have these napkins on hand. Maybe year round.

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Set the field. Painted utensils are way easier than painting your front lawn. Order these.

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Set the mood for all things red no matter who you end up rooting for. Get lit.

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February 2nd it is. Set the time. Send the evite. Recruit all friends.


Kick off with a mocktail. Touchdown bound with this one.

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Move into the 2nd half with the cutest jello shots we ever did see. Always make more than you think you need. Speaking from experience.

Just hand us the trophy now. This wins.

Low carbs in the playbook? We got you with these zucchini bites. Zone defense. Or something like that.

Sweet victory. Laces out. Make enough for all 4 quarters.

Throw some mini doughnuts from Krispy Kreme around. Is your arm as good as Patrick Mahomes?

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These cake bites are smart. Much like the 49ers’ running game.


The 49ers are set to wear white jerseys with gold pants for the big game. Winter white is always good luck. Well played boys.

Now it’s your turn. Winning in this little number. Give us all the gold rings.

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Keeping it in the neutral zone? Yeah… we get that.

Chin straps and mouth guards? Nah, these Charlie On Park accessories are the points we crave. Go for the gold.

Extra points

Football polish will make you touchdown ready. Extra points for fuzzy green accents.

Kids watching? Keep them entertained with these lego sets. Game table coming right up….

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Hand out a personalized silver spoon trophy to that guest who won the parlay. Order for either team or the Panthers….it’s your party!

Good game. Good game. Good game.

Now how many days until the Panthers are back on the field? #keeppounding